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Volvo C70



  • merajmeraj Posts: 2
    thanks schuhc...i am probably going to get one from chicago too! anyone get these rides for cheaper though!?
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    I order a 2000 C70 (LP), 17" wheels (must have)and after owning 850 850t and the C70, think you are better off with the 2000. They have had a couple of years to improve production and work out their probelms with th 1998. Have 9,000 miles and not one problem and it will do 140mph. Total cost was
    $35k. Iknow more HP would be better, but for cruising,some auto crossing, and just fun it's hard to better for the cost. If you order from the factory (the way you want it) think the cost will be less and the dealer does not have to worry about paying inventory cost. Personally think it's worth getting brand new and pay a little extra, than buying the older models. I have been buying and driving Volvo since 1976 and this is the best one, for looks,quality and bang for the buck. plan to keep this one along time. best of luck, it's great to have a car that you will not see on the road every day, different is nice.
  • richc70richc70 Posts: 6
    I went with to buy my 2000 C70 LT Convertible. Priceline charges you $50.00 and does your bidding for you. They found me a dealer who would accept a total of $500 over total (car plus options all at invoice price) invoice price.
    Shipping was extra, but if you want to buy new how can you beat getting the price you are willing to pay. I like the car although I only have 1400 miles on it.

    Has anyone put an ipd aluminum skid plate over a convertible's oil pan? The convertible has two cross members that appear to be in the way.
  • QX498QX498 Posts: 9
    Hello Everyone

    Was wondering what a fair price would be if i want to sell my 1998 c70 turbo with 25,500 miles.
    Any help is greatful. If anybody is wondering it is in Rhode Island.

    R. Geoffroy
  • shiftodshiftod Posts: 3
    I was just at a Volvo dealer in Nor Cal, and they are out of stock for C70 coupes...but they have a 1999 C70 HT with 21,000 miles on it. I haven't test driven it or any C70 yet, but I noticed that with the windows down all the way, the door does not close with an authoritative this the same for all C70s or a problem on the car? The door panel just doesn't seem super solid as in other volvos...finally, the offer price right of the bat is $33,900, any advice on the price and if I should hold out for new one? Thanks peoples...
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    read item #287 this might help
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    Got a call from the dealer today. The HT coupe that I ordered (with Lisa's specifications) arrives today and will be ready to pick up tomorrow. The question I have is... Should I feel guilty that she will be in New York and not be able to pick up the car with me. I think that this is a good trade-off for her not allowing me to get a 5 speed manual.

    Can you say..."Lisa honey, don't call me from New York Tuesday night because I will be having an auto-affair until about 3:00 am Wednesday.
  • pyeskepyeske Posts: 2
    Well schuhc, you too should be a happy owner by now! My wife and I picked up our nautic blue 2000 HT last month in Sweden and we love it to death. We immediately put over 2k miles on it (keeping the engine under 4000 rpm's, of course)driving through southern France. Even the frenchies could not keep their eyes off of it!

    The factory delivery is very worthwhile- Volvo handled it all in a classy way.

    This is a car we will keep for awhile...
  • guccioneguccione Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 HPT and find that the rearview mirror has alot of vibration even when stereo is low. Has anyone else experienced this? I have 22K miles and no other problems so far.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Noticed a noise the other day when I picked up the car. Best way to describe it would be a sound as if the wheel was not connected on the the bolts and it scrapes accross the threads of the bolt.
    Only happens when the car is being drive for the 1st 10 (maybe) minutes. Does not affect handling, breaking...
    Took it to the dealership yesterday (50 mile drive) and the serviceman got in with me but we didn't hear a thing. He indicated that it might be 'morning sickness' where there are particles that get stuck on the disk. He said that if I hear it and give it a firm break and that should clear it up.
    Heard anything like this?

    Mirror Vibration:
    12 miles on mine. Not a lot of shake but does shimmy.
  • dolamitedolamite Posts: 8
    Earlier today I dropped by a local dealer and they actually had some information on the 2001 C70. According to the sales person:
    1. No LT coupe in 2001 - only HT.
    2. No price increase on HT coupe or LT/HT convertibles.
    3. 2001's will be on their lot by the end of July.

    I drove the LT convertible for the first time and I was mildly impressed. I was surprised with the low noise levels with the top up and down. Overall, the more I thought about $45+ on a C70 convertible, the more I was drawn to the S80 T6. The S80 is very compelling for the level of luxury, sporty look, and engine performance.

