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Lexus ES 350 Paint Problems



  • That is a lot of money to put into a car you don't own. I would work with corporate if it is that bad before putting one dime into resolving their problem.

    I just made sure my paint issues were noted on my records so as not to be penalized when I turn mine in Feb. 2011. I figured if Toyota is going to produce a crappy painted car, they can have it back that way. Thank goodness I am leasing.
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 55
    I own a 2008 ES 350 with 19000 miles and I too have the same paint chip problem. It's really frustrating to have spent so much money on a car and having this type of fundamental problem. My previous car (2005 Acura TL) did not have this problem. It had only 3 chips in 4 years that I owned it. I have at least 15 chips on the bumper and hood areas on my ES. The sad part is I've only owned it for 12 months!!!
  • carhop1carhop1 Posts: 3
    How about all of us Lexus owners with paint problems file a class action lawsuit against them & let's band together. If you are reading this let me know your year. & mileage on your car so I can get a handle on how many people are willing to join me in suing! Also how about tires wearing out @15k
  • 2008 ES 350 19K So far tires have been good for me.
  • lmlee08lmlee08 Posts: 2
    Hi, I posted awhile back when I first noticed my 08 RX400 had so many rust spots after only one year. I would be interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Lexus. The dealership we went to treated us like dirt and said that we didn't maintain our car properly and that is why the paint is damaged. They refuse to return phone calls and emails. We have yet to call 1800LEXUS which is what the dealership kept telling us was our only option. ( to complain to lexus) We haven't had a chance to do that yet. Has anyone else been told that they needed to call 1800LEXUS? and have you done it and what was your outcome?

    Anyways... Im sad to say that Im kind of glad that so many ppl share the same problem because that means its not just us.
    2008 RX400 25,000 miles.. So far tires are ok.
  • billeveebillevee Posts: 15
    I like about 350 people on this post have owned an ES350 and am experiencing paint issues with chips. It is obsidian black and has about 15 chips in the hood and bumpers and picks up scratches very easily. What do we Lexus owners need to do to start a class action suit vs the dealers? This is ridiculous-I did not pay $38k to look at paint chips. In fact I am not even sure if the car was primed since the color beneath is white

    Anyway what do we do? I do not want the dealers "complimentary" paint job under the condition that I fork over $1,000 for a protective clearcoat--

  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    We opted for the Venture Shield that covers front bumper and parts of hood and fenders.Its a clear plastic cover you really cant notice it unless you look for it.I read this forum before we bought car we decided that the 450.00 price would be a good investment.
  • Mine is a ES330 - multiple paint chips on hood - color is alabaster - so chips are very noticeable - I have contacted the Lexus Dealership here in GA - I'm already fighting with them in my head - HOW do we start a class action suit? OMG! just got a response from the dealership ........"Chips on a hood are usually from driving the car, no matter what brand is. If you would like to address this issue feel free to contact our service department at 770 680 1000.......
    Good Grief - I was right to start the fight in my head - any words of advice about my response????
  • i've never been to a lexus dealer that I like. Especially the one in Kingsport, TN. Talk about a snob. Its just a car dude, not fort knox! My wife wants a new es 350 but I am terrified to buy one because of the issues I have been hearing. Our 2001 e 300 does just fine and only has 62000 miles. Lexus of Kingsport SUCKS!!
  • My 2001 was a fine auto. This one is another story. I can't wait to trade it in and buy the new how Buick that is coming out. Unfortunately I have another 16 months to go. I wonder if I will have any paint left. Very disheartening to hear the multiple dealers and Toyota itself that is shirking responsibility on the paint and other issues. I am going back to American made. They know they have to win the market back and will bend over backward for customer satisfaction. My Grand Prix (loaded) had many more luxuries and convenineces and better sound system than this car. Cheaper to drive too. I was disappointed within a week of ownership.
  • Lexus historically has led other auto's in consumer quality. There is no way that paint can be a part of that survey, or lexus would be much lower. I have never owned a car that has so many spots where the paint has just released. My Dodge truck has dents made from road rocks, but the paint has not released.
    Has anyone had success with Lexus making good on repair or repaint?
  • mdlaskmdlask Posts: 1
    Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only person having problems with the paint. I had a 2004 ES 330 in the dark blue - traded it in less than 3 years old - the dealer said the car was in excellent condition except for the hood that would need to be painted which of course lowered the price of the trade in. I now have a 2007 ES 350 in black - same thing! Also on my 330 - had the brakes checked at 50k miles and they said I was good for another 50. On the 350 needed brakes at 40K. My driving hasn't changed and the car was taken to the same place - not the dealer. For the price we pay for these cars the paint should not be like that. I've had other dark colored vehicles and never had this problem. I will print out these posts when I trade my car in and argue with the dealer on the trade in value.
  • I have same problem with my 2008 ES-350, Obsidian Blacke, Paint is chipping off from engine hood, i had to buy touch up paint, but same problem continues.
    Any help is welcome.
  • Have identical problems with my 2008 Obsidian Black ES 350- multiple small chips to white base on front hood near grille, as well as lots of swirl scratches on body without any good explanation. If there is help out there for this problem, beyond bickering with dealer, would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I have a black 2008 ES 350. There are numerous paint chips on the hood and both sides. My previous vehicles have been from Ford, GM, Honda and Acura. In very similar driving conditions none of these vehicles have experienced anywhere near the number of chips that the Lexus has. My 10 year old Accord looks pristine by comparison. The dealer's touch ups look as bad as the chips, which appear to go right to the base metal. This is a shockingly poor way to finish an otherwise excellent vehicle.
  • Does anyone know how the White holds up? Seems the paint issues are mostly with the darker colors.
  • bqsbqs Posts: 1
    I am an attorney who has been investigating the paint issue. I'd like to hear from anyone who has had problems with chipping, etc. contact me through my website at:
  • I purchased new, a 2007 IS250 from Alderson Lexus in Lubbock Texas that has consistently developed numerous paint flakings. I took photographs of the various spots on the vehicle and forwarded them to the dealer. Without asking to actually look at the car the dealer, based solely on the photo's stated they believed them to be rock chips. There are no dents behind the points where the paint has released. There is paint release where a rock would have had to be dropped vertically to cause the paint to have released. My plan is to run a full page add in the local paper inquiring as to others that are experiencing similar problems.
  • Paint issues appear to be occurring with every automaker.

    Do an internet search for "vehicle brand" paint problems and millions
    of results are returned.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    agree completely, go on any of the other major forums, infiniti, nissan, honda, acura, toyota and you'll all see forums for paint chipping; cars are made cheaper now a days and the paint chips easily

    if you have a dark color car, especially black, you'll really notice the paint chips more than a light colored car

    I have a 2010 Black Nissan Maxima, its only about 3 months old and already have two paint chips at the tip of the front hood

    If you see them on your car, you'll either have to try touch up paint on a tooth pick or just leave it alone

    Good Luck getting Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, Nissan, Honda, or Toyota to admit fault when it comes to paint chips

    Only recommendation I can give is to not get a black or very dark color car or even white for that matter; stick with a neutral color so you won't notice the chips as much
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