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Kia Rondo Owner Reports

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
How is your Rondo performing?

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager



  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    to start this thread off by giving my impressions on the 2.4L engine. I have now covered over 10,600 km (6500 miles for our US cousins) and extremely pleased with its power and economy. It accelerates onto freeways without hesitation and lots of power to pass at 100-110kmph (60-65mph) It has that typical four cylinder idle if you listen carefully but its quiet.
    It is very economical for its size and my mileage has ranged from a low of 26mpg (imperial gallons) in the dead of winter to a high recently of 39mpg with my average in the 31 - 32mpg range.
    The transmission is smooth and kicks down nicely for passing. The steptronic manual shift availability is terrific (and easy to use) and is a real help in driving in bad winter conditions.
    I cannot speak more highly of the combination of the two. Some people have wished it was a 5 speed but so far I can't see the point, unless of course it give improved fuel mileage and not simply just an extra gear.

    2008 Rondo EX, 5-seater, 2.4L, Aqua Silver with gray interior
    Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
    Spent $680 to replace the AC condenser after it was punctured by a rock. Two front wheel alignments in the last 5 months with a hefty adjustment each time. Drivers seat kills my back without a pillow in place. All the glass is nice until you cook for days on end under the hot sun on long trips. Beige interior seems to stain easily.

    Love the way it drives, love the better fuel economy over the Sedona van. Love the cargo space. Driving through the mountains recently with the 4 cylinder was a struggle at times, but I'll take the economy over the 6 cylinder. Where I live mountain driving isn't an issue.

    If I had to do it all over again, I would buy a 4 cylinder Camry. That is not really an option as even with a hefty down payment I would take such a hit on the trade in that it would not be worth it.
  • garnermikegarnermike Posts: 72
    First, thanks, Karen, for starting this thread, and trying to end the warfare over at Mazda5 vs. Rondo.

    Encapsulating various other posts I've made since taking delivery in October 2007, I have been nothing but impressed with my Rondo LX I-4. Very good mpg (25 mpg average), a very smooth & quiet ride, great visibility, great room/functionality/versatility, about the smoothest braking I've ever experienced.

    I had been a bit disappointed in the car's acceleration, but got a little boost in that by switching air filters. The fabric seats do tend to take on stains easily, but I've gotten every stain out, basically USING just water.

    One thing I've noticed is that the engine bay tends to gather an inordinate amount of debris/dust. If you are one that isn't so anal, that's a non-issue. But I am fussy and like to keep the engine bays in all my cars clean. There must be something with the front end (lower front end?) design of the car that allows road grit/debris to enter.

