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Oldsmobile Intrigue Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2002 oldsmobile intrigue, it just started have a problem when I go to start the car. Sometimes I get nothing when I turn the ignition key, no crank, but all the lights and gauges come on fine. I try several times and nothing. Then I try an hour later and it starts right up like normal. It will start 6 or 7 times in a row with no problem then nothing when I turn the key. Any ideas?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Nothing surprises me about this vehicle...

    Judging what you are describing, my first guess is a bad ignition switch. A bad ignition switch can cause very "interesting" problems including intermittent starting and stalling.

    Are you having any other driving issues? Any "check engine" lights on?
  • Thanks for the reply!

    No other issues, no check engine light..... the change oil light came on a week ago, but I know that has nothing to do with it.

    If it isn't the ignition switch, what else could it be?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    It could be a few things: fuel pressure regulator, beginnings of a bad crankshaft sensor, bad connection at the battery, etc.

    The igniton switch is a very, very common repair on the 1999-2002 3.5L Intrigues. It seems the 2002 fail quicker. Also check the connections at the batteries.

    I had the same experience as you with my 2000 Intrigue. For months, some mornings it woudl start right away, other times it would take 10 tries. Then I stalled a couple of times while driving and the "security" light came on. Then everytime I started the vehicle, I needed at least 4 tries. This happened over several months so it took a while for me to diagnose the problem.
  • 2000 Olds Intrigue. Key will not turn in ignition. Car is in park. Can't move it into any other gear. All lights are working. Parking brake is off. Any ideas?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Do you have second key you can try? I'm sure you tried wiggling the steering wheel while the brake is depressed. Can you push in the shift lock button?
  • Make really sure it is in park. Ours was once in reverse and had the same problem you describe, and it was not easy to tell it was in reverse. We had a good laugh afterwards.
  • greendgreend Posts: 2
    I am in the process of buying a 3.5L, 6 cylinder engine for a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue. I have found several engines but one is notes as a Calif. NC1 emissions engine. Does anyone know what the difference is in the build between a California NC1 versus the Federal emission requirements.

  • I have a 99 Intrigue. I have had it for about a year besides new tires and oil changes I also recently had the front tie rods replaced and a new battery. After 1st getting the car I noticed two things my turn signals only seem to work when they want to also my ABS light comes on. Now when my ABS light is on my breaks work fine when its not on I get that stutter feeling when I brake. Again it only does this when the light is not on. What could cause this and the turn signals I have replaced the bulbs and signal switch. More recently I have to turn it over several times for it to start and even pump the gas a little it does start but it takes a few tries. I'm trying to decide if fixing or saving for another car would be better. A few things that I know I need done are the brakes and 1 rotor 1 strut and the motors in 3 windows replaced. Well any ideas or advice would be great... SHOULD IT STAY OR SHOULD IT GO....
  • I'm trying to remove a 3.5L engine from a 99 Olds Intrigue. Having trouble separating it from the transmission. ALL bolts are out; and the half-shaft is removed on the passenger side. Am I missing something??

    The factory procedure is to drop it with the subframe. I didn't have a lift so I did a hybrid - dropped the subframe but lifted from above. You have to disconnect the steering to do that. Not for the faint of heart.
  • Ok, I looked again at my pics and forgot one tip. Did you remove the engine to transmission bolt on the backside of the engine? Check out the pics from number 11 to 17.
  • I am not sure but probably has to do with secondary air injection system, which uses an electrically driven air pump to help heat up the catalysts when the engine is cold. If you don't have that on the original system you just block off the ports and switch the 02 sensor. Otherwise, you probably have to swap the front exhaust manifold. I would do some research, get good pics and compare manifolds.
  • I have been having similar issues and have read that it could be caused by a faulty ignition switch. My turn signals work when they want and I have the ABS, Trac off, brake, and service engine lights on on my dash and they have been on since a little before I replaced my tie rod ends. I am not sure what is the cause but I also have issues with the air, my compressor and heat works just the blower seems to work when it wants to work. I need help. I am to the point that I want another car but I love the way this one rides and drives when it's now having problems. Also when I use the cruise control it doesn't stay engaged and usually cuts off after a few mins. I am baffled and am just waiting for it to catch fire with all the electrical issues. The gas hand floats a lot to. Sometimes it seems to work and most of the time it sits on empty or jumps to full. PLEASE HELP!!!! :sick:
  • Where do I find the pics?
  • Click the link. Click on the pics and they will get bigger.
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