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Honda Accord vs Honda Civic



  • Thanks for replying tallman: I'm not sure how to check the accident any further, unless I can check with the motor vehicle department?

    I really don't need a larger car .... it's just me and my son right now, and soon will be just me.
    I don't drive far .... to grocery store and back, to doctors, etc... so not a big deal for gas mileage.

    Actually, I've not driven either of them yet ... since the Civic was in the shop and the Accord was going tomorrow. When they're both done and ready, dealer will call me, so I can test drive. He actually tried to get me to put down a deposit today, saying folks who love Hondas, will do that ... sight unseen sometimes, to grab them up. Not sure about that, but I'd never do it, until I drove it, as I've never owned one before.

    How does one know if the accidents were minor? And what's the maintenance of a black car, as opposed to other colors? I've never had a black car.

    Also, the Civic had a sunroof I noticed. It looked pretty worn inside, and the Accord looked much cleaner and newer .. but I've found websites that talk of the 00's transmission problems, and they're were allot.

    Could you tell me what you think of this though ... just ran across it:

    Thanks ever so much!
  • Hi Graduate,

    So would you go in and test drive, if you liked it ... just offer him $5,500, and see what he says? And if he refuses ... what then? I hate bargaining ... I'd rather not, but I'd also like to get it as low as possible.

    I'm still really leery of the accident(s) on the Civic ... not just one, but two. I just wish I could find out how to tell what damage was incurred, if there was a way.

    Oh ... and you gave the 5,500 price for 'private' party, but this is a dealer ... price would be higher, no?

    And I came across these: shtml

    Thanks for all your insight.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I don't think I realized this was a dealer price.

    If you hate bargaining, perhaps you can do it via E-Mail? I have haggled this way before and find that it is less awkward when you can choose your words carefully and edit them before you hit send, instead of saying something you shouldn't in a flustered phone call.

    I'm pressed for time, but tallman won't lead you astray!
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Yeah, I won't lead you astray. How about a nice Chevy Vega? ;)

    A test drive is crucial and will help you decide. In the meantime, I sure wouldn't stop looking. I don't know if you really want to work with this dealer but I'm guessing you have more options out there. If you are in a hurry, you may not have time to do a lot of searching.

    Whatever you do on the price, don't let the salesman know that you hate haggling! It never hurts to make an offer, especially if you honestly tell him your budget. I don't think the Civic is worth more than 6500 though.

    I don't know that much about how carfax works. I'm not sure if you can get any further details out of them. I would at least ask the salesman to provide more info. I think that I remember both cars had just one owner. That kind of caution can sometimes lead to a lower price. Be skeptical.

    The disadvantage of a black car is that they are hard to keep clean and they show swirl marks easily. If you will take it through a car wash, you may not like how it looks after a couple of years. When they are new and shiny, they look great though.

    I may not recall the Accord correctly but I thought it was an EX model as well. That means that it has a sunroof too. Leather seats also, right?
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