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Chevrolet Blazer has no power and engine bogs down



  • Will mass air sensor make it have a loss of power. Won't go over 20 mph.
    Starts right up. New plugs and wires. Never really cuts off. Runs hot but not extremely.
  • captferdcaptferd Posts: 14
    Mass air flow is usually an intermitant problem. This sounds more like a stopped up catylist converter.
  • mtlwizmtlwiz Posts: 6
    take the cat off and run it, see if it gets hot, most likely that will be the problem, gm cats fall apart inside over time and can clog themselves up with the broken pcs.
  • Will the cat go out just like that. Run fine one day and then loss of power the next.
  • mtlwizmtlwiz Posts: 6
    it's just a ceramic honeycomb, it can break up anytime with age and vibration,hot and cold, etc, and they can cause all kinds of issues that are hard to pin down. they choke the motor and it can't breath when they fall apart.
  • captferdcaptferd Posts: 14
    A simple vaccume test can be done to check for a bad coverter. No need to remove it. the proceedure was earliar in this thread I believe. If not you can search it for the specs and what to do.
  • There is no codes stored in the computer. Can the cat be blocked and not give any codes.

    Thanks for the help.
  • captferdcaptferd Posts: 14
    Yes that is possible. The vaccume test is simple to do. Most autoparts stores will loan you the guage. Do this to test the converter. The vaccume should recover ammidiatly, If it is very slow to return to its normal specs it will be a stopped up converter.
  • krob0920krob0920 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem and alson waisted a ton of money. I finally took it upon myself and fixed it. I cut the catalytic converter out and replaced with a straight pipe and the car runs incredible. The only problem is you gotta know someone to get it passed for emissions
  • I have a 95 Blazer that I love and runs pretty good. Except I have no power when I take off from being in a stopped position or I can hardly make it up a hill. I have no cat just straight pipe, new plugs and wires and no mechanic can seem to figure it out. It also runs a little on the hot side. Help please.
  • captferdcaptferd Posts: 14
    edited July 2013
    90 thru 96 vortec v6 were notorious for carbon buildup in egr system. carbon breaks loose and gets stuck in egr valve wont let it close. you can clean it out (egr valve), but will most likely keep happening.
  • so I have a 1990 blazer and I was on my way to church this morning and I was stopped at a light, light turned green and I put my foot in it and it lurched forward about 10 feet (enough for me to be in the middle of the intersection ) and then it wouldn't go, rpms were at nothing but the car was running and it didn't go anywhere, ive had this happen for like a 1/2 second or 1 second but I figured that could just be delay somewhere but this was like for 4 seconds before it started to go, enough time for the light to turn yellow. so at this point its dangerous to drive so I need to figure out what is wrong, guy at church told me it would have to do with the fuel line or something related to fuel, any advice on what to do or look for would be awesome!
  • Throughout this thread this problem has been talked about and covered pretty good. The first thing that most will condemn is the fuel delivery. Not to say this could be the problem but with a 1990 a fuel problem will leave you dead in the water. There has been a problem I brought up earlier where the lines rust in half, in the rear where they travel over the rear end. You'll smell raw gas back there. The intermittent problems like yours are Mass air sensor, TPMS and the good ole plastic distributers. V6 Vortec engines are notorious for carbon getting stuck in the EGR. All produce symptoms like you have described.
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