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Lexus GS350 navigation system overseas

amrabidamrabid Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Lexus
i have a 2007 lexus GS350. my worked demanded i relocate to the middle east, specifically, Saudi Arabia. i thought since i had just bought the car i'll take it with me. when i got here i took it to the local dealer to get a navigation DVD for Saudi Arabia, for some reason it gave me an error message. i was told that US systems have a different software thats not compatable with middle east navigation DVDs. can anyone help me with this issue?


  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Different operating systems. Wont work.
  • What did you do to solve this problem? I am facing the same thing. Lexus GS 430 2006 from USA using in the Middle East?
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