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Volvo C70



  • Recently had timing belt replaced as well as new front rotors and pads. Noticed soon after a low rumble or grinding noise coming from front end as the car slows to a complete stop. Returned to dealer who did the work. They checked it out and found nothing wrong. Said maybe rotors needs to be seated. In time will quiet down. I want to know if this is a brake problem or any kind of transmission problem before it's too late. 1999 Volvo C70 coupe LPT 105K miles, auto trans.
  • I have the same issue with my bi-xenon headlights. They are just aimed a bit too low. Possibly the perception is exaggerated by the sharp cut-off of the beam. Since this is my first car with xenons, I thought at first that maybe it was just a matter of getting used to the sharp beam cut-off. But the distance down the road that is lit up is just too short. I constantly feel like I am going to "outrun" the headlights, in the sense that there isn't enough reaction time for the short length of road that is lit up.

    I made one attempt to have my dealer look at it, and they just said that they are fine. But they're not. Rather than argue with my dealer about it, I think I'm going to try the manual adjustment myself, per instructions seen on one of the other Volvo forums I look at. I'm going to do this incrementally, since I don't want to blind other drivers, etc.
  • I would not try to do this myself. I was told by the Service Manager at two different Volvo dealers that it is a "software" problem. Don't ask me how software can cure what I would assume to be a physical adjustment or physics problem. All I know is that it took two attempts and the lights were ultimately "adjusted" satisfactorily. Your description of "outrun" the headlights is extremely apt and is scary. Call up and speak to the Service Manager and if that does no good, call Volvo directly. Have Volvo correct it.
  • When I went back to the dealer, the servgiceperson had marked the file that the lights were fine. When I spoke with the customer rep., he manually adjusted the lights himself using a socket wrench...he also agreed that they were aimed too low. I'm checking the revised angle to see whether they're sufficiently aimed high enough and not a distraction to oncoming cars. Anyone experiencing this problem needs to keep speaking to Volvo service until they make this adjustment.
  • Has anyone with the 18 inch wheels tried a tire other than the OE Pirelli PZero Rosso? Last fall I replaced two because my wife blew one out on our '07 C70 and the other was shot (about 15K on the car) and once again the two fronts need to be replaced (about 31K) and really all four should be. Best price I've found for the Pirelli's is $949 for four with shipping plus mounting and balancing. I'm just wondering if there is a cheaper alternative that works as well and maybe lasts a little longer....
  • My set of factory Pirelli PZero's (speed rated at approx 160 mph) lasted 17,500 miles and I hated the "ride." An independent tire store in my area that has been around for decades set me up with Hankook Ventus HR II 235/40R18 93H tires, speed rated at about 130 mph. The ride is better - and the steering wheel doesn't jerk as much in either direction due to potholes and other road conditions. The tires should last about 30,000 miles. Again, they are speed rated less than the factory tires but at an MPH that is still considerably faster than I will ever go - this was disclosed to me by the tire dealer prior to purchase. Apparently a Volvo dealer would not be able to fit a tire speed rated less than the factory tire. Just had them rotated at 10,000 miles yesterday and they are wearing fine. I showed them the page from the owner's manual where it states that Volvo does not recommend rotating the tires. They were flabergasted. The Volvo dealer, off the record, also advised rotating the tires. Good luck.
  • Thanks for the response. How is the road noise and rain driving with the Hankook's?
  • The tires are quieter. As far as rain driving is concerned, I don't have much experience since I am in southern California. With limited experience under such conditions, nothing was out of the ordinary on wet roads.
  • Last week I put four Hankook Ventus HR II tires on my car and have to say they are great so far. They are so much quieter, so much more comfortable and so much less expensive than the OEM Pirellis with no loss of performance as far as I can tell. My only gripe per say is they are not made in the USA.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Hold on a sec. You are driving a SWEDISH car and you are griping that the tires aren't made in the USA?!
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,006
  • Hi Bob,

    I need to replace the tires on my C70 and I have been following your post regarding the Hankook Ventus HR II H405 235/40R18 93H. Like you, I live in Los Angeles and have an '06/'07 C70 T5 with 18" wheels.

    I originally went today to repair a flat and then discovered that all 4 of my Pirellis are in need of replacement - not surprisingly since I have 27,500 miles on the car. Guess I fared better with my Pirellis - but I am probably long overdue for replacement.

    I specifically requested the above tire and the tire shop told me that my car required a 95V and that the Hankook 93H sidewall would not support the weight of the car. Is this accurate? I'd love to hear your input - especially since you seem to have had a good experience with the Hankook tires. May I ask where you purchased your tires?

    Many thanks.
  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Hi Volvo driver,

    The 95 and 93 numbers are the load indexes: they stand for the maximum weight that tire can withstand. The H and V are the speed indexes: yes, the maximum allowed speed for that tire (see:
    Normally a tire comes in a lot of combinations of sizes, load- and speed-indexes. If there is no 95V combination you can go for a higher load and speed index.

    Good luck
  • Thanks for the info and to all for the info within the thread.

    After a lot of my own research, I ended up purchasing and mounting four new Yokohama 235/40R18 95Y tires. So far, I can tell a noticeable difference in the way the car handles.
  • It's not your tires. I've had the same problem, put on new top of the line Bridgestones and no change. Volvo admits they have a "slight vibration problem" but no fix offered. My 2004 C70 now shimmy's at 26 and 52 and occasionally when starting out. Have you had any success in resolving this problem?
  • Fortunately, I was within the warranty time frame and filed a Lemon claim and was paid by them. It was a terrible problem. My new C70 is fine.
  • Glad to hear it. Mine was represented to be a "tire" problem when bought used with 12000 miles. Just found out it was not tires but a problem Volvo has known about all along.
  • You have a valid point! Who knows what I was thinking....

    Anyways, I had to do the unthinkable and drive my C70 in the snow because my winter car let me down (our '99 VW Cabrio with 218,000 miles broke down for the first time ever - what a terrible car ;) ). The Hankook's did great in the snow! As soon as the Cabrio is back on the road I'll wash up the C70 and put it back to bed. Good to know if I’m in a pinch the Volvo can make it around on the Hankooks which wasn’t an option at all with the Pirelli’s.
  • I know this is entering late, but when I am due for replacement of my Pirelli P-Zero Rosso's, one of the options I'm going to be looking at is the P-Zero Nero, which is available as an all-season tire, and not just a "summer" tirre. It also has a significantly better tread-wear rating than the Rosso's, and costs less. Presumably you give up a bit in grip, but the Rosso's are probably over-kill for a car like the C70. Heck, they are original equipment for some Ferrari models.

    That said, I am pretty happy with the Rosso's although at just over 7k miles it is too soon to say how much wear I'll get out of them.
  • luvhandleluvhandle Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 C70 with 62K miles. The ride on smooth surfaces is good. The ride on regular city streets with bumps, holes etc. is absolutely terrible. The entire car shudders at the slightest irregularity in the road surface. This is affecting the body integrity - new rattles in the doors etc. I know I need new tires. The car pulls to the left, especially with fast acceleration; I plan on an alignment and new tires in the upcoming two weeks.

    I am going to be commuting 200 miles a day to work soon. Not all of the roads are totally smooth. I'm concerned about this and don't want to damage the car.

    Other than new tires and an alignment, is there ANYTHING else that can be done to make this car ride like something close to normal? My girlfriend has a Toyota Camry that costs about half as much as the C70. It has independent suspension that actually works. I really want to keep this car but I'm fed up with the ride. I've noticed that Hanook tires are recommended by others on this group. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    I don't trust the dealership on these issues.
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