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Volkswagen Tiguan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • i was on my way to get a rav 4 and had myjetta for a servcie at vyletel, looked around. got a fantastic offer on the tiguan, they practically matched it with rav. however the car is a different class, it is almost luxury compared to rav (also nice but kinda on the "wilder" side).
    i can only highly recommend this delaership and for sure vw (got two now). guess what, when i went the day before to a ford delaership i was speechless to be offered a bare bone escape for 400 a month lease...
  • dclunedclune Posts: 1
    Isnt msrp on this model at least 37K?
  • MSRP 25,640. Got an offer for 22,648 + tax and fees.

    Would love an expert's opinion.
  • icedivericediver Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    2011 SE 4Motion with mats, destination charge, and trailer hitch.
    $31275 MSRP
    $30248 total invoice by edmunds
    Dealer is is offering $29750 ($498 below invoice)

    They are claiming that in lieu of the 1.9% financing that there is some $750 cash back and the above pricing reflects that discount already - we'd be paying cash.

    The VW web site for our area (upper midwest) didn't mention anything about the $750 - only the 1.9% APR offer.

    Any other recent experiences? Looking to close the deal on Monday.
  • Please forgive a novice-type question, but it's been 30 yrs since I drove a VW!

    As many good things as I read about the Tiguan, I can't justify the cost difference between the S and SE models, when all I'd like to have are the leatherette seats, rather than cloth.

    Is it possible for a dealer to order as an accessory (or replacement part, whatever works), then replace S model seats with SE seats? More importantly, perhaps someone with VW experience could tell me if this is even a cost-effective idea.

  • mkupneskimkupneski Posts: 18
    I purchased a FWD Tiguan SE with just floor mats for $26,015 including all dealer fees. This included all rebates in lieu of the 1.9% financing.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 1
    Got a lease for a Tiguan SE with body kit and Nav for $350 with $1K down at Lindsay VW in Dulles VA.

    Hope this helps those looking for similar deals.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    Just curious...

    What sort of body kit do they put on a Tiguan?

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • ssedhassedha Posts: 4
    So when you say all dealer costs, does that exclude the Tax, but includes the Title Fees etc.???
  • minimalistminimalist Posts: 2
    Includes Prem nav and Dynaudio, rubber mats and trunk liner

    MSRP $38,445
    Purchase price 34,650

    0% financing for 60 months

    NY metro area
  • hondaman16hondaman16 Posts: 19
    OTD (before tax, title & doc fees) = $25k
    This is with manufacturer to dealer cash of $1250

    Is this a good deal?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    What's the MSRP?

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • hondaman16hondaman16 Posts: 19
    MSRP is $27,830 which includes Destination charge ($820) and Tiguan Mat Kit ($235)
  • hondaman16hondaman16 Posts: 19
    Sorry but let me sum this up in one message:

    Offer $25000 excluding tax, title and doc fees PLUS 0% financing 60 months
    MSRP $27830 including Destination ($820) and Tiguan Mat Kit ($235)

    Is this a good deal? Thx
  • adamvwadamvw Posts: 5
    Any VW dealer starts the ordering? I like the new LED daytime running light. Youtube has some cool videoes from AskaVWsalesguy. What about the pricing? is it going to be invoice price or msrp? I remember 2011 redesign Touareg was a very hot sale that dealers didn't even have any on the lot in the first couple months.
  • a4000a4000 Posts: 9
    Looking at 2011 SEL 4Motions (MSRP $36,145) w/ 0% for 60 months.

    Getting price quotes around $35,000 right now. Seems a little high to me for a car which will be replaced in a few weeks or months with a new model. I understand I would be saving thousands with the 0% offer.

    Anyone have any recent buying experiences? Thanks.
  • zachman1zachman1 Posts: 10
    Just purchased 2011 SE with NAV/Sunroof in NJ. 66 month loan with no interest. Total negotiated price with tax and other fees included, $34,200. No money down deal. Great vehicle.
  • hanxeahanxea Posts: 1
    just curious about the 2012 Tiguan price.
    Based on the website comments, people say price is same as 2011.
    My experience with dealer is not very good.
    Best price I got for 2012 SE Base Model is 30000 OTD.
  • Just purchased 2012 SE w/ Sunroof and Nav $29,500 in NC... Good luck! LOVE the SUV!
  • Hi hanxea, i am looking for exactly the same tiguan as yours, and I am in NC too.Is the price including tax and everything? Which dealship in NC is it from? Thanks.
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