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Chevy Blazer security light blinking and car won't start



  • Ok if it's not starting but does turn over that's same problem I had and then it starts after you wait 10 minutes yeah that's the same problem I had all I had to do was replace the battery and then it would send the right voltages and it works fine now problem gone
  • I had the exact same problem with mine a week ago. I was stuck in the parking lot of Fry's and couldn't get it started so I had to have it towed home and then to a mechanic. The problem turned out to be the positive battery terminal connector. It had gotten too corroded and wasn't supplying enough power to start it. But it was acting exactly like yours. I was very surprised that that was all it was. I was expecting some expensive solution. Luckily my mechanic is pretty honest :)
  • duntovduntov Posts: 133
    Unless you have AAA or Allstate Motor Club, and received a free tow, you received an expensive lesson to learn that you should keep your battery terminals clean. But, it could a have been far worse because you are fortunate enough to know a mechanic that is honest. I wish I knew one.

    Honest mechanics are hard to find these days. An auto repair shop with honest mechanics are usually bankrupt within the first five years of opening business.
  • Having the same issues and even replaced my fuel pump earlier. My 4x4 was acting up and I was told it was a transfer case issue. It's worked fine ever since. I even have had my remote start removed thinking it was that. This damn truck has so many different quirks.
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