    That's about it. Love the Rondo!
  • emrondoemrondo Posts: 1
    Hello, I bought a Rondo in Sept. ' 07. I like the car, but....There is NO storage at all! I have 5 kids. Fits them all perfectly, however, they forgot to add trunk space! I can't even put a stroller inside the car !! I didn't realize it until after I bought the car! YIKES! Also, I'm on my 3rd warranty issue! First the Oxygen sensor had to be replaced, then the sway bar, and now I have to bring it back in for the speed sensor! I'm wondering what else is going to go wrong! So far the dealership has covered all expenses, but what a huge incovienence! I've noticed that sometimes when I put gas in the car, the check engine light goes on, it's very picky about how you tighten the cap. So you have to open the gas cap and re close it often to get the check engine light to go off. As far as the light tan entierer, well yes it's going to show dirt/stains.........but it does seem to clean easy. I purchased a black leather car bra when I bought the car, and it really makes the Kia Rondo look pretty classy! Shop around, between two Kia deaerlships, the difference in price for the car bra was about $30.
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    My wife and I bought a 2007 Rondo EX V6 Luxury in August. It has been the best vehicle we have ever owned, waaaay better than the lemon Honda Civic we once owned, any of my Fords, my Dodge, my Chevy and even better than our beloved 1998 Legacy Brighton wagon, which we traded on the Rondo.
    We cross-shopped a Mazda5 but found it too sparse inside (too cold and uninviting) plus it was not rated to tow at all (so said the owner's manual). But we did like it's 5 speed manual and sporty nature.
    The Rondo won out for us, due to it's unbeatable combination of safety features, practicality, efificiency, pleasant exterior (classy even, with our Urban Grey) and so so useful interior.
    Emrondo notes that it has no room for his 5 kids AND cargo. He should not have bought a Rondo (or M5 or Dodge Journey) if he needed to carry so many people and cargo. That's what a mini-van is for.
    However, the Rondo excels at carrying 2 adults/2 kids/a load of cargo OR 2 adults and 4 or 5 kids without cargo. Example - my wife and I, with our 2 kids, have lots of room for traveling with a load of gear, and on rainy days I can pick up the 2 kids and their 2 friends from school by utilizing the 3rd row seat.
    Our Rondo has needed no attention from the dealer - zero, zip, nada. The check engine light was frequent during the 1st month we had the Rondo, but we learned to twist the gas cap 3 clicks, not just 1, and the CEL did not show again.
    We have the grey leather, and it wipes clean with just a damp cloth. Great for hauling the kids around.
    We love the V6/5sp auto combo (sure wish we could get a manual trans though) and the fuel economy has been exceptional - 33 mpg per Imperial gallon on the highway (with the 4 of us, a load of stuff, and cruise on at 115 km/h). Around town, we consistently get 24-25 mpg Imperial, and could get more if I would stop doing jackrabbit starts...
    So far, we have not towed anything, as we have been waiting on a hitch from our dealer for almost 3 months (!). Tow rating is 2,000 lbs with a trailer hitch. Oddly, the European Carens version is rated to tow higher.
    We have found that the A/C does not really blow cold, but rather cool, just like our Legacy wagon. I have had to add a piece of carpet to the cargo area, since the grey carpet there is just too light in colour to carry any cargo without risk of staining. And the ABS is too intrusive in the winter, even with our studded winter tires installed.
    Overall, we love it and enjoy it. Currently, it has 15,000 kms and is due for it's second oil change any day now. Smooth, really quiet on the highway, decent ride, good handling for a tall car, safe, great warranty, decent price, practical, efficient, organized, flexible, reliable, well-built, comfortable and good-looking.
    What else can I say! A much better vehicle than the Mazda 5, I think.
  • garnermikegarnermike Posts: 72
    With all due respect, you have 5 kids, and you didn't figure out, pre-purchase, that using the third seat would mean no trunk space?
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    I was thinking the same thing garnermike, just before reading your comment.
  • eric51eric51 Posts: 4
    :mad: We just bought a Kia Rondo. Wish we hadn't. Anytime we drive the car it makes a noise like the window is cracked. Took it to the dealership to be fixed. After speaking with Kia and the Dealership we were told that all Kia Rondo's make this noise. The car was advertised as a quiet well insulated ride, but Kia has told us that this noise is designed into the vehicle. It makes no sense to me. Stay away from this car unless you like loud whistling noises. :lemon:
  • ..."like the window is cracked"? You mean "cracked open"?

    My Kia is the quietest car I've ever owned. Riders I take in it remark especially on that point.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    something seriously wrong and not normal, my Rondo is very quiet at all speeds.

    You didn't say specifically where the noise is coming from and at what speeds it happens? There is procedures in your warranty manual to follow if you are not happy with the results from your dealer.
    As this forum is poor for info we don't know whether you are in the US or Canada?

    I think they are "cracked" if they say the noise is designed into the vehicle. Makes no sense to me either. Also if they are saying this, exactly what specific thing are they referring too?

    I should also add that I am on a few forums and this is the first reference to this problem I've come across.

    2008 Rondo EX 2.4L
    Ontario, Canada
  • Hi all,
    Happy new purchasers of a Kia Rondo. (You can see my other post on the "buying experienc" board.
    BUT... there is a wind noise coming from both the driver's and passenger's side windows, audible at speeds > 50 mph (and sometime less).
    I took it into the dealer and they said, unfortunately, that it is typical. I had rented a Rondo that did not exhibit this problem so I challenged them to take me on a test drive of a Rondo that was sitting on their sales lot. It ALSO had this issue.
    I wonder how many customers need to speak up before Kia takes action? The service tech told me that Kia would not ever do a recall unless it was forced to, so they are probably "laying low" and hoping it will fade away.

