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Lexus RX AWD vs FWD Questions



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Your manual also States that higher traction at the front vs the rear is to be avoided as that configuation has a HIGH potential for loss of direction control. I. E. new tires should ONLY go on the rear if only buying two.

    Prior to ABS tire chains ONLY on the front of a FWD or F/awd vehicle was extremely hazardous. Hard braking on a slippery surface, especially downhill, and the front would "anchor" oftentimes with the result of the rear of the car taking the lead, jack-knifing, if you will.

    Obiviously ABS serves to abate that problem to a great extent But then we have the issue of inadvertent engine compression braking sometimes resulting in the same outcome. Many newer vehicles have a new feature, "inverse" ABS, automatically up-rev the engine if/when there is an indication that engine compression braking has/is resulting in front wheelslip/skid.

    So, I use "drag" chains first and then add the front tire chains only when more "drive" traction is required.

    Oh, you will need to add wheel spacers at the rear in order to use rear tire chains since otherwise the clearance between the suspension and tire tread is to tire.

    I have 1.5" wheel spacers all around and upgrated to 17X8 wheels and +1 tires. Wider stance against rollover, more tread on the ground, less suspension softness.
  • jdw48jdw48 Posts: 4
    i just got my 07 RX350 back from an independent shop. the Rattle came from the plastic covers on the forward rails. Also when you open up your sunroof on each side their is a black plastic rail for cosmetics only, but that could rattle. Also on the gas tank their is a shield that could rattle as well, just cut the shield back about 3 inches.
    i hope one of these will fix your problems.
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