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Mazda Protege Rust Problems



  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Great last post! Sorry to hear that though..

    I'd love to hear your ongoing comments on the new electric, but i know that this site does not allow any conversation outside of the model/issue of the thread first chatted about.

    As a boycotter myself when wronged on a serious enough level, one thing I am increasingly encouraged about though when reading this thread, and it is the conviction with which rusty Mazda owners have about not owning another. The comments seem pretty universal in that they all loved their cars, but will not be a patsy for the brand any more since Mazda has failed to own this problem and treat past loyal customers decently and fair.

    I'm not very familiar with the electrics..I find it odd you did not mention the Leaf. But seems to me I recall something about the Mitsu...maybe size? It might be a micro and a totally dif class from the Leaf?
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    edited September 2012
    As a boycotter myself ... rusty Mazda owners have about not owning another

    Are you an ex-Mazda Protege owner?
  • Farewell and good luck with your Mitsu. We bought a 2013 Hyundai Elantra in mid-summer, but I am still clinging to my rusty Protege. It turned 11 on Sept 11. It has 99,000km and I would really like see it turn over to six digits. My kids laugh at me and my husband has kicked me out of the garage, so as the cold weather sets in I may forget my loyalties and wrest the new car from my son! Cheers...
  • I finally had enough of Mazda to get rid of the car. The engine was great, however, the body was rusting and the paint was peeling. I bought a VW Passat TDI Sel Premium! I never ever considered a mazda because they totally denied that they had a problem. Good Luck to those that have Mazdas... No reason to follow this site anymore... Good Luck...
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Good Luck to those that have Mazdas
    Likewise, good luck with your VW.
  • 02mazda02mazda Posts: 33
    Decided against the Mitsubusihi iMiev. Too limiting for the price. Went w the Volt. Pick it up Monday. Will sell trusty rusty Mazda @ the garage down the street who worked on it. Does a good job selling used VW and Mazda cars. He knows the car as he has done all the work. Only 62k on my Mazda so should bring some good cash for a young high schooler or college kid. Mechanically in good shape. Just the pesky Mazda rust. Mazda was never even in the running, nor will be again. Best of luck to you all. Excited about the Volt. Have heard some fantastic web sites that are pro Volt. Some hypermiling nut jobs as bad as me!
  • Just sold my trusty rusty for $900 to someone who has the same model and needs it for parts. 99k. 11 years old. Very disappointing. For shame, Mazda, for shame. Zoom zoom off, I say...
  • Was eyeing a 2003 P5, 123k mi for sale here in NW Indiana. has rust behind both wheels, thought it might be minor and an easy fix. After keeping an eye out for other similar Mazdas around town and noticing that every last one of them has rust in the same spot, i figured it was more than just a coincidence and googled 'mazda protege rust' and found this forum right off the bat. You guys just saved me from making a huge mistake. Thanks!!
  • I just got rid of my beautiful (except for the ravenous rust) zoom-zoom and coincidentally now I seem to see mint 02/03 Protege 5s everywhere I look - and thus continue to feel bad about my loss/bad luck. Husband says they've likely had body work. But, like you, for the most part this make/model/year are all rusting in identical spots. Mazda's loss, because we will never buy Mazda again.
  • 2002 and 2003 Mazda Protege5's in any area with snow removal are terrible with rust. If you are prepared for major bodywork every two years, it is still a fun car to drive (I'm a delirious driving fan of this car and design). The Mazda3 is a much better car, especially within the past 3 or four years, but the body design is much different. Check out the latest Subaru Impreza.....very similar body style.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,177
    I have noticed rust on Mazda's in my families Mazda dealership. My moth-in-law is part owner of a local dealership.

    I had a 2003 Mazda Protege' and loved the click-click of all the controls and it was very nicely done inside and out. I had no complaints that summer.

    However, I drove with a lead foot and wore out my tires by fall. I ended up hydroplaning and slammed into a jersey wall full speed.

    I thought it had all season radials. WRONG!

    I thought it had all season radials too. WRONG!

    I really thought that all cars had both of the aforementioned "features" and was sure at least that it had all season radial tires. So, my mistake, my insurance claim.
  • We sold ours about 3 mos ago. We did get $5500 US for it. Only had 62k miles on it. Was in grand shape save the rust around one wheel well. I liked most things about the car, but the rust and Mazda's refusal to fix it left a bad taste. Never another. Leased a 13 Volt & I am smitten. Think it will be plug in hybrid/electric from this point on. Feel a lot better about using less gas and polluting a whole lot less.
  • The factory tires for 2002 and 2003 Protege5 were terrible in the wet.
    I am running a summer set that is forgiving in the wet, and a winter set on separate wheels.
    I put the car with original tires in a snowdrift up to my windows on all sides,
    after spinning out on a curbless street and coming to rest by the side of the road, perpendicular to the road. I had serious snow tires mounted with a couple of weeks.
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