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Volvo C70



  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Look for the 'swoosh' on that windscreen. I'm sure it's strategically placed.
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    Would probably be cheaper if it was. Actually, I think they're made in Germany and resold by Volvo.

    Agcpa, I agree they definitely seem/are way overpriced. You done good on your price. I paid dealer price, around $350 including tax. Several months later there was one on Ebay that went for around $200. Oh well. Believe the price was increased when the mounting hole in the back was changed from a slot to a circle. For my wife, it was money well spent to keep her hair from blowing. For us, the reduction in buffeting was dramatic, just as Volvo advertised.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    I replaced the original Pirelli's on my wife's '02 C70 (with 17" wheels) after 19K miles. The Pirellis were getting louder and louder with age. I bought Falken Ziex's, mainly because they were top rated in Consumer Reports, but also because we have an occasional need to drive in light snow. The Falken's are rated M&S and the Pirelli's were strictly summer tires. So far I've been very pleased with the Falkens. They have about 5K miles on them. They are MUCH quieter than the Pirellis. I love the way the 17" wheels look on the car, but the tradeoff is that the low sidewalls make for a significantly stiffer ride. It feels like the Falkens have softer sidewalls as the ride is noticeably less harsh than the Pirellis on a bumpy road. My guess is that there may be some tradeoff in terms of high performance handling (given the softer sidewalls and M&S tread pattern), but we rarely play "Rodney Race Car Driver" with this car. Also, the Pirellis were useless in the snow, and the Falkens are just O.K. I guess any tire of this size is going to tend to float in the snow (rather than dig in) because of the width.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    The reason the owner's manual mentions letting the engine idle for several minutes after hard driving is to let the turbo cool, but it's not the air in the engine compartment that cools the's the engine oil which by design passes through and cools the bearings in the turbo. When you shut down your engine, the circulation of the engine oil through the turbo stops, too. If you shut down an engine with a hot turbo, whatever oil is in the turbo at that time is going to continue to get heated well beyond the tempature the oil is formulated to endure. If the oil gets hot enough, when the oil eventually cools it will tend to turn into a crusty carbon like substance which will prevent fresh oil from properly getting to the bearings in your turbo in the future. And given that turbos spin up to 100,000 RPM, the bearings won't tend to last long without proper lubrication. At a truck stop you will often notice that truckers will run their turbodiesel engines for several minutes after arriving before shutting them down. It's for the same prevent damage to the turbo. You definitely want to follow the owner's manual. If you don't, you will be a VERY unhappy Volvo owner when you hear the cost of a new Volvo turbocharger.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,892
    all true, but air circulating past the turbo and past the engine (where the oil is) certainly does not hurt cooling. Also, the high-pressure turbo in these vehicles does not spin up until beyond 2k rpms. So driving around at low speeds keeps the rpms below that point and, therefore, is just as effective at accomplishing the task as sitting still idling.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    qbrozen, Agreed. The turbo will sufficiently cool down by driving more moderately for 5-10 minutes before shutting the engine down. One other thing to point out (and I don't beleive the Volvo owners manuals mention this) is that you also want to avoid driving your car hard until the engine is thoroughly warmed least several miles. This is because until your engine is throughly warmed up, some of the parts don't fit quite as well as they do once the engine is fully warmed to its designed operating temperature, and the different materials used on different parts expand at different rates as they are being warmed up. Problems caused by things not fitting quite right can be exasperated by driving a vehicle hard before it's fully warmed up. For example, it's not unusual for a failed head gasket to be attributed to this issue. And the stresses a turbocharger places on a engine make this issue even more pronounced. A great way to extend the life of any engine is to warm it for several minutes before driving the vehicle, especially in colder weather, but there's even a benefit in warmer weather.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,644
    What you really don't want to do with a turbo is to shut the engine off with the turbo still spinning really fast. Some people still have the habit from their dads of revving the engine before shutting it down. This comes from the "old days" of when cars had inefficient generators.

