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Mazda above 100K Miles



  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I had an extended warranty on my 2003 MPV thru Mazda. It was worth every penny! They fixed a tie rod, numerous bushings. Rotted real antifreeze lines and much more. Make sure that the people with the warranty are reputable and will cover the items. Check Angie's List on them. Get references. Good luck. I'm living on the edge now with my MPV having 146K on it. Holding it together with TLC right now.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I have a 2003 MPV with 146K miles on it. My check engine light comes on due to a catalytic sensor that kicks it on. They check it clear it and it has not affected the running of the engine....yet. Mazda wants me to replace the converter! That is a 1500 proposition. The issue has been off and on for a couple years now!
    Sounds like you may have at true catalytic issue with loss of power or you have the coil issues that can be from water getting into the spark plug wells and shorting out. New coils/caps do not have the pooling problem of water on the top as the originals had. They can crack and water seeps into the plug wells. Good luck! They are a problem riddled unit and have been for most the 2000-2004 years. Things improved from 2004-06.
  • Is it a diesel engine.
    I has had a problem with my Mazda MPV 2002 diesel, that the engine stopped when I was driving, I have change the "magnet ventil" on the oil pump, and now
    it is OK. It is easy to change, you can do it self.
  • Maybe you are not in overdrive, click the button on the very tip of the shift lever to go in & out of overdrive. Nutdriver.
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