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Volkswagen Tiguan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,643
    The Wolfsburg edition isn't an SEL, is it?

    I think those are two different trim levels. The Wolfsburg is cheaper, because it has less options..

    Unless I'm wrong... ;)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I believe you are right. I think the line up goes S > SE > Wolfsurg > SEL. If I remember correctly the Wolf is very close to the SE except leatherette instead of cloth; Wolf badging; and something else that I forget. SEL adds more stuff.
  • nlrlnlrl Posts: 5
    Thank you.
    Yes I got a verification from a dealer.
    The Wolfsburg in in between SE and SEL as far as equipment.
    Is $600 over the invoice too high for an SEL 4 Motion with Nav and sunroof, in Northern California?
  • Out the door $27665 and 1.9% financing for 2010 Wolfsburg Tiguan without sunroof. Seacoast VW in NH. Drives nice and drives fun!
  • everet1everet1 Posts: 1
    Out the door $27800 for '10 Wolfsburg Tiguan with the following extras:

    "18 New York tires (not selected, just on the vehicle)

    Set of rubber floor mats (thrown in by the dealer after purchase)

    This seems like a good price......
  • how much your guys pay for it,just for base or the wolfsburg one,i do not need sunroof or something like it. the best price you can get,i am live in NY thank you!!! :)
  • starbirdstarbird Posts: 36
    I've been given a quote of $26800 for a wolfsburg edition Tiguan (plus processing and taxes). It has no extras on it. Is this a good deal?
  • starbirdstarbird Posts: 36
    Then I discovered American Express has a auto program from, which knocked the price down to $25,547 plus $99 dealer fee, title and tax.

    The good news is that the our local dealer matched that price so I didn't have to drive to Virigina, what I am unhappy about is that he also said VW wouldn't offer the 1.9% financing with that price. Which turns out to be a lie, so I'm stuck at 3.5%.
  • mwtorockmwtorock Posts: 2
    Hey guys,

    Could you recommend dealership around new england? I am searching for a S 4motion 2010. The OTD price is sort of high around 28000 without options after I asked the nearby dealers.

    Any info on recent purchases would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • maxxusmaxxus Posts: 3
    I bought mine about a year ago, but the method I used should still work. Settle on the configuration you want and just email about 6 dealers asking for their best price. Be sure to tell them you are ready to buy from whomever is lowest.

    When I did this I got the best deals from Wellesley and Seacoast (NH).

    Good luck..
  • mwtorockmwtorock Posts: 2
    Thanks. I tried American Express program, it can save about 1000. I will send emails and hopefully get it soon.
  • Hi all,

    I need your help. I've got an OTD quote as follows for 3 i-Touring A/T from a dealer with whom I've worked for the last several days.

    MSRP : 18,950.00
    SELLING PRICE : 17,093.00
    SERVICE FEES : 399.99
    SALES TAX : 1,224.00
    TAG AND TITLE : 42.00
    TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE : 18,758.99

    It seems any rebates are included in the selling price. Is it good to go??? Thanks so much in advance.
  • clermontflclermontfl Posts: 108
    What car is this "3 iTouring?" is this a VW...?? Are you asking questions about BMW..?? advise.
  • bran9192bran9192 Posts: 23
    Which package did you get on your Tiguan? SEL, WB, leather?
  • Paid 25,000 including all dealer fees
    0% APR 60 mo
    Sticker price 27880
    Dealer added 2 more oil changes free (40000, 50000 mi), some kind of protective paint sealant and fabric spray for free. Also provides a 6 month dent removal for free.
  • Just wondering if this is decent deal:

    Just purchased a 2010 SEL 4Motion w/ Nav and Sunroof with 6000 miles on it for $ 31300 plus taxes, fees, etc.

    Financed for 48 months at 2.49 APR
  • For Boston / New England area folks, I have some data on what I just paid.

    I bought from Kevin Mullen at Wellesley VW in Wellesley, MA. I took up a lot of his time and he was great.
    I would also recommend the new Kelly VW in Danvers (soon to be Peabody). Flavio Ramos and Marty there are nice and they would match the other deal if I wanted to go with them. But in the end, instead of beating them both back and forth over a few bucks, I went with who helped me the most and gave me the most of their time. I would not go back to Quirk VW in Braintree, unless I needed a good laugh watching the prototypical old school car sales person in action.

    I got the SE trim level with 4motion and trailer hitch as the only options. The lease was 3yr/15k. Sign Then Drive, so no money down, and the 1st of the 36 month payments is paid by VW.

    msrp:31040.00 (2011 VW Tiguan SE 4motion w.Trailer Hitch + Destination)
    negotiated selling price:27700.00
    residual:16140.80(52%, 36mo., 15k miles/year)
    money_factor:.00042 (=1.008% APR)

    Additional items financed:

    The Lease Math:
    Net_Cap_Cost: 28713.00
    Depreciation_fee: 349.23
    Finance_fee: 18.84
    Sales_Tax: 23.00 (MA 6.25% of Depreciation+Finance_Fee)
    Monthly_Payment: 391.07 (x35, 1st month paid by VW)
  • see post #159 thanks!
  • his might be easier to answer if I just give you the deal they offered and then you can tell me how much they are discounting the vehicle?

    2011 Tiguan SEL AWD w/Navi Msrp 33,400
    Massachusetts Tax 6.25%
    Fee's $299 doc fee $100 plates reg
    $1,500 Trade equity ("03" Mazda6i 4cyl 91k/miles all options but nav $4,500 payoff $3,000)
    $0 down $0 out of pocket First month payment rolled in
    Tier 1 + credit

    I am so indebted to you for this answer need to save all the money I can having my first baby next month and I need to save thanks so much!
  • nom2nom2 Posts: 13

    Could you please tell me the December MF and RES for a 2011 Tiguan SE for 36 months and 12K miles?

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