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Article Comments - 2009 Hyundai Genesis Full Test



  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    I think what he is attempting to say is value is in the eyes of the beholder. Usually one measures value in cars by luxury appointments, doo-dads and roominess. Something the Genesis excels in.

    Looking at a BMW, however, the value in the car is in the overall harmony of the car, not necessarily the cost of the luxury appointments and doo-dads.

    Bottom line, to compare the Genesis against the 5 series, for example, the 5 series would seem to lose until you actually slip into the drivers seat and pound the heck out of the car.

    Comparing the Genesis against the GS300, the poster was saying is a closer match. But there still is a bit of a gap between Lexus and BMW in the seat of the pants department, although everyone has their own opinion.

    edit - to the previous poster I agree. However, why buy a $70K Rolex when a $10 timex does exactly the same job?
  • There is a comment on the first page of this Edmunds article about the Genesis 4.6 lacking power for a V8 and not being much faster than the V6 Genesis:

    "Not an impressive V8. Lacking both big torque and high-rpm punch, this engine seems rather pointless. Not much quicker than the V6."

    I have to disagree with the above comment, since Motortrend got 5.5 seconds 0-60 and a 14.0 second 1/4 mile with the Genesis 4.6. The V8 engine in the Genesis 4.6 makes 333 lb/ft torque, within 10 lb/ft of most other V8's of similar displacement. Lacking torque? Maybe compared to larger-displacement V8's (5.7L Hemi, Mercedes Benz 5.5L, etc). If they feel high-RPM punch is lacking, could it be that maybe they didn't run the gears up to redline in manual mode? The transmission shifts well before redline in regular auto mode.

    Consider this also: Motortrend's times for the GS460 were 5.6 / 14.0. Edmunds' times for the GS350 were 5.7 / 14.0 - the V8 Lexus being only 0.1 second faster to 60, and no faster through 1/4 mile.

    Looking at those numbers, we could just as easily say the V8 engine in the GS460 "seems rather pointless" as well.
  • The ride is unforgivable. Some owners have actually traded in their new Genesis sedans already beacuse they can't stand the ride and the corp folks say it is as designed. It is widely documented that the Hyundai USA folks "Stiffened Up the Ride" in response to some Korean journalists comments about it being too cushy. Efforts to get this fixed are falling on deaf ears.

    Poor showing, I have owned numerous MB's and they know how to treat the customer. The Genesis is not going to win in the long run as a great swelling of comment on the forums and later Magazine reviews are all panning the ride as Harsh one magazine reviewer even said in Print "The worst rideing car I have ever driven"
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,023
    one magazine reviewer even said in Print "The worst rideing car I have ever driven"

    How about a link to that article? I own a Genesis, and while I have mentioned the ride can be a bit unsettled at times, it certainly isn't the "worst riding car".

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • toyetoye Posts: 351
    MB owner is unsettled by the fact that an upstart car company has made an automobile that is comparable in luxury, ride, technology and comfort.
  • Poor ride????..this guy is having some kind of an illusion. This car is as smooth as any I have ever driven, in fact I'm positively amazed with it's ride and silence. This is not a mushmobile like some Lincolns and Cadillacs I have owned. Sounds like a poor sport to me thats pouting about some real competition with affordable pricing compared to Mercedes and BMW.
  • Gripperdon:
    Welcome to Car Space's Let's beat up on anybody who does not like Hyundai blog!
    While comfort and ride are individual opinions, I agree that far too many articles and reviews, not to mention consumer comments, have mentioned the ride quality of the Genesis and Azera for there not to be a problem there.
    Also, the 2010 has revised bushings, springs and shocks per HYUNDAI.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,023
    Welcome to Car Space's Let's beat up on anybody who does not like Hyundai blog!

    I could care less who likes Hyundai and who doesn't.... I just want a link to the article where the OP claims he/she said "the worst ride ever"

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • :blush:
    If I go for the V6, I'll stick with the 17" wheels, then upgrade to the 255/50ZR-17. I put four Federal 595 tires (255/50ZR-17) on our 2006 Azera for $470 to my door. Wow! What a world of difference! The 9.3" wide Uni-directional tread looks hot, and performs excellently rain or shine!! It rides at least as good and handles better! (Yes, the Azera OEM rims are legally wide enough for the big tires.)

