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Volvo C70



  • Carsteve, here on the east coast they're not coming down off MSRP on a new C70 either. You're right about the resale value. I'm a volvo technician, and at our dealership, we had 2 98 C70 hardtops sit on the lot until september 99. Just couldn't move them. The 98 convertibles were a disaster, and we ended up shipping several of them back to Jacksonville for volvo engineers to fix the tops on them. The 99's and 2000's haven't given much problems...yet. for those of you with a 2000 C70 (or any other 70 series) with the high pitch noise coming from the engine. This is coming from inside the timing cover. If your dealer tells you it's normal, they're lying. tell them to replace the piston cooling valve. there is a service bulletin out on it, but beware the part may still be on national backorder. It took us 4 months to get our first one. Hope this helps.

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    First of all, Volvo's Beige or Light Taupe would go best with Black to me. Everyone has a BMW coupe, be different (sounds like someones add campaign doesn't it?). Get the Volvo. However you must remember that neither of these cars are going to be anywhere near as cheap to run/maintain as your current car has been. You must remember that. I'm not really sure about the C70s resale yet, they are so rare. Normally I would be shouting BMW, BMW, but in you've brought up one of my favorite cars that is so under-appreciated in the sport-ute/lux-sedan crazy market. This time I have to vote for the VoVo. Red over tan, Black over Taupe or Red over Black will just stun you. Or you could the Black over Black thing like a lot of lux-car buyers do. They have a dark blue too, that goes good over that Taupe. I like Green, but Volvo's website is so jacked and I haven't seen any Green C70s on the road so a trip to a well stocked dealer is in order here. Good luck.

  • carstevecarsteve Posts: 4
    Yes, i forgot about the Nautic Blue. It is a beautiful color, especially with the beige interior. I have only seen one green one. I do see a lot of silver and white C70's in LA. The black and blues are rarer. I also like the moondust, but have also seen only one. It is real close to the silver color.

    Are there any other mechanical issues you can tell me about regarding the C70 coupe. I appreciate the info about the engine noise. I still really like the C70 coupe, but they don't seem to be dealing on them much.
  • carsteve,
    Aside from the normal 70 series problems, the C70's are bad about door lock motors going bad, and they are much more expensive to fix than the S/V 70's. And they sometimes have problems with the windows hitting the bottom of the door making a rather bad bump sound. If you're planning to buy one, go with a model year 99 or 2000. The 98's had way too many recalls and other stuff that was really annoying such as replacing the rear quarter windows. 99 brought volvo an all new computer system that is working out very well thus far, plus the 99 and 2000's have a 7500 mile service interval. Also I should mention that the 2000's also have a 5 speed auto instead of a 4 spd. it's holding up fine as well. Best of luck in your purchase, and if I can be of any help feel free to let me know.

  • carstevecarsteve Posts: 4
    I appreciate your insight. Thank you for the info. Unfortunately, the car is still a bit too pricey for my needs. Although I still love the car!
  • gomez7gomez7 Posts: 1
    I test drove a C70 today and noticed a steering wheel shimmy. Salesman told me it's typical of front wheel drive convertibles. Anyone else notice the shimmy? Is it typical? I can't believe Volvo is unable to fix that problem.
  • kievkiev Posts: 1
    I own a nautica blue c70 with beige interior. It is a beautiful combination and Volvo's blue is unmatched.
    I completely agree with volvoscott on:

    a) engine noise at high rpm
    b) bumping sound from the door window

    I have already requested twice my dealership to take care of b) and they could not so far.

    Also I had to do twice recently wheels balance. I do not know what is wrong. Dealership says it is typical for heavy 17' wheels that they get out of balance so easily. Anybody knows is it true? I do not believe it.

