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What should GM do with Hummer



  • Should the title be changed to "What should China do with Hummer" or just close this as read only. Does anybody care? I just hope they don't threaten our Italian American Rubicons by building a hummer with first class parts (from where). Why should a tough 4x4 need to carry so many spare parts or a kings ransom in aftermarket parts
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    if you don't want the best then buy the rest.
  • While for now our dfw dealerships appear to be alive, it was unexpected to see Subaru in large letters on the hummer dealer's roof in Edmond, OK.
  • Just checked Ed's site for the link to the story of two new offers for Hummer. So much for my low ball bid. The right people with the right ideas can make it what it should've been. After last summer and now this winter if the coming summer is a repeat should we expect another winter like this one. The market is there. I will keep my low ball bid set aside and hope the right smart people don't get involved and destroy my chance.

    We love our H3 and our Rubicon but what if ...
  • The funny thing is, you quote the porsche as being worthy of praise for all that it does environmentally. However, take the cayenne. 17mpg highway. There are many h2 owners that get 16 stock and better once reflashed with an intake and highflow exhaust. However, here is the big distinction, it can actually tow something more substantial than a jetski. Also, the H2 will destroy most any other vehicle out there off road in stock condition to include the landcruiser and 100k range rover. Also, towing capacity is better than both of those and you wont tear apart the frame trying to tow massive amounts uphill. But back to your porsches (which I LOVE btw), so a car that gets 22mpg under good conditions in highway miles serves a purpose? So max speed limit anywhere in the US outside of Montana is 70mph, so in MPG terms your vehicle can move 4 people 70mph at 22mpg (not exactly true it is probably less with the excess weight). There are plenty of vehicles out ther that can match and beat that performance and carry luggage in excess amounts for thousands less and use more environmentally friendly materials in the doing. Hell I can name some with a boxer engine at that (think subaru). How is that any less a car of excess. Meanwhile you can put 7 people in an H2 and get 16mpg. So doing the math, one gallon of fuel gets you 112 people miles in an h2 and 88 people miles in a porsche. I realize that an h2 is not carrying that many people often but you see my point. And when you speak of fit an finish and reliability lets start talking maintanence cost. Replace a tierod on an H2 and then do the same on a porsche, let me know which costs more. Or we can go brake pads, I'm sure that carbon ceramic pads aren't cheap. The list goes on. Regular maintenance on a 80k dollar porsche will far exceed an H2. I'm just saying I wouldn't exactly tout the porsche as the answer to the universe. I will probably buy a 997 in the future though. Also, I would highly advise you to rethink you position on which is more annoying and dangerous, check the numbers on major (fatal) accidents involving porsches vs hummers, including occupants in other vehicles, I think you will be surprised. And as far as having blind spots, they are no worse than many vehicles on the road in the SUV market. And there are plenty of people out there that shouldn't be driving vehicles like that. I don't find the H2 daunting to drive at all. However, I also drive a 33 foot long 45 thousand lb fire engine with only side view mirrors. So when you talk about blind spots I think you are dealing more with people that don't know how to drive a large vehicle. And some people don't get to call in when there is snow on the ground so I can see why they would see value in a vehicle that is all time 4wd and has the capability of driving over snow burms. Or people that want to ride in a cool vehicle (yeah I said it) like a porsche is even though it isn't the most practical thing in the world. But again, I can show you things an H2 can do that any other vehicle on the market can't and still be within the confines of the law without having to go to a track. Can you say the same with a porsche. I doubt it (those yellow caution signs actually have legal significance in turns btw), and I can show you vehicles that can do the same as porsches or better on tracks for heaps less (light modding included of course).
  • Hi,

    I just read your post about Hummers ... I'm thinking about buying a Hummer here in Stuart, would use from time to time to pull a horse trailer with 1 horse, maybe 2 at times. Anyway, if you don't mind replying to my mail, I am asking several people for their opinions. I'd really appreciate your thoughts ... Thk you so much

    The trailer weighs almost 4, 000 lbs, each horse weighs around 1, 300 lbs and the Hummer (2007 H2) weighs 8, 600 (gross vehicle weight).

    What are your thoughts, think the Hummer could safely handle the weight ?

    Thks again, trish
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