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Audi A6 Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

texasridertexasrider Posts: 2
I currently own a 2003 Audi A6 "CVT", which I love but I've been having some intermittent issues with what I can only describe as transmission issues.

It happens here and there but when accelerating, mostly from a stop my car will periodically, jerk as if it's slipping a gear or something ???

The dealer has already told me, while they cannot figure out the problem, that on average they replace more CVT transmissions than others.

Does anyone have ANY insight into this as an experience and/or a known issue ?

My car is well maintained (oil changes, maint., etc) by the book

Please advise.



  • william29william29 Posts: 1
    I also own an A6 with exactly the same problems...60,000 miles 3.0 that your model?
    I just got back from the dealer and they tried to update the trans computer but it did not work for me...try that first
    Let me know what you discover if we have the same model
  • macljmaclj Posts: 1
    Sorry about your luck - I am now on my fourth transmission, and it is starting again. Dealer has been helpful, Audi has not. I am so fed up with Audi. A6 3.0
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Audi's Quattro and tip is very reliable.

    CVT is another ballgame. Lots of quirks with this tranny. CVT does not have a torque convertor. It feels a bit weird off the line and people complain about the lag and jerky nature of the starts. Very smooth on the highway, but stop and go is irritating to some.

    I would never own a CVT out of warranty or Audi Certified.
  • sixdayssixdays Posts: 10
    hi i have audi a6 2.5 tdi cvt 2001/02,and have clutch lag before it eng...but on the move no probs,do you think oil and filter is the prob,do you no how you check the oil levels on this for the cvt box,can you just empty it change the filter and fill it up with oil,and do you no the kind of oil i will need for this many thanks porscha :confuse:
  • donmargodonmargo Posts: 1
    Hello, we also have a6 2003. and also had trouble but Audi have been great they replaced it once but I am now having trouble on hills got to use the hand brake like an old vw. any tips thanks donmargo
  • paninpanin Posts: 2
    HI , I have 03 Audi a6 3.0 cvt fwd , have engine light is on , went to euro mechanic , they sad its catalic converter , reset the computer , light went off for like 2 weeks , went one more time to mechanic shop , same thing. I guessing it might be true , BUT , now some times when i START THE CAR And SWITCHING GEAR TO REVERSE , on the middle of the dash board it says SERVICE! and Car BEEPS , same thing when i put it on DRIVE it BEEPS ONE TIME . But Engine and tranny works pirfectly .
    And when it says SERVICE on the top is shows "OK"...very strange to me ....Please HELP....Mechanic never mantioned anything about tranny failure. :(
  • paninpanin Posts: 2
    wow. my car runs good , but i still have the same shaking when i put it on revirse ,
    let me ask you a question , How it your tranny broke down , i mean whats happend with it?
    thnax in advance
    Last year I leased a 2008 A6 with the CVT. I am on the third transmission in 6000 miles. the change of trannys happened after repeated confrontations with the dealer in Miami which denies any problems and treats the customer like an imbecil. The is still having the same problems. When complaining to Audi they send me to their lawyers...REAL NICE ! ! !
    This has been the biggest nightmare
  • I have 2003 Audi A6 3.0 CVT transmission. It is a joke. It stopped on the highway in 20* F weather 60,000 miles. Transmission broken. Had to call Audi many many times. Finally ended up paying $4100 instead of original $6500. Now the manual part wont work. Am so fed up. Would have never bought an Audi if I knew this, wil never buy one again. Have complained to BBB and FTC. Maybe we should have a class action lawsuit against Audi.
  • i agree, maybe it is time for a class action suit against audi.

    i logged on today to see if anyone was reporting problems with the a6 since the dealerships keep acting surprised when we keep bringing it in for service and contacting audi usa. imagine my surprise when i found this forum.

    i have a 2008 a6 with cvt trans. i have had problems with it since the month after purchase. it has been in for service at 2 different dealerships a total of 10 times since purchased in Oct 2008. it is still not fixed and they do not know what the problem is.

    maybe this is a case like toyota.
  • armani335iarmani335i Posts: 17
    We all have same issues with this CVT thing. It shudders and jerks while accelerating from complete stop and sometimes causes unexpected acceleration, or no acceleration.

    When I took my wife's car in for warranty service to remove carbon build-up on intake valves(another major problem with Direct Fuel Injected engines with no fix), the problem temporarily reduced to almost none. After afout 2k miles, they are back again.

    Audi claim this is a CVT character, which I can agree to an extent. I had A4 as a loaner and felt similar shudder, but it was very minimal and almost unnoticable, and nothing like how mu A6 is acting.

    I can't believe no one has taken any leagal actions. Keep us in the loop if anyone decides on any further actions.
  • wgbrettwgbrett Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2008 A6....still under warranty thank goodness. When I start the car cold in the morning and start driving it "bucks" so hard sometimes that if there were not a windshield it would probably throw me out of the car! Took it in for service and tech said that this was "normal behavior" for cvt and no codes showed up on computer for any problems.

    After it "bucks" initially for a few seconds it settles down and drives fine. There is a little hesitation when starting off from dead stop, which I have read is "normal behavior" for cvt.