    The 235/50R-18 tread is 1.4" narrower (7.9"), and the OD is 0.2" taller than the 255/50ZR-17! The 255s also have a 13% greater Load Capacity (101 vs. 97), which is nice to have on a heavy car on rough roads! ;)

    ( Competit- ion%20Series.pdf)

    PS: My OEM Michelins chunked badly. :lemon:
  • donna388donna388 Posts: 69
    "PS: My OEM Michelins chunked badly." :lemon:

    That can not be, nor was the chunking the fault of the Michelins.
    Either you were not rotating them properly, your alighment was off, or
    they were not properly balanced, or you have bad shocks as I do.

    If these problems were not addressed properly, running a even wider tire on
    those factory narrow 7 inch wide wheels will cause even more problems.
    With the World's worst shocks, and I have had all three different sets of
    the available factory Hyundai shocks, my S-8 Michelins are holding up
    very well indeed considering the fact that they have over 34K miles.

    BTW, did you know that if you get the Genesis with the factory 17 inch wheels, you
    are stuck with a 128 mph speed limiter due to the Dunlop tires "H" speed rating? :surprise:

    Good luck!
  • ""That can not be, nor was the chunking the fault of the Michelins.""

    :mad: It did happen!! I am not blaming the Michelins, but when dime sized chunks of rubber are missing from the tread, (and it is my 74 year old wife who drives the car 99% of the time), I call that chunking!! The 595s show no signs of wear or chunking after several thousand miles! The wheels may be narrow, but they are within the approved rim width range for that size tire!!

    Actually, for an AS tire, the Michelin® Pilot® Sport A/S Plus is very attractive, but expensive! However, I have never had good OEM Michelins! :lemon:

    ""if you get the Genesis with the factory 17 inch wheels, you
    are stuck with a 128 mph speed limiter due to the Dunlop tires "H" speed rating?""

    Since my wife wants to keep her driver's license, she seldom exceeds 125 mph on her way to church!!!! :P But I would plan to install the best replacement tires ASAP, regardless!!


  • ""If I go for the V6, I'll stick with the 17" wheels, then upgrade to the 255/50ZR-17.""

    Although the V6 Genesis weighs 267# more than the Azera, it's OEM tires are one size smaller!!! Therefore, the replacement tire should be the 245/50ZR-17. Still one size wider than the V6 or V8 OEM 18" tires!!!! And, from 97W to 99W with the V6!

    With their 45,000 mile warranty, the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tires are nice. ( - - - us/#sizes-and-specifications)

  • Will the dealer let you put 17" wheels on the car or are you going to get the base or Premium model? If you go for Tech, you have to get 18' wheels and would Hyundai stand behind car if you switch wheels?
    Per, media section, packages are different for 2010, so 18" wheels might be standard on all except base model.
  • ""Will the dealer let you put 17" wheels on the car. Would Hyundai stand behind car if you switch wheels?""

    I can install whatever wheels/tires I want! The warranty would still cover everything not directly related to the wheels/tires, (which wouldn't be on the car anyway)!!. I currently own a Dodge Magnum with 265/35ZR-22 tires, and have never had any questions regarding the 7/70 warranty! Do you think that every car you see with custom wheels/tires has no warranty??

    ""Are you going to get the base or Premium model?""

    The V8, if I were to get one 'loaded', since the V8 is only $2,000 more than a comparably equipped V6, and helps make the Genesis truely a luxury car. But a base V6 has a lot of luxury for the money!
    To upgrade, I would just go with the best 255/45ZR-18.

    ""packages are different for 2010""

    I hope so! I would like to see the Champagne Beige Metallic with Saddle interior. Or, a less orange, more almond, Cashmere interior. And, where is the nice Light Gray interior of the Azera? And, while they are at it, why not a Coupe with wide comfortable, low bolster sedan seats?? (I may buy a Cadillac STS just for the seats!!!)

  • What's with all this if' I go with this or that stuff, the oem tires of the Genesis are certainly plently adequate as they are only for a 3800 lb. car and my tires are not Michelins but Dunlop Sports . Among several other cars I have the v6 with 18 inch wheels and I can assure you it rides really smoothly if a little firm.

    There was a lot of thought went into designing these cars and I'm sure they didn't skimp on the wheels and tires in the process as they had used premium cars as a benchmark. I wouldn't dream of messing around with the tires for various other reasons as they are plenty large enough, have excellent tread life and run really quietly.

    After all unless you are going to race it or something, you better get a "Z car".

    R M H
    I agree. In my opinion the only reason to upsize in wheels/tires is to make the car look better. I saw a black Genesis 4.6 the other day that had 22" wheels/tires on it and it looked awesome. As matter of fact, it had the exact wheels I plan to put on my Genesis. For me it's all about the looks because that's what brings the car to life sort of speak, if you know what I mean.
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