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Hydrogen Generator!

xchaulerxchauler Posts: 2
If you want to improve the performance and gas economy of your Volvo XC then I highly recommend to install a hydrogen generator from

This is by far the most advanced hydrogen generator system that is available anywhere, along with the best technical support. I have seen an increase of 4.2 mpg with this system and it has solved the infamous rough idle problem found on all 5 cylinder Volvo's. You will find that this generator will completely clean your intake system, fuel injectors and cylinder walls. Performance and drivability has increased so to such degree that I feel as if my ECU was chipped by a IPD upgrade. Your emissions will be cleaned and reduced by almost 75%! If your concern for the environment is paramount, then please consider installing this Hydro Super II generator.
I have been trying to improve the performance, gas mileage and rough idle problem for almost 3 years with my XC, and this is the best system that actually solves the problem! I have cleaned my ETM, PVC, fuel injectors, engine mounts and replaced most of my sensors, as well getting the software upgrades for my XC with minimal improvements.

Do not hesitate to look at this system and see merits that it has to offer. I modified the original system to meet the Volvo XC engine bay conditions and would be willing to share my experiences of installation and modifications.

All hydrogen generators require a flushing about every two weeks and each XC vehicle will require a O2 extender and a MAS/IAS adjustment unit to maximize fuel economy, so please consider this before you purchase any hydrogen system and the extra maintenance that is required for your XC.

I am not a dealer, or anyway connected to Hydro Super II, But just an extremely satisfied customer that wants to extend the use of my Volvo XC (113,00miles) as long as possible. this in not a fluke and will really improve the drivability of your XC as well as being better stewards of our environment!

I hope that all of my fellow XC owners will understand if you are a "Volvo for Life", then we need to make this positive change, now!


  • I like the idea of saving money. Anything with exuberant promises is always subject to much skepticism if not hoots of derision. But if it works why not? The cost appears minimal both in terms of the instructions (I found some for $30) and materials. The sticking point here is my mechanical ability and how to anchor everything in the engine compartment. I think I will first "risk" it in my 2003 x-type Jag before I bumble with the wife's xc70 (which she loves). When the time comes I would like to take you up on your offer of sharing. It has been over a year, are you still happy?
    Thanks much.
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