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Sunroof leak on my Saturn Outlook



  • bubbles1956bubbles1956 Posts: 32
    edited January 2012
    I bought my first 08 Saturn Outlook at the end of 07 and had nothing but problems with it. Kept getting check engine light but the car ran fine. For months they gave me a loaner and kept trying to find the problem until they brought in a special team, opened up the engine and found the #2 rocker assembly broken. Since they opened up the engine, I refused to take the car back. Filed the lemon and got a new car identical to the one that was bad. The Saturn people were awesome. Now I just took my car in for a leaky sunroof. I probably would have found the leak much earlier but I keep it covered or in a car port or garage. They found two loose bolts at the back of the roof rack loose. They put sealer in and new washers and hopefully this is the fix. I left the SUV outside last night in the rain just to check if that was the problem. I am crossing my fingers that it is now fixed.
  • Yep, I usually keep my 2008 Saturn Outlook under a carport, in a garage or covered but a little over a year ago I had it outside during the day and a quick rain came by. I had a small leak and the sunroof was wet and dripping. I took it in and paid the GMC to tell me it was a clogged drain tube...I now doubt that was the problem and am upset that I had to pay for what is clearly a manufacturing defect. My first 08 Outlook was a legal lemon for the engine misfiring. The #2 rocker ended up being broken so I got a whole new car out of it. I probably should have made them pay me back instead of getting a new vehicle identically the same. I do love the is the most comfortable vehicle I have driven. I wish I hadn't gotten the sunroof now though. Last week I had to take my vehicle in again for A LOT of rain and A LOT of water in my vehicle. The water came in through the camera light in the back. I had a dog kennel back there and it caught most of the water..thank goodness. I paid another $152 to have them try to find the leak. What they ended up finding was a couple loose bolts that hold the roof rack down in the back. They put in sealant and new washers and I am leaving it outside for a while to make sure that fixed the leak.
  • How did the fix hold up for you in the rain last night? Hope everything went well!
    GM Customer Service
  • I, too, have a 2007 Saturn Outlook with both a sun roof and a moon roof. We had problems with leaking and took it back to the dealership before Saturn went out of business. They dried out the carpet (mainly on the front passenger side) and installed drain tube extensions. We didn't have any more problems (to our knowledge) until the bad rains on 1/9/12. I don't drive my car much. I didn't notice the water because the floor mats and the thick plastic molding under the mats hide everything. But I noticed the windows fogging up...and a musty smell when I drove it the following night. At one point, it smelled like something was on fire. I turned off the heater (and hoped it was the exhaust from a car in front of me). Now I'm wondering?? It was late when I got home, so I forgot about it. I remembered to tell my husband about it late last night. He went out to check...this time was worse than before...both the driver's side & the passenger side were soaked. It is hard to get at the soaked areas...but the whole thing is like a sponge. You just touch it and water spurts out. My car is no longer under warranty. I, too, am aggravated. I never received any recall on the leaks. Only recall outstanding on my car is for the heater on the side view mirrors.
    What do I need to do to get the carpet and insulation out of the car to dry it out? Any suggestions?? Any suggestions for fixing the leak so it doesn't happen again?
  • 2mad2mad Posts: 5
    Get rid of it is my advice to you. That is the advice I got from the GM service center that I had taken my Outlook to numerous times. He told us to get rid of it quick and to trade it in far away because he didn't want it back in the service center there.
  • bubbles1956bubbles1956 Posts: 32
    edited January 2012
    It wasn't a big rain, but no water leaks, so far. Thank you for asking. The real test will be with a hard rain all day or all night. I do know that a 15 minute water test isn't going to catch the problem. I will wait for the next BIG rain and leave my car outside...risky but I have to make sure the car leak is fixed. I really like the mechanic who works on my SUV so I am very hopeful that he fixed the problem. I keep reading all these awful things from all the forums about the Acadia's, Outlooks and Enclaves with sunroofs that have constant leaking problems. I just hope mine was really just the roof rack bolts that were loose causing this problem. I also hope that since the water found it's way through the back up camera light that I don't get electrical problems now as well. I know I will never buy another extended warranty. Having to pay $100 each time I take it in and them not covering any gaskets, seals or leaks...doesn't make it a very wise purchase. I really love this vehicle. It took me two years to save up and search, test drive and decide the best car for me and I still think my Outlook was the best ride and most comfortable. My fingers are crossed that the leak is fixed.
  • I dropped my car off tonight and I am not to happy - eventhough I am being told GM should take care of this (or that is how he feels about it too) I may have to pay money out of my pocket for this anyway.

