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Toyota Corolla Paint Problems



  • Well the main reason I sold was due to the electronic power steering, just couldnt get used to it. The paint issue was secondary to my decision to sell. I replaced it with a Mazda 3 and I'm very pleased with it.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    I test drove several corollas (09) where the steering wheel was going everywhere (this was on brand new 09 corollas).
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    I'm supposed to get in with a toyota representive on the 27th and I'm going to let him know that there are other people with paint chips that are not happy with Toyota. I'm going to ask for a recall when I talk to him. Maybe I can find out his contact information and we can all contact him.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    That sounds good to me!
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    I just left Twin City Toyota in St. Louis. I met with a Toyota Rep named Ryan Schwank who looked at the chips all over my paint. He blamed it on bird droppings contrary to the dealership blaming it on rock chips. My response was that the paint isn't durable and chips too easy. I told him that I've never owned a car that chipped so easy but Mr Schwank wouldn't admit that the paint and clear coat is cheap. He said he was sorry that all cars have these kinds of chips and that he couldn't do anything about it.
    I then talked to Service manager Bret at the dealership and I told him that it is a shame the Toyota Rep won't do anything to fix it and that bottom line is the paint on these cars is so cheap that it chips. Bret said I have a point because the paint these days is environmentally friendly/water based (like the kind that washes right off your hands) and that the paint used on automobiles in the past was indeed more durable but people like the EPA stepped in and made changes to make paint environmentally safe. My response was " that says it the paint isn't durable and Toyota automobiles cost too much to have that much paint chipping on them and that bottom line is the paint is cheap and that I wasn't satisfied because seeing the Toyota rep was a waste of my time." Bret then gave me a telephone number which I could call to request arbitration and the number is 1-800-331-4331.
    How does everyone feel about getting together and signing a petetion asking for a recall and or going for a class action suit.
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    You asked me to let you know what happens with the Toyota Rep.
    I just posted my experience here at edmunds for you to read.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    Hi, thanks for letting us know about your meeting, I would be interested in going in on a class action. It is unfortunate, but of course, toyota reps wants to come back with it is a rock chip or whatever because they dont want to be responsible. Both my chips came when, as far as I can determine, my car was in the garage (1st chip); and parked (2nd chip) in the first week. Can you tell me again when you bought your car and when it started chipping and is the chipping in a lot of places? We 1996 toyota only chipped after years and years of driving and washing. I am hopefully, Lord willing, going to have the 2 small paint chips painted at the dealership this Saturday, and then hopefully, Lord willing, I am going to have a clear paint sealant put over the car called "Strike Force" it is resin-based and supposedly from what I hear and read it is better than the polymer-based paint sealant that some new car dealerships put on basically new cars. At the dealerships it is usually $299 - $399. But at an independent shop in my area they will put the "Strike Force" on for $120.00. It is guaranteed for five years, it help protect your car and supposedly you will not have to wax it for five years. My neighbor has something similar on their car and they have not had to wax their car. First of course they clear the outside of your car - the sooner you have it done to your car the better of course. Please keep me inform. Thanks.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    3M makes a 4mil. plastic film made for front end of new automobiles called 3M front end clear bra. This film is invisible but does a great job of protecting the cars finish. It's usually applied to higher end cars but you can have a certfied tech. apply it to your car as well. It's a little pricey depending on how much coverage you want on your car. There are do-it-yourself kits but I recommend having a professional install it. There should be one available in your area. I have attached the link for your viewing.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    Thanks! I think I did hear about that also, like you said it probably is pricey, so I will go with the "Strike Force" brand name paint sealant. But I really appreciate you giving me this information. God Bless.
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    Meeting with the Toyota Rep was no help at all but the Service Manager at Twin City opened my eyes to the fact that Toyota did make changes to the type of paint they are putting on cars now and that the paint is enviromentally friendly. The problem I have with this new environmentally friendly paint is that you can brush against a leaf of nature and it chips. I think what has to be done is we will have to prove that Toyota is using a paint that isn't durable and the proof is in the pudding because it is happening to all of us. After we prove the paint is cheap, then we will have to go for a breech of contract of their warranty. Does anyone know a class action attorney?
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    just want to let you know that the Toyota rep I talked with today blamed my paint chips on bird droppings which was contrary to the dealer blaming it on rocks.
    I learned that Toyota started painting thier cars with environmentally friendly
    water/based paint recently which isn't as durable at the paint they use to use.
    You may be interested in reading the other comments I've made about this.
  • I just got my 5,000 mile oil change (had the car 2 months, heavy driver) and my paint is chipped and my windshield has cracked in 2 places. I am VERY interested in getting in on any class action suits. We deserve better with BRAND NEW cars... Let me know how to get involved.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Aren't the windshield cracks a tip-off that you might have hit some stones or cinders on the road to cause not only the windshield cracks but the paint chips as well? Obviously any car's windshield would have cracked under a stones perferation, but if the stones are getting that high on the vehicle they are sure to hit your hood and bumper as well. I'm not saying the Toyota paint isn't a problem on these new cars but it does sound like your car is driven under harder then normal road conditions to aquire these windshield cracks. Are you keeping suggested following distances from the vehicle in front of you?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    As I've said before, you're going to have to sue all manufacturers, because they all use new environmentally-friendly paint, and I read complaints about the other manufacturers' cars and how many paint chips they have. This has been a complaint for years. Good luck, but don't waste too much time or money on your suit.
  • Well, the paint chips showed up very quickly after getting the car and I drove an 08 Caliber for 40,000 miles on the same daily route without any problems on the paint. Not to say that the conditions are the same every single day.