    I noticed the C70 steering shimmy and the sales person told me that there are rubber spacers in the shocks to prevent this and that...during make-ready they are removed.

    By September I will likely make a purchase. If I decide on Volvo, it will either be a C70 coupe or S80 T6. Two very different cars, but I can't decide.
  • volvoscottvolvoscott Posts: 26
    Okay I'm assuming you're hearing this noise only when the car has set up overnite or time as such. It is normal to have a slight coating of rust on the brake rotors due to natural humidity in the air, and after a short amount of driving the noise should go away within a few miles or with a good solid stop. This is perfectly normal, nothing to be alarmed over. Hope all is well with everyone.

  • volvoscottvolvoscott Posts: 26
    I got to do a pre-delivery inspection on a 2001 C70 hardtop today, so I thought I'd give a little input on here. It was the mystic silver color, with light gray interior. Beautiful car I might add. had the HD turbo, and the 5 speed automatic. In 2000, I had only seen the 5 speed coupled to the stock 5 cylinder car. I absolutely could not believe how smooth this car ran. It had the premium stereo, Stability/traction control, cold weather package, and 17" wheels. Sticker price on this car was $40,000, which is down from last year. Nice car, wish I could own one.

  • mcohenmcohen Posts: 21
    I am looking to sell my 98 C70. Love the car, but I'm moving to San Francisco and I don't want it ruined. Parking is terrible there... Does anyone know of a good place to sell it? I tried the dealers, but they were offereing way below kelly blue book.

    Or is anyone here interested. It is a green 98 c70 with 30,500 miles selling for $29,500 (with 2 bicycle racks). Auto with everything (except the premium leather). I will gladly tell you more if you're interested.

    Please email me at if interested. I live in the bay area.
  • mcohenmcohen Posts: 21
    my email is Too many email accounts :)
  • sacherelsacherel Posts: 12
    Does anyone know whether Volvo offers the Navigation equipement with the 2001 C70 coupe. I remember reading a magazine article saying that you can get the navigation equipement but you can't have the Pro Logic system as the Navigation LCd is placed where the center speaker is.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    sacherel, I don't know if there is a nav. option for the C70 but I do know that for the new V70 and the S80 you can have the navigation option and the Dolby Pro-logic Surround setup together (I've got it). If there is a nav. option on the C70 I would imagine it would work in much the same manner.


  • bchbum2000bchbum2000 Posts: 10
    During braking, the power assist seems to go out. The pedal gets hard to push, it doesn't stop well, etc. Dealer says Volvo know about this problem. Has any one else had brake problems. I am thinking Lemon Law.
  • aedcaedc Posts: 1
    Hi. I'm new to the list and very impressed with the knowledge and civility of the participants having just reviewed the postings about the Volvo C70 since the beginning of this year.

    Unless my wife surprises me when we compare the C70 to the Saab 9-5 on the road I expect we'll be C70 owners sometime soon. The car will be used mostly for 2-3 hour highway cruises, but will definitely also have lots of country road cornering opportunities, so we're looking for a performance/ride balance with some zip and style.
    I'd appreciate the group's feedback on what I think our key model comparison questions will be:

    1. Aside from the big breeze, are there any handling/comfort/performance differences that argue for going with the ragtop? (We're leaning coupe.)

    2. Since we'd like to stay at or under $30k, we're almost certain to go with a used C70 -- and probably with the low pressure turbo -- but would consider a new one and/or a high pressure if the 2001 models and peppier model had attributes that were worth the extra $10k or more.
    Should we:

    a) look for a year-end "steal" on a 2000 and, if so, when should we be dealing? and

    b) if we go used, are there strong arguments for a 2000 over a 1999 in terms of reliability, performance, major systems, etc;

    3. Would picking up a new car in Sweden next summer provide sufficient fit/finish or other **mechanical** benefits to make up for waiting almost a year for new wheels? (Don't get me wrong; free airfare and the chance to tool around Europe are not without there own appeal, too!)

    4. What other factors should we be considering in deciding when -- and into which model -- we should jump?

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.
  • I just bought a 1999 C70 Coupe auto with 5k miles on it. I just drove it at 70-75 mph and noticed several things:
    The ride was very rough; the steering column vibrated, the foot pedals vibrated, and the (I'm assuming) tread noise was awful. Anyone ever have these fixed by a dealer - or is it just the way the car drives? Any ideas? Also, I was driving in the rain, and I did get that thumping noise in the sun roof.
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