    This is not a deal killer for me...I still like the Kia. But it does mean that the radio will need to be on when I'm on the highway. :-(
  • No such wind noise from the windows on mine.
    Some auto writer reviews of the Rondo that I have read have stated that there is more than average "wind rush" noise from the side windows. I actually listened for it on my test drive, but didn't really detect it. Perhaps I am not noticing because the Rondo generally drives so much more quietly than my Vibe and Miata......
  • We bought our Kia in Maine. For us the noise begins at 30 mph. It is difficult to tell where the noise is really coming from. The technicians at the dealership couldn't figure it out. They had to file with Kia's head office for direction. It sounds like it is coming in through the seal at the top of the window. The noise is a high pitch wind noise. Kia's claim is that the noise is generated by wind passing by the driver and passenger outside mirrors. Moving the mirrors or turning them in doesn't change the noise. They stand by their claim that the vehicle is designed to do that. Unfortunately they don't stand behind their product. I have a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty that isn't worth the paper it is written on. I would not recommend a Kia to anyone. Customer service is difficult to deal with. They don't return calls or have any follow through. It took three months of weekly calls for them to put their decision in writing. I have contacted an attorney and the better business bureau. I believe the noise is loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage. I am going to purchase a decibel meter and find out. I bought the Rondo for transporting children. Poor design is no excuse for poor customer service. Kia knows there is a problem but it is cheaper to ignore it and tell unbelievable lies to explain away their mistakes. More disappointed with the response of the company than the car. This problem started the minute we drove off the lot. If they design problems intentionally into the car I can only imagine how much time the car will spend in the shop.
  • Yes like the window is cracked open or not sealed properly. Very annoying any time we go over 30mph. It is loud enough to be heard over the radio.
  • Our '07 EX is so quiet it's sometimes annoying! Honestly, we and others riding in it always remark about the silence, especially for a vehicle in this price range.

    Now, I gots ta ask: Do those of you with wind noise issues have your crossbars mounted on your racks? I do not.

    Any of you with whisper-quiet ones using the crossbars?

    The reason I ask is I have had two vehicles that made just obnoxious noises when the crossbars were mounted. With our '05 Sedona, there was a certain spacing or position of the bars that was very quiet, and some made it noisier then a small jet. Took some playing around.

    There will be no "recall" on noise issues like this because recalls are for SAFETY issues! They issue recalls when parts fail or fall off or systems act out in ways that cause accidents, or could. Otherwise you have a quality issue, and that may or may not fall under warranty. My bet is it will not since there is no claim made about noise levels.

    Yes, I know, there are claims made about fuel economy and we all know there are vehicles that don't meet these claims. BUT - the manufacturer boldly advertises and boldly claims that some drivers may NOT get this economy and some vehicles under some conditions may not as well.
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    Our 07 EX V6 Luxury does not have the crossbars and is VERY quiet at highway speeds. It's quietness is one of the top reasons why we bought it.
    We took a vacation two wks ago and rented a 2008 Town and Country with crossbars (but did not actually use the rack). Now that was a vehicle whose crossbars made an annoying noise!
  • We do have the crossbars on. I will have to play around with them to see if that eliminates the noise. I hope so. That would be a great relief.
    Thank you for the tip. I will let you know how it turns out.
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    Have you been able to eliminate the noise? Did you remove the crossbars?
  • The wind noise that *I* hear is from the windows, and definitely not from the crossbars (as my cars doesn't have any).

    This just might be a design flaw. In recent weeks, I rented a Sedona and that one's window noise was also bad. Our neighbor tells us their Spectrum (or whatever the little car is called) "leaks" on the highway too.

    I think part of the thing here depends what kind of car you currently drive---we have a Toyota that is really quiet and our Rondo is annoying by comparison. So, if you are used to a truck, then the Rondo is fine. could be that only some Rondos have this problem.

    The car is whisper quiet at lower speeds. I suggest any prospective buyer should really test it out thoroughly on the highway before deciding on this car.
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    I owned a Subaru Legacy for 9 yrs before the Rondo, a Mitsu Galant before that, a Honda before that, and so on, but I have never owned a truck. So I can't compare a truck with a car.

    My 91 Civic Si was maddenly loud on the highway, the Mitsu was fairly quiet, the Legacy (a wagon) was fairly quiet, but the Rondo is really quiet.

    I guess, like you say, it is a matter of "some Rondos have this problem". The 07 Caravan I test drove was quite loud at speed, and the 07 Mazda 5 was a bit noisy too. But a friend's M5 is almost as quiet as the Rondo, and I have ridden in fairly quiet Caravans.

    Maybe it is a difference between a 4 cyl/4 speed Rondo versus a 6 cyl/5 speed Rondo? Mine is the V6 with 5 speed.
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