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GMC Acadia Heating Cooling Problems



  • chnedychnedy Posts: 1
    We were really enjoying our 2012 Acadia. Of course we're beyond the warranty at 44,000 miles when I receive the call explaining the A/C repair is $1500 (replacing A/C line and opening dash to access an evaporator where the refrigerant leak is thought to originate). Quick research of the situation and, lo and behold, one finds A/C issues are a common thread for GMC vehicles on a number of sites. Seems like a recall is in order, or at least a dealer check during the maintenance visits. This is a dealer maintained vehicle. I'm also curious whether the refrigerant is remotely toxic. We use this vehicle to chauffer the kids around. I'll be researching that next.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 2,029
    edited April 2
    In the event of a major release of refrigerant such as a sudden system failure while it is being serviced a technician could be in some danger, but that's about the only way. Here is the MSDS for R134a.
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