    The first windshield crack came from the very edge and cracked as I was driving down a empty neighborhood street with no cars in view. It stumped me as to how it could have happened. I spoke with the service manager and he claimed that because the crack (not a chip) started from the edge of the windshield and was external (can't feel it on the inside) it is not a dealer issue. I posted that mainly because I have seen the ads for the 09 that flaunt its special soundproof windshield. I was curious if anyone else had these problems.

    I wondered if the second one happened because the windshield was weakened by the first crack. I am just curious if anyone else has noticed the windshield crack easily.

    I never follow closely and drive very cautiously, I take good care of my cars, which is why I have been surprised by these 2 issues showing up so quickly after purchase.
  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    Windshield cracks like mentioned you will get regardless of what you drive some get more than others. My 00 Accord 1, 04 Forester 3, 06 CRV 2, 09 Corolla 0, so far.

    Rock chips and windshield cracks will depend on how high or low the car sits when i do get a crack i get it fill ASAP so it wont spread i missed one on my CRV that cost me a windshield when it started spreading.

    That was was located in a area where i could not see and when the sun came out one chilly morning it grew like a wildfire.

  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Had my 2009 Corolla XLE for two weeks so far and put on 250 miles to date with paint still as good as day one. I was starting to get concerned about the paint on the Corolla's after reading this discussion topic but this issue was unfounded so far. I would guess much of this discussion depends on individual driving habits, but we'll see !!
  • Now I have 4 paint chips instead of 2 and I believe the chips all happened when I was not driving the car but when the car was parked. And I never had any problems with my 96 corolla that has 227,580 miles on it. My 09 Corolla only has about 780 miles on it, and it is less than a month old. It is not how we are driving the car, it is most certainly the paint! I would love to go in with a class action suit, just let me know how and when.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    If you are fairly sure that these most recent paint chips happened when your new Corolla was parked I would guess maybe the original two also happened when parked. Perhaps I would look around for any environmental concerns where you park the car, like trees, squirrels, cats etc. The other thing I might be concerned about would be kids playing, throwing rocks or even vandalism in the neighborhood. Will the "strike force" warranty cover these new chips?
  • I park my car in my garage. It is just a weak, thin-type paint, apparently!
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