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Toyota Corolla Paint Problems



  • deslot27deslot27 Posts: 2
    Has anyone encountered a paint job that is totally pealing off its clear coat. My 2003 is almost 50% void of clear coat, and soon will get to the base coat. Started on roof, which is almost void of clear coat, now gong onto trunk and hood and doors. Really looks bad, and I have been quoted $1000-$1800 for a good replacement paint job. Was wondwering if anyone would know if Toyota would help on this mess? THANKS
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    What are you using to care for your cars finish? There are some products out there that are very harsh on the clearcoat and could actually eat it away after time. Most of these are the polishes that are polyurethanes like Nufinish and 2000.
  • deslot27deslot27 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the quick response. I just use regular self serv spray washes, and never had an rubbing style wax put on. It looks like a I was bombed with an acid rain balloon. Just on the roof and now moving to hood and trunk.
  • kimj1969kimj1969 Posts: 1
    I think is crap that Toyota hasn't offered to repaint these cars, I know there has to more folks with this paint issue that haven't come forward.

    I also have a 2001 Corolla that the clearcoat is peeling off the roof and rear left door. I am the second owner of his car, purchase in So Cal. and have waxed it tried to keep out of the sun....

    Now that I live in Vegas, the heat is doing a number on the anything glued down, trim inside the door frames have peeled off.

    I love this car even it looks like I dont...This car has less than 89000 miles on it
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    It's eleven years old, you can't even expect a Toyota to last forever? Mileage really doesn't factor into the equasion as it's still exposed to the elements, even if it's not being driven.
  • I have an 07 Corolla with paint that is chipping. When I asked the dealer, I was told that paint had a 3 year warrantee... end of conversation. It is crap. I just saw a news report on thin paint and that the car makers aren't standing behind their work. I sure can't afford to paint my car!
  • I have 2 GM cars. 13 years old, 10 years old. I have a toyota 7 years old. Ever since I bought the corolla the paint on the back bumper has been atrocious. Any slight scratch causes the paint to begin peeling off. I have been patch painting the car for years. The last straw came last night when I removed painters tape around an area i was touching up and the paint all came off on the the tape. This is the first and only car that has done this. Quality of Toyota has gone done hill and I can't understand why they would use such poor quality manufacturing. Just be aware that Toyota does not have quality control like other auto manufacturers. And to think I paid more for a toyota thinking I was paying for quality. I was taken!!!! No more toyotas!
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    You do realize 10 and 13 years ago GM was allowed to use better paint then they would be allowed to use today right? Toyota, Ford, G.M.,etc., etc. are now required to use less volatile and only environmental safe paints these days. Along with this requirement came a much less durable paint on ALL newer cars.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    edited September 2011
    >The last straw came last night when I removed painters tape around an area i was touching up and the paint all came off on the the tape.

    This is not the mark of a quality paint job. Haven't there been postings about problems with Corolla paint for years?

    The other poster claims it's _all_ companies having paint problems now. Is that true?

    Read the Lexus forums? Any postings about problems with poor paint and poor adhesion in the Toyota Lexus models? Or is the cheap paint process on the Corolla? Also read the Camry/Avalon postings.

    My GM cars have never, never had paint flake away from a scratch. My Cobalt has had a couple--2008. No flaking. No problems.

    Good luck in finding a resolution for the paint quality problem. :)

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  • Yes, we've seen this complaint on a multitude of makes/models. It's not Toyota-specific.

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  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    >multitude of makes/models

    Is it on the lower line models? Or broadly based through the various price levels.

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  • It's pretty broadly-based. I've seen it on Lexus models, Hyundai models, etc. Not all models have complaints, but... I'm guessing that's just because there are no posts about it, not because it's not happening. The newer paint just seems to be less durable.

    Additionally, these often come in conjunction with complaints about "flimsier" body metal. The use of lighter, thinner metal is pervasive in an attempt to meet consumer demands for increasingly more fuel-efficient vehicles. Obviously, making a vehicle lighter in weight helps.

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  • xluxlu Posts: 457
    Dear host,

    I recently noticed that a lot of 5 to 10 years old Honda cars have very bad paint problems (peeling off) on the roof and hood. I'd like to open a new discussion on that but could not find any link or button. Can you help?

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    By clicking on "sedans" in the tracer at top (Forums > Sedans > etc

    About halfway down the page there is a list of topics and there's a link "add discussion."

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  • That happened to my car. I've had my red corolla for 2 years now. When I bought the car used, everything looked fine with the exception of a little dent in the rear bumper. 6 months later the roof peeled like you said. Soon it spread to hood and the trunk. It also seems to be fading on the sides. If It rains you can tell the color is a little off. I was quoted 4k for a paint job. Another girl I work with has a red 2005 corolla and is fading as bad as mine.

    On top of that, the speaker covers in the back cracked. I saw a bunch of 2003 Camry owners with the same problem. This is very frustrating.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Wow. I know several people with 2004-2006 Corollas, and they have zero problems with paint. I also have a neighbor with a 2009 - zero paint problems - maybe the color red is a problem, or ??? Check out other websites to see if it really is a widespread problem.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Wow, sounds like you really got a lemon there! I currently have three Corollas(92,01 and 09) and all have "like new" paint on all three. After I apply my yearly application of "NU-Finish" I'm beading and shining for another year. First I heard of the cracked speaker problem. Good luck with all of your difficiencies.
  • orca6orca6 Posts: 9
    I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla. I have paint chipping on the roof of my car, and the roof of my car is rusting as well. This does not seem right, my car is only 5 years old and already my car roof is chipping and rusting. I know of cars that are 10 years old and their paint job is still in tact. The top of my doors are also starting to fade as well. I also have a neighbor down the street that has the same issue. If we get enough customers with the same issue of paint chipping and fading, we can try to start a class action to resolve our issues.
  • orca6orca6 Posts: 9
    Does anyone know of any Toyota 2006 paint chipping recalls? If you do, if you can please let me know, I would really appreciate that...
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    edited October 2011
    Are you the first owner of your Corolla? Could you or a previous owner have used an abrasive compound that might have removed the clear coat finish? I know polymer compounds such as "2001" and "NU Finish" (and I'm sure there are others) have been mentioned to remove clear coat if not used as directed. I mean I myself use NU Finish and just love the once a year protection it provides but you really can not over use this or compounds like it.
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