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Volvo C70



  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    Finally took "Goldie" in due to the CEL on Monday. The light had been on for a couple of months. When it first came on my service advisor said no real problem since there were no running problems. Got tired of seeing the light and when the service reminder came on, I took her in. Got her back tonight. They couldn't get the fault codes to stay cleared and contacted the Volvo tech line for help. The mass air flow sensor and a fresh air hose were replaced and that cleared the codes. Hopefully the CEL will stay off. Tmart
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    Got my IPD catalogue yesterday and noticed that they have a device (US$~170.00) that you can use on your own to clear these things. is the url.
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    I saw it in the catalog too. Tmart
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    so I guess the replacements by the dealer corrected the problem. Time will tell. Wish it would warm up a couple of degrees so I can wash and Zaino and drop the top! Tmart
  • agh15agh15 Posts: 90
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    Really can't say because I've still got over 2 years left on the warranty. However I believe as a general rule, imports are more costly. Tmart
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Agree with TMart.
    Took in my 2000 HT for it's 30,000.
    $562.36 in all.
    That included the $22.00 for the wiper blades and the $160 in labor for the brakes. I bought the brakes from IPD and they were about $65 for front and rear.
    Arm rest cup holders finally broke and I spent $40.00 on that.
    17" tires cost around $330 a pop (I think).

    Overall, I think you're going to see higher costs with the HT coupes however, everything that has gone wrong with mine has been under warranty. Get the extended warranty if you get one of these. I've had the stereo replaced 3 times but that's mainly because driving in Chicago is the equivalent of offroading and those coupes aren't tremendous at shock absorption.
  • Hi. First time poster. I own a 1999 C70 and have only put 19500 miles on it. Since buying it new in 2000, I have had the convertible top in to be repaired 6 times. The top sticks and the windows will not go up and the chime keeps going off, even if the top is up. They replaced sensors and microswitches and finally Volvo North America stepped in and "fixed" it. It happened again after it was "fixed." They say that this is unusual. Somehow I doubt that.

    I am also having problems with the car sticking in gear. There have been times when I can't get it into drive from reverse. Very scary when backing out of a driveway. One time it would not start at all and it was towed 200 miles to a dealer who told me that the gear shift was stuck and the car did not think it was in park. He was unable to duplicate the problem and no faults to the computer. Anyone else ever experience anything like this?

    I love the car but I seriously think this particular one has some problems in the brain. I am considering getting a 2002. Anybody experience these kinds of problems with a 02? Thanks for the input
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    I,too, have a 99 C70 convertible but with a little over 23k miles. Sorry to hear of your problems. Can understand your frustrations. Fortunately, for me, I've not had any driving problems like yours, and no real problems with the top operation. At the 22.5k check up, I mentioned a "thunk" when the top was raised, when the rear window portion seated. They found a bracket was loose, and after tightening, the thunk went away. Only real problem I've had was the check engine light coming on around 20k, but it caused no driving problems, just aggravating to see it on. It was fixed at the 22.5 check up, but it took the dealer three days and calling Volvo for help to find the cause and fix the problem. No other problems so far.

    Did you buy the accessory wind screen? If not, I highly recommend it. You won't believe the difference it makes. Tmart
  • Thanks tmart. The problem with my top ALWAYS started with a thunk. They finally replaced a misaligned bracket and said that this should do the trick. I'm not convinced since I still hear noises when taking the top up and down. I'll look into the windscreen if I decide to go with the 2002.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    I have a 01 Coupe so obviously am not going to put any word in on the top. I am assuming that you have an auto trans. I had a similar problem which may, or may not, help. I was able to move the shift but the car was not engaging in gear, and therefore I could not start the car. The reason for this was that the shift lock button had a bad connection . They replaced it and it is fine. It probably also helps now that I make sure that the dog doesn't step on it anymore.

  • ccarterccarter Posts: 4
    I have had trouble with the first one volume went up on it's own, couldn't get radio stations. I can get same radio stations on my other cars. So was pretty sure it was stereo. Had it replaced. Now the new one is acting the same. Any suggestions? The dealership acts like I am crazy. I only have one year left on warranty. yikes. Let me know what any of you have done to remedy this problem it is really annoying.
  • dfwk2500dfwk2500 Posts: 68
    Have had similar problems since the beginning on the highest "surround sound" setting. I can't remember what it is called. What I'm talking about is the three different settings, regular, 3 channel and surround is what I think they are called. Anyway, problem was only with the radio not the CD. It was explained to me that in the higher setting, there was only one local station broadcasting the right signal, so what was happening was the radio was having trouble trying to create the surround sound when it could not get the proper signal. We have been driving for 3 years with the highest setting on CD but the 3 channel setting on radio. If I am not making sense, let me know and I'll look at the car tonight when my wife brings it home and try to re-post more intelligently.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    No. You make sense. 'ProLogic' is the other setting. I'm sorry that I can't empathize with either of you but living in Chicago, I have more stations than should be legally allowed so I am not noticing this problem. We tend to drive with ProLogic on all the time unless someone is in the back seat, then we switch it to 3-Channel.

    Also, ccarter, ask them if they checked the connections from the radio to the antena (if there is such a thing). Maybe the problem lies there.??? Other than that, I have no idea.
  • dfwk2500dfwk2500 Posts: 68
    Now that you mention the antenna wiring, I do recall seeing a TSB on that issue. Pasted below is the info from Edmunds maintenance section on TSB's. I don't know if it might be related to your problem or not, but certainly there was a wiring issue. A bad antenna could cause volume increases/decreases as the signal strength changed.

    NHTSA Number:
    Bulletin Number:
    Bulletin Date:
    MAR 2000

    Vehicle: 1999 Volvo C70
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    I, like Schuhc, leave the setting on Pro-Logic all the time, unless someone is in the back seat. In Houston there are alot of stereo stations too. Since the C70 has two antennas, the mast and one in the rear bumper, occasionally when the signal is weak, the sound quality does change a little as the system seeks the best signal source. It's not very noticeable though and in Houston doesn't happen often. The sound is fantastic, and don't see how the ML in the Lexus could be better. Tmart
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Not that I'm a genius or anything, but I didn't even know that. I bow to your superior C70 intellect!
  • ccarterccarter Posts: 4
    well, I have a call into the volvo service dept. Hopefully they will take a look at it. Although my car is a 2000 model the problem could be the same I suppose. Otherwise, I love my car. It is great in bad snow, ice ect.
  • guanxixguanxix Posts: 1
    I have been having problems w/ front end noises when I make hard turns at slow speeds since I bought my car in spring '99. Only have 17,000mi. It has been back to the dealer several times and the result is the same. They claim to have lubed the front end. This lasts a few months before the noises return. Any suggestions?
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    Sorry I can't help. I, too, have a 99 convertible, but haven't experienced your problem. Have 22k+ miles. Only noise from the front I've have was a roar when stopping. It started around 16k. Dealer replaced the bushings but didn't help that much. After several complaints, was told it could be the tires. Didn't really buy in to that because the tires still appeared good, but when they were replaced, the roar went away! Tmart
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