    Now this man is different then the original man I was dealing with at Jake Sweeney Chevrolet, he said the first man i was dealing with was only an appointment setter.. I really am upset feeling like being passed around and they really don't care. I am hoping GM cares enough to finally fix this problem esp since after the first guy told me my car has been back three times for this issue.

    the new contact there would be Dan Warren.
  • OH..I had to pay over $100 the first time the car leaked and $135, I think this last time as well. I doubt you will get out of a free service but good luck. Maybe GM will see all our complaints and pay us back for these leak repairs...or better yet, if they don't do something about them just have a class action against them. There ARE lots of people with this problem. Let me know what they found and if it cost you and better yet, if they actually fixed the problem. I need to make sure my car gets check out if it is different from what they told me.
  • Please keep us updated on this, aggravated07. Hope that everything goes well!
    GM Customer Service
  • Ok,.. I get a call today and they say they can not find the problem... they have had it now for two days... now what... wait??? keep taking it back and forth like other customers have done??
  • As I don't handle the incoming emails from Edmunds (my coworker Christina assists with that end of the forum), I am not sure as to whether or not you have already established a Service Request? We can look into the case and get you any updates or urge your agent to continue to seek a resolution to this concern.

    I am sorry that you are so frustrated, aggraved07, I truly am. I know that it's a rough situation to be in, and am doing what I can to offer assistance.

    GM Customer Service
  • bubbles1956bubbles1956 Posts: 32
    edited January 2012
    I took my car in yesterday for the parts the the GMC ordered for my Outlook. They had to replace the molding that got messed up from the last repair. NO CHARGE of course and they were wonderful in the customer service. I brought in a copy of some of the leaking complaints and one of them read the holes from manufacturing the frame that were not used when installing the sunroofs. The complaint read that they needed to be sealed. When he took the one side of the roof rack off to replace the molding, he did see those holes and sealed them. You might want to tell them to check the roof rack for loose bolts and to check to ensure those holes not being used were sealed. No one ever found my leaks either. My mechanic just happened to find the two loose bolts on the roof rack were rusty so he sealed them and put in washers. The 15 minute water test DOES NOT WORK for checking leaks. It is a wast of time and money. You need to wait and bring that car in during a big rain so they can leave it outside to look at after the rain leave the car out during a heavy overnight or all day rain and video where the leaks are going. THIS SUCKS we have to do their job. These vehicles should be recalled to check the roof rack bolts and seal all those holes they put in that were not being used. I am still waiting for a heavy rain to leave my car out and check it for leaks.
  • Could you please pass it on to whomever needs to help!! I can't understand how I can see water coming in places yet they say they haven't seen any. I don't trust them and I need this corrected as soon as possible. The amount of money I am spending on this vehicle is def way too much especially when I have to deal with "trained technicians" that can't find a problem.

    I just want help from someone and no more stories or lies or people that don't have a clue to what they are doing. :mad:
  • they still have not found the problem with the leaking water... I need GM helps or a good lawyer... Can you find out what the problem is??

    I also made a report on regarding this water issue... This could cause serious electrical issues and I will be the one stuck with the problem due to this not being resolved.

    :lemon: :mad:
  • Ok bubbles1956... they have had my car since Monday night so they most likely didnt start till Tues. morning.. still can't find why the water is coming in...

    I filed a complaint with regarding this issue... I think everyone should.. I am not getting anywhere with the dealer
  • It will lead to electrical issues. I'm having problems with my electrical system and GM has basically done nothing. They build the piece of junk and then don't stand behind thier product. All I ever received was "I'm sorry, we can give you free oil changes and tire rotations for a year." If you don't have a warranty, you can basically hang up the idea of them doing anything to help you out. Don't ever by another GM and tell as many people as you possibly can to avoid them as well. That's what I'm doing. Eventually, they will feel our pain.
  • I like the idea of filing a complaint with I can't see how it can hurt with so many Acadia, Enclave and Outlook owners having this issue. So far, I haven't had another leak, but hasn't rained hard and over night since they "fixed" my car. Like I said..I would print the complaints off these forums and bring them in like I did. Once I showed them all the complaints about the manufacturing holes for the sunroof not being sealed, the Technician removed the drivers side of the roof rack, found them and sealed them then replaced the molding. Of course, he had to remove the roof rack to replace the molding anyway. I think you should tell them to check for those holes and seal them if they were not sealed. I still think a class action should be started OR GM own up and recall these vehicles and fix the problems.
  • sibboldm2 - I would recommend filling out a complaint with -- if electrical issues are going on then that is a safety issue and maybe they can help you and the others like myself with this piece of crap car.

    Also, if anyone would figure out or get someone interested in a lawsuit maybe that is the way to go. I am sure there are plenty of ticked off people that would join a class action suit.
  • They still have my car and say they can't figure out where the water is coming in?? I don't trust them at all. I just called them again and left a message regarding your information but I am actually not sure if they will check this out.

    I am still worried what they are going to charge me for this... I haven't heard anything else about how much this will cost me and I am wondering if they are talking directly with GM.Saturn regarding this or just doing as they will....

    I truly regret buying this vehicle.
  • One thing we could do through Customer Service would be to encourage your dealership to get into contact with our Technical Assistance Center, who help our technicians better address vehicle concerns. As my coworker Christina answers the emails that come in from Edmunds, I am unsure as to whether or not you've already gotten a case established with ups, but we would need to do so in order to get involved. The information we'd need to get the case set up includes: your name/Edmunds user name, contact information, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership.
    GM Customer Service
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