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Nissan Rogue Tires and Wheels



  • junior12junior12 Posts: 1
    omaita, so what tires did you go with? And how many miles on them & are you happy with the tires?
  • omaitaomaita Posts: 16
    I bought Yokohamas YK580 at Discount Tires, free shipping and the installation locally was less than 100, after all it was almost 80 less than any local store, plus I get an additional warranty.
    My wife drive almost 1500 miles a month, tire were purchased in December so right now she drove over 5000 miles, feels and looks great.
  • My tires are feathering and will need to be replaced. I am now at 28000 miles. Dealer says not my fault. Could it be somethiing else, Hmmmmmm
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 785
    Feathering is generally a symptom of an alignment issue - especially toe.

    But it could also be the result of .... ah .... Mmmmm ... let's call it "Spirited" driving.
  • Hi there,

    I have a Rogue SL AWD and I'm thinking about putting 4 new Destination A/T, but they are 235/65 instead of 225/ you think these will fit?
  • herbie116herbie116 Posts: 2
    I am posting this in the hopes that someone out there knows something about tires, as I do not. My (gently used) Rogue came with 18" Falken Ziex tires on it. These tires are ATROCIOUS in the winter, so I have to change them before the snow flies this year. I was told by my mechanic's wife (who knows a thing or two about tires) that, regardless of the brand or speed rating of 18" tire I buy, they will ALL perform poorly in winter weather due to their size (18"). Is this true?? I have the option of getting a smaller tire all together (17") but then I also have to buy rims...and I have no idea if this will really solve my problem.
    So...anyone have an opinion as to what I should do? My options are:
    - buy a different brand of 18" all seasons and hope my mechanic's wife is mistaken
    - buy 17" tires and rims and pray for better winter performance
    - keep the crappy (and LOUD) tires I have now and buy WINTER tires and rims
    Thank you in advance!
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 785
    First, dedicated winter tires are ALWAYS going to be better for snow traction than all season tires.

    Second, snow traction is highly dependent on the amount of wear on your tires. More wear = less traction.

    And lastly, even the best winter tire is going to have less grip in snow than the worst all season does on dry pavement. In other words, don't expect winter tires to solve all the traction issues.

    Your mechanic's wife doesn't really know tires. There are some tires with some decent snow traction available in your size. You will need to spend some time researching this to get the compromise you want. There is quite a lot of variation in treadwear ratings and traction.

    Go to Tire Rack and spend a bit of time. That will help you sort this out.
  • herbie116herbie116 Posts: 2
    Thanks, capriracer!!
    I have researched the living hell out of 18" tires on Tire Rack and a host of other sites...even went so far as to buy a set of new 18" tires, but I was told I wouldn't be happy with them either due to the fact that they were the same size tires as the tires I hate, so I returned them. I realize winter tires are the way to go in winter weather...but I am trying to avoid having to buy 2 complete sets of new tires (winter tires and rims and then whatever size all season tires I decide to get). I just don't have that kind of money at my disposal. Luckily, I have several months to figure this out. Thanks again!
  • c131c131 Posts: 1
    Came with Dunlop P225/55R18 tires. Tread almost down to min at 33,500 miles. Very noisy and poor ride. After rotation noise diminishes for 100 mi or so then back to the very high noise level. Is this normal and what is a better replacement for better ride and noise level?
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 785
    No, it is not normal - and the problem is likely your alignment. The key was when you said that a rotation was good for 100 miles or so - which means it is taking 100 miles to wear a new pattern into the tires.
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