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Article Comments - 2009 Hyundai Genesis Full Test



  • dg0472dg0472 Posts: 10
    I'm surprised at the 5.9 sec. 0-60 from the V-8 in the GS comparison. The first V-8 you tested matched that on Regular. And Motor Trend got 5.5 on Premium. Were both the Lexus and Hyundai fueled at the same place? If so, makes me wonder if there's not something wrong with this example, though if so that'd be disconcerting in such a new car.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    As I posted in the main Genesis thread, I had the same feeling as you. The 5.9 was very surprising, when almost all other tests were in the range of 5.6-5.7 (and as you said, M/T posted a 5.5 to 60).

    Still this is a great victory for the Genesis. Hyundai can feel proud of this product, as this is CAN compete with the established players. Kudos!!
  • tufasttufast Posts: 1
    If you have not had a chance to sit in & listen to the Lexicon Discrete sound system in the Genesis, you should not judge it, because I too am a car enthusiast, as well as, audio junkie(electronics junky), & I can tell you this stereo is off the chain. I own a BMW 540i, which has a very good stereo system w/awesome sound, but lacked enough bass, so I added 2 Punch 10's & an additional amp - good now. Sit in the Geneis, remember to drop the rear seat pass through to allow the bass & pressure to escape, set the tuner, bass, treble, etc & crank it up. Yep sounds better than my modified bimmers system.. ;)
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    I am not surprised with the test results. I own a 2008 GS350. I test drove a V6 Genesis a few weeks ago. It was SIGNIFICANTLY slower than my GS350. Told the salesman & sales manager to call me when they get the V8. Based on the test, even the V8 is slower and gets 5+ less MPG. Combine that with MSRP+ for the Genesis and a $7,000 discount I received on the Lexus. I am glad I did not wait for the Genesis !!!
  • V8 is slower???

    Cmon what have you been reading.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 167
    I think he meant that it's still slower than the GS. Anyway, 5.9 sec. to 60 is still plenty fast IMO. Besides, it's not all about 0 to 60. 30-50 is most useful for my driving needs. Assuming the total cost of ownership is about the same for GS350 and Gen. 4.6, it's a decent comparison. It's a great win for Hyundai to be even compared to a Lexus GS.
  • richt5richt5 Posts: 43
    edmunds forgot to tell us all , that in their test Lexus vs Hyundai , they disconnected one spark plug wire from the v8 and put 500 pounds of cement blocks in the trunk of the Hyundai. This comparison is a joke. Just use your common sense. This Hyundai is a great car -- and even better considering the price. As some of have said , the weak point seems to be the dealer network--- thats what Im concerned about. thanks
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    Are you serious? Why did they disconnect one spark plug and put 500 pounds of cement in the trunk and run a comparison? :confuse:
  • veragenveragen Posts: 34
    Why did they compete Lexus V6 vs. Hyundai V8? Its obvious Lexus V6 (303hp) w /prem-fuel is powerful than Hyundai V6 (290hp) w /reg-fuel
    Did both vehicles have premium fuel to compete their engine full potential?
    I feel both mfg. models is excellent and you can't go wrong with design, quality & performance. But why tamper with front engine and load dead weight in the back if this is factual?
    richt5, where is the source of Hyundai V8 engine that 1 spark-plug was disconnected and adding 500lb. cement-blocks in trunk! :confuse: Huh? like the sci-fi character said (Riddick) "sound SKIDISH"
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 643
    Your argument is entirely specious. BMW not so long ago was an economy car maker, too.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    Come on guys, he was kidding.
    He just could not understand how a $7,000 more expensive Lexus could beat a Hyundai.
  • Does anyone know the type of oil filter used for this engine?

    Is it the same as used on the Veracruz 3.8?

    Thw owners manual makes no mention of the number or type to the best of my knowledge.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    R M H
  • besetobeseto Posts: 10

    Description: Hyundai engineers looked closely at every detail when building the 2009 Genesis sedan. Now it's your turn. Go ahead, kick the tires.
  • That's really subjective. I think that the 18's look better than the 17's, but that is a personal choice.

    Other than that, you may get a little bit better road grip with the 18's.

    If I were buying for myself, yes, the 18's look $1000 better, and I think that maybe you would get your money back on resale since from the outside the car would look the same as the tech pkg., not making it obvious that is a lower end model.
  • Some people who have driven both and a couple of reviewers have noted that the 18" wheels do not ride as well as the 17" in their opinions. Probably want to try both on same roads.
  • Per .

    The 18" wheels offered for the V6 are not the same design as the 18" V8 wheels!

    The loaded V8 only costs $2,000 more than the loaded V6!!

    The V8 wheels and tires are 1/2" (2%) taller than those on the V6. So, since the V8 has 1/4" less tire between the wheel and the road, it will ride firmer. But, with stiffer sidewalls and a wider tread, it should also handle a little better. Take your pick!

    I am surprised that the 119# heavier Genesis V6 uses smaller and poorer tires than the Azera! (225/55R17 vs 235/55VR17)

    I am about to move up from the chunking OEM Michelins on my Azera to Kumho ASX 255/50ZR-17!!

    0-60: V6=6.2 V8=5.7
  • Hyundai could be good for Lexus, not for BMW. I own a BMW and would not consider Lexus for myself, but I may get Lexus for my wife. I think the gap between Lexus and BMW is bigger than the gap between Lexus and Toyota. This statement is made basing on the mechanics of the cars, not the value or price. I agree BMW is not the best value among them. Over 30 years, I've owned and driven many many different cars in my life. To me, the Toyota is the best value among all.
  • Sorry old chap but I really don't know what you are trying to say....Hyundai may be good for Lexus????
  • I currently own a Lexus as well as a Toyota. While they are both very good cars, the Lexus is just a Toyota on "price" steroids. That said, I have also owned two BMW's (before they became yuppy cars) and three Mercedes Benz'. I can tell you that if you do alot of high speed cruising on the interstates,especially in states like Nevada, Montana etc., a Mercedes Benz is the car to own.....BAR NONE. Japanese cars, while well made, feel like a 1950's American car on the road at very high speeds (and that's not a compliment), compared to a MB or even a BMW. It's not something you can easily describe, you have to drive a MB to understand. Yet, as good as a MB may be, it is really overpriced, with NO justification for it, especially for models that are made here.

    btw - I've had NO reliability problems with any of my Mercedes Benz'.
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