    Another not so good scenario is exiting a freeway after miles of high speed hot driving and pulling into a service station and immediately shutting off the engine.
  • soledocsoledoc Posts: 52
    Well I did it. Turned in my beautiful 2001 C70 coupe. I hated to do it but it had to be done. I've now got a 2004 S60 T5 nautic blue/graphite leather split indigo cloth interior/xenon/moonroof/touring/climate/sport packages. It is very nice indeed. Only about 500 miles but here's my impression compared to the C70 so far:

    1. Definitely nice to have four doors with a small child
    2. Pick up in the GT 247 hp is a bit faster than the 236 HPT MT in the C70
    3. Love love love the color combination
    (check out the photos here
    4. Sport suspension on S60 is a bit tighter
    5. Better wheels on S60 which are 17" amalthea vs. the 16" I had on C70
    6. A lot of people tell me it looks like my C70...which is a GOOD thing in my mind...that's what I was going for...a subtle change
    7. Radio is equal
    8. Seats are equal...maybe a bit better in C70
    9. Don't like the 20 mph increments in S60 (10 in C70)
    10. I like the green on black display in S60 over the black on green background in C70 (minor detail)

    I'll keep you updated. I'm trying to keep my local dealership to buy my C70. They were all drooling when I brought it in. Two of the guys that work there are seriously considering buying it. I hope they do so it stays in the family. But if anybody sees an '01 C70 Coupe nautic blue/beige interior with dolby and a unique marble wood interior trim let me know...that's my car!!
  • soledocsoledoc Posts: 52
    Sorry about that's the correct link to the pics of my C70 replacement:
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,892
    congrats, soledoc. Hey, at least its still a Volvo.

    shifty - that's a good point about the service station stop. I think that's the toughest one to avoid.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    Four doors are a good thing. Beautiful pictures, by the way. Check back in with us from time to time.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Nice looking 60 there Soledoc. I have the same complaint about the 90 with regards to the spedometer. Don't like the 20 mph intervals. Especially not needed on the 90 as I was only able to get it up to 125 and that was downhill with a stiff wind and slipstreaming a Ferarri.
  • stevenh7stevenh7 Posts: 33
    My new C70 has 17" Michelin Pilots. When it's time for new tires, to allow for a smoother ride and to put on an all-season tire that would be good in the winter, is it at all smart to get new 16" rims and tires? I know it wouldn't look as nice but a smoother ride would be nice as long as handling isn't greatly impacted.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    I honestly don't know what I'm going to do this year. My dealer says that Volvo only offers a 15 inch snow tire and that it is $650 for the rims and tires.

    I have not been made aware of an 'adequate' all season 17 inch tire that provides help in the snow. My Pilots were horrible and my Potenzas are not much better.

    Perhaps Soledoc can provide some guidance?????? (If he's still around).

    Something tells me that Tmart isn't gonna be any help on this one.
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    What are snow tires anyway?? I've heard of men made of snow, but not tires and wheels!
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    Schuhc, are you familar with Bridgestone Blizzak LM-22's? They do make them in size 225/45-17, and one of my friends has them on his BMW 5 series. He swears by them, and they do seem to work as advertised. I also recall that either Car and Driver and/or Road and Track gave them high marks too. Needless to say, winter tires are somewhat of a car won't handle as well as with summer tires, but at least you have a better shot of getting through the snow. You can find info on them at
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Danke Dudie!!!!

    Looks like I'll be purchasing a set of those this winter. In Chicago winters we really don't worry about winter handling....Just getting somewhere is good.

    Tommy...They're called SNOW TIRES....The wheels are made of ICE...Otherwise they wouldn't be able to handle the weight of the car...
    "Snow wheels"....sheesh! Durn Astro-lovers!!!
  • juliejulie Posts: 2
    I have 04 C70 and the vehicle is less then 1 yrs. old. Two weeks ago, I had to take it for repairs to the hindge. When I put the top down I heard a lound CRACK sound and then it tore the leather panel. The dealer fixed the hindge, but the leather panel is on back order for replacement. The service guy told me that has never happened, but I was not trying to put the top down while I was driving. I told him, how is that possible if the brake has to be up in order to put the top down.
  • otisotis Posts: 12
    My wife and I are just starting our C70 ownership experience. Everything's great so far...none of the problems listed at Edmunds has cropped up for us. My quick question for anyone who might know is what are Volvo's plans for the C70 line? My dealer said there would be no 2005 C70 but the 2004 model might be extended until introduction of a smaller that right? Has anyone seen what this C50 might look like?
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    I have seen a picture of the new model at the dealership (retractable hardtop) and it looks pretty nice.

    if you go into Google and type in volvo c50 there will be some good pic sites
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