    Does anyone else experience this extreme bucking behavior when starting car cold? If so, any solution?
  • dhalligdhallig Posts: 1
    I've also have an 03 A6 3.0L with the CVT Transmission and the issues you describe occurred at 50K miles. Had it repaired to the tune of $3100 in April '08. 6 months later the issue resurfaced. I took it back in to have it repaired under their "1 year 10K" warranty on the work. They said there was nothing wrong, it was just "how the CVT drives". I can remember when I first got the car in Oct '06 with only 30K miles it didn't drive like how it drives now. Basically its a commuter car for work, we use my wifes car for everything else. Everyone who knows me knows that I think its a joke and I can't wait until I can afford to get rid of it. I have also been routed through the Audi's customer service chain of command only to have them tell me that I have to work with the dealer, who wouldn't work with me on the cost of the repair. So, in the past 2 years I have personally prevented about 4-6 Audi purchases and take pleasure in telling people about my experience with "truth in engineering". I would be interested in a class action lawsuit as well.
  • mmistrymmistry Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    I have a 2008 A6 with CVT and had the same problem at only 6k miles. I took it back to the dealer until they finally re-imaged the computer and it is mostly gone but I still feel it at times when first getting going in the morning. I now have 18k miles and I hope that it never comes back but from reading these posts, it looks like it might return.

    The thing I find most annoying is the delay at starting from a stop. I have complained to the dealer and Audi several times but they insist that is just how the CVTs are. What's funny is that about 25% of the time there is no hesitation but more often then not there is. Audi was totally useless and the dealer can't do much without Audi's support. I can't believe that Audi can put out a supposed Performance car with these type of start up problems.
  • armani335iarmani335i Posts: 17
    I took my wife's car back again 2 weeks ago for the CEL. The car's second oxygen sensor problem and they kept the car for 5 days. First attempt to replace O2 sensor was unsuccesful since I had replaced them few months back. Then they re-wired something inside the exhaust and the CEL went away. That was good.

    I also mentioned about bucking coming back again after it went away for few month preceding carbon build-up cleaning. They said it might've been related to the bad O2 sensor so they did not do anything about it.

    We went out of town last week for 4 days so I left the car at airport parking and after I picked it up, I thought I was gonna crash into a wall due to severe jerking and bucking. The jerkings have gotten progressively worse following the repair work earlier in the week that I have to take the car back in AGAIN this week. I can not afford have my wife and my daughter be in this car.

    This bucking feels like as though you are stomping on the brake, lighting fast, as you step on the gas pedal. It is kinda hard to explain.

    I will keep you guys posted. We may need to find a lawyer that would make this a case.
  • kkoo88kkoo88 Posts: 1
    I am in Los Angeles and I have the Audi A6 as well. 12k Miles on it. I am so frustrated as well. Not only CVT Problems with the car and have noise issues as well. When I take it to the different dealers they claim it's "Normal".. I think its certainately not normal and it is frustrating when they deny anything is wrong with it...
    I really want to sell it or do something about this.. I am not even sure it is just a lemon...
    In addition, I also experienced the car trying to accelerate when i am at a complete stop and steeping on the brakes. I think it's not just getting the problem fixed at this point but could lead to an accident...

    Anybody have suggestions?
  • brando124brando124 Posts: 4
    i own an a6 3.0 liter. while this hasn't been the worst experience of my life (very close), it certainly hasn't been the best. just yesterday, the transmission went out. the quotes i'm gathering are between 2k and 5k to replace it. my question: is this even worth fixing? especially after reading many audi forums and articles, i don't feel confident this will be the last of the problems my audi will see. is this a defect with the transmission (seems to be)? if it is systemic, i want to note that i bought this from an audi dealer w/ 43k miles (one owner prior i was told) and it now only has 82k miles. should i fight w/ the dealer, who is a conglomerate (has a chevy, ford, kia, subaru, volvo, vw, dealer throughout the area) and push them to take the car back, pay the remaining loan balance (a few thousand dollars) and i simply go on w/ life and get a new car from one of their other outlets? i have no problem driving a ford, chevy, etc. i just don't feel confident with this vehicle, and i in no way, want to dump thousand more in it. what are some options i might not be considering? i'm looking for people that may have gone through this already. my friends are telling me to repair so i can sell it higher, keep driving it, etc., trade it in and cut my losses. i need some outside advice.
    **i don't think they can understand the pain of owning this car. PLEASE HELP!!

    PS - i've also put about $1000-2000 per year into maintaining this gem of a car so let's not forget about that assumption.
  • brando124brando124 Posts: 4
    Hi - can you please give me your advice, i think i have the same car you do. i bought it at 40k miles from the dealer and it now has 83k. transmission just went out. i have a quote of about $1600 at a minimum to get it fixed - it will probably be about double that after they rip into the transmission and then my wallet. is it even worth it to get this done, or should i just cut my losses, try to sell it to a mechanic, get the loan as close to paid off as i can and move on from this experience? what is your advice? it seems that once this transmission is replaced, it's not going to run the same. is that your sentiment? any other excellent experiences you'd like to share would also be greatly appreciated. everyone i know also thinks this car is pretty much a joke as well. again, any advice you have would be appreciated. thanks!!!
  • brando124brando124 Posts: 4
    Wow, I thought this was just my car. I've had this same exact problem and many others. I have a 2003 A6 FWD 3.0 Liter.

    The transmission just went out yesterday, and I'm trying to solicit advice on what to do. At this point, I'm thinking of giving up on the car and starting over. Sell it to a mechanic or something...I don't know. Any advice? Greatly appreciated.
  • armani335iarmani335i Posts: 17
    edited July 2010
    Hi brando,

    I've read many forums that shares experiences on A6 CVTs and I have to tell you that this transmission is not the most reliable one out there. 82k miles on this transmission sound right. I heard CVTs are made for smaller displacement cars due to the fact that it can not withstand the tourque of bigger displacement cars. Audi kinda forced this transmission into 3.1 liter car, which probably is causing this short lifespan of the transmission. Transmission dying under 100k is just pathetic. Read up on them. Some are paying close to 10k for the replacement. With only 10k miles on the odometer, our car is jerking like a rodeo machine in the morning and too dangerous to have my wife and my daughter in the car.

    BTW, my problem may not be directly linked to the CVT, but it is definitely making the situation worse. My wife's car is in the shop for over 10 days now without them being able to fix it.
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