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2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK First Look

There's good planning and there's good fortune, and we can't be sure which of these are to blame for the imminent arrival of a new compact SUV, the 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK. This new baby Benz will hit U.S. showrooms in January 2009, and although we aren't able to forecast what the gas price will be right then, it seems unlikely that it will be appreciably lower than it is now.

Read more and let us know what you think!

First Look: 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager



  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I'll have to wait to see the new GLK in person, but this new MB at first glance reminds me a lot more of Suzuki than Mercedes.
  • fr88fr88 Posts: 1
    It would appear that during the recent Daimler Chrysler divorce that the Benz parent got custody of the kid that designed the interiors of recent Chrysler products. This GLK interior is awful in the same way interiors in the Caliber/Compass/ Patriot are awful. All hard edges and blocky, graceless forms executed in what appears to be hard grey plastic - whether it is soft to the touch or not. I can't recall a more unattractive, cheap-looking M-B interior. But then, BMW interiors are no paragon of beauty, either.
  • You're Dreaming when you say:
    "there are those who believe that fuel prices will shift people out of utility vehicles and into automobiles. But this anti-SUV agenda doesn't have any basis in reality."
    Aerodynamic Reality is going to reduce the SUV market.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    If they bring the GLK 320 CDI to the USA, I would consider it. It should in reality get over 30 MPG on the highway. That would just about cut my mileage in half from my Sequoia. No interest in a premium gas Mercedes or BMW. Only diesel will get my hard earned cash.
  • The local Seattle dealer is hosting 6 GLKs from the Factory for the next day or so, I think they are getting up to speed on the vehicles.

    I saw two dark blue, two white and a dark red, and I have to say all look very good. Various interior colors, black, tan and gray. I really like all of them. Compact, but still roomy.

    Just bought a C350 for my self, but snapped a few photos to show the wife - she really digs this car, perhaps it will be time to introduce her to Mercedes in the spring... :shades:
  • ... and she likes it. She's looking to get out of the Toyota Sienna which is too big for us and which she doesn't really care for anyway.

    The car is peppy. It's also bigger inside than it would appear to be from the outside. Looks like a winner. We're also considering a Volvo XC90 and the boss wants to drive both again before making a decision, which we'll probably do within the next week or so. Salesman couldn't/wouldn't give numbers. Anyone have any ideas as to what MB might do in the way of lease programs to get this guy off the ground?
  • crest - can't remember, but I thought I saw the starting price would be ~36 K? Figure an MSRP of ~42.5 with a few packages?

    I am unclear how long it will take for any "deals" to show up - I would not expect soon. MB was only down 9% in November...
  • Price sounds about right. You can actually "build" one on the website and get pricing that way. As far as "deals" I'm hoping perhaps they'll have some enticing lease deals just to get the car on the road and noticed. I'll keep the forum posted as to what I find out. Thanks.
  • keep us posted -

    I have seen a few slightly used ML 350s for low to mid 30's - so I would expect them to careful with the price - we shall see.

    Saw several at the auto show and the local Seattle dealer hosted ~ 7 of them in September for regional training I think. Saw a Navy Blue with tan interior - looked great!
  • I built one on the MB website for around $46,500. They're currently offering 33 mo leases on the M350 for $579 a month, which assumes a sale price of just under $50k. It's possible that one could extrapolate from that a lease number for the GLK of around $500 a month (and of course, one could easily be wrong :) Perhaps MB will come out with an aggressive lease program just to get some on the road as a way of introducing them to the public. In any case, our dealer has our indication of interest and told us that he'd be back to us when he has numbers. I'll post as soon as I get them. She's also looking at the Volvo XC90 and wants to drive both again before making a final decision.
  • I too looked at MBUSA - looks like an MSRP of ~43 K with packages and options we prefer.

    Keep us posted, my wife is cross shopping against the RX350 - thinks the changes made for 2010 are bad, and is thinking the '09s will be a steal come spring.

    I am biased (of course) really like both the ML and the GLK. Come spring if I can find an ML with ~ 12,000 miles I may "suggest" it instead.

    Good luck!
  • I drove the GLK this weekend and loved it. Have an X3 lease that is up on Dec 29th, so I have been driving everything (ex35, venza, highlander, murano, rdx, mdx, x3, pilot). Dealer showed me the inventory expected to be delivered first week of January and I threw my name on one for a $1,000 refundable deposit.

    While not as tight as other German engineered vehicles, it drove great and no other manufacturer can compete on style.
  • Outstanding. We drove the BMW as well and were not impressed. Might ask her to take a look at the Acura MDX/RDX but I have a strong sense that she'll like the MB better.

    Did you get into pricing at all? Are you buying or leasing?

    Hope the deal works out for you and that you enjoy your new vehicle!
  • Leasing is the only option for me, MSRP on mine is like 41,500... not that I have it in writing, but dealer said they could go 2-3% under MSRP. It will be interesting to see how it works out.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    MB Canada is giving the GLK350 a very strong residual at 63% after three years.
  • Thanks for the info. That's very encouraging. I went on the MB Canada website and built and priced one, and the numbers looked quite attractive. I'm still waiting to hear from my dealer here on Long Island.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    Drove the GLK yesterday, it's a nice vehicle. Looks better in person.
  • Took a GLK for a spin while my C350 was getting service. I was impressed with the comfort and ride as it had the optional 20 inch wheels. Went up I-5 and then back via surface streets - which are all a mess as we had "snow", a four letter word in Seattle, the last few weeks.

    Over fresh pot holes, and tons of sand the GLK rode very well, not harsh at all. Perhaps this summer I can convince my wife to make the move. :shades:
  • Last month I returned my BMW X3 having had a pleasant 2 year lease. I was all set to lease a new RX 350 since the deals are so great now (I previously had a 1999 and enjoyed it). Anyway I just test drove the new GLK and was blown away. I think it combines the handling prowess of the X3, but is no where near as hard driving. Very quiet with that"solid" bank vault feel that ONLY Mercedes can deliver consistently year after year.

    PLEASE share thoughts,prices and details regarding potential deals as they become available. Thanks to all!
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