    Also I am waiting for replacement of my wind shield due to upper rubber track layer defect.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    No, FWD cars do not shimmy by nature...this is just a smoke screen either for dealer laziness or an engineering problem with the car (wheels and/or tires probably, so not a huge deal to fix). If it persists, you may have to either petition the Volvo Zone Office to switch the wheels and tires or spring yourself for a set that are balanced and constructed correctly.


  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    In December bought a C70 coupe with 17" wheels. It now had 5000 miles and have had no wheel shimmy (speeds up to 130) and the steering is rock solid. Have had NO problems, more questions like "Is that a Volvo" and you need to fine a good Volvo dealer that does not feed you a line of BS. Think my car is proof that the C70 is a fine machine and I drive it like a sporty car should be driven. In Daytona I have an excellent Volvo dealer and the car was deliver right.
  • Volvo is apparently coming out with a Volvo S60.
    The S60 is suppose to replace to S70.
    Get all the latest information at:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    I'm hiding the above post to a Volvo link because they throw up advertising windows...if you don't mind that, please enjoy, the site seems quite interesting.



  • mlm3mlm3 Posts: 2
    Just an FYI so you can judge the deal your getting.
    Leased a loaded 2000 C70LT and love the car. Pricey, but room for four, looks, performance (or what you can expect from a Volvo), and the fact that it is a Volvo - we are happy so far.
    The price includes destination, full leather, Heated, cheaper wheel upg, traction, audio, trip, dim and walnut. MSRP is $49,325. Got the car in stock at a NY (Long Island) dealer for $45,210 which was $500 over cost + $300 advertising fees.
    There lease #'s were very poor. They had Volvo finance and Chase. The best they could do was 54% and 48% on a 36 or 48 month lease w/ a MF of 33.5
    Through advice I received on this site, I shopped around to other leasing agents and got AAA who uses PNC Bank for the lease. Their #'s were 56% and 51% on a 36 or 48 month w/ a MF of 32.5
    Surprisingly, beat the price by a $100 and their lease #'s were slightly better. I didn't use them because I didn't know how long it was going to take them to find the car and where it was coming but it may have been a good alternative.
    Good luck
  • msilagymsilagy Posts: 3
    I have a 98 C70 with only 15,000 miles on the odometer. While I love the many aspects of the car, I've been very disappointed by the quality of the ride and wheel shimmy as described in one of the messages above. My C70 came with the custom 17 inch wheels and high performance tires. The car rides very rough (reminds me of my brother's old Corvette. Change in tire pressure makes no difference. On uneven road surfaces, I find I have to hang on tight to the steering wheel as the car has a tendency to veer suddenly (i.e. pull away from me). I've also had repeated problems with rattles in the sunroof shade that only go away if I drive with it closed (dealer has tried to fix this several times, but is has never lasted). Finally, road/wind noise is excessive in a car of this price range.

    To sum it, while the car looks great, the seats and terrific, and the sound system is spectacular, I don't think it is worth the price. If I had the chance to do it over again, I would have gone with my other choice...BMW.
  • davec70davec70 Posts: 1
    I just took delivery of a new C70 Convertible. Any suggestions for what I should do to keep the paint/leather/convert. top looking like new? Should I be treating these in any way, or just stop worrying?

    Note: So far, I love this Car!

    1> It sounds like the 2000 model year has fixed many of the earlier ('98) flaws.

    2> I do think the concept of comparing a C70s with BMW 3 series is silly. One's a sporty luxury car (C70) the other is a sports coupe. If you want a sports coupe to zip around in get the BMW (preferably, the M3). The c70 is a car for cruising in comfort, without totally sacrificing performance...(the perfect convertible).
  • dolamitedolamite Posts: 8
    It has probably been a month since I last looked at a C70 on a dealership lot. I’m the type of buyer that visits after-hours or on Sundays to avoid the sales cronies. Earlier this afternoon I swung by a local dealership to take another look at the car. Once again, I find myself enamored by the exterior styling. It certainly looks as good as the new BMW 3-series, in my opinion. I was amazed to find the C70 coupe on the lot with unlocked doors. I opened it up and peered inside. By no means am I taken with the instrument cluster, but than again anything is an improvement from a Geo Prizm. The seats are unquestionably the most comfortable I have ever experienced. In college I valet parked cars and I sat in just about everything: Rolls, Bentley, MB, BMW, Lotus, Porsche, etc. I am also impressed by the amount of backseat room.

    I have yet to see the new Acura CL on the road. Many people in my office are planning on buying this car, which makes the C70 more appealing...yet it is still hard to swallow the extra $8K. Knowing Acura, these cars will be all over the road in no time at all.

    Are the obvious quirks about this car (steering shimmy, road noise, door bumping, etc) really annoying? At the moment I would say that I’m between the CL-S and C70LT coupe and any hands-on comparisons are certainly appreciated. I am willing to give up performance for the uniqueness factor, luxury, improved comfort, etc.
  • I am knew to this site but would like to place my opinion about the C70. I own a 1998 C70 highpressure turbo HT. Disgust is the emotion which comes to mind. Overall it is the most remarkable car for its class however when a car that has a MSRP of $44,000 can not be sold for $28000 there arises disgust. Anyone attempting to purchase a new C70 do your self a favor LEASE!!!

    The resale for these cars is awful. Case in point 1998 Silver/Grey 24,000 miles (my car) I have moved my price from $32000 down to my current price of $28000 and have not found a buyer????

    Has anyone else had this problem? Trade-in is terrible. I have order something with a higher resale value to alleviate my current pain.
  • I think I'm the slowest person to buy a car and I do a lot of research.

    In January, I bought a C70 convertible black with tan interior and roof. I LOVE IT! My last car was the Beamer 3 series and this one tops it. So far, my service issues have been minor
    - door to gas tank wouldn't shut
    - squeek in suspension (oops! dealership forgot to remove shipping blocks)
    - and scratch on fender (oops! dealership backed into another car)

    The car's ride is superior to the beamer and the creature comforts it offers surpasses the beamer too. I had an offer on a Jag xj8 conv when someone mentioned the Volvo convertible. (I thought, yeah right! Im not a volvo type - you know, boxy but safe) When I saw and drove the car, I instantly knew this was the right car for me. The large interior, the easy roof.

    Likes: heated seats! (in florida, who knew this would be great). body style, seat comfort, ergonomic design, the looks i get driving down the street, superb handling, size of the back seat, great pick up when taking off.

    Dislikes: difficult to back up when the top is up

    Hope this helps in making a decision
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    In December I got my new C70LT,Red with optional 17" wheels (worth the extra). I now have 6,000 miles on car and not one problem. Think for the first two years they had time to work out the bugs. I know from having a 850, 850T and S70, that the power train and turbo are damn near bullit proof. I drove the BMW and the CLK, but for the money,driving a rare car with good power and comfort sold me. Drive all three and the Acura, you will see for yourself what I am talking about.
    Best of Luck. Tom
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    Just have a quick question if you know of any more problems with the C70 HT aside from the possibility of the piston cooling valve and the possibility of Front Wheel Shimmy. I have ordered the C70 HT (wanted the 5spd Manual but the fiance dug in her nails and demanded the 4spd Auto, and the Moondust color instead of silver, and the tan interior instead of light grey... Jesus!!! At least I got my stereo) and it will be delivered in June or July. Trying to find any warning signs that I can so I can know what to expect should a problem arise.

    Also, How long do I drive it before I can DRIVE IT? 1,000 miles??

  • richc70richc70 Posts: 6

    Best of luck with your impending marriage.

    My 2000 c70 convertible was just delivered to me. All seems just perfect.

    My question to you is that you mentioned earlier that the c70s had 5 spd autos for 2000 and in your last post you say that your fiance requested the 4 sp auto which you ordered. I checked under my hood but can't find any thing to indicate if I have a 4 or 5 spd. How can I tell which one I have?


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