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Suburban fuel pump replacement



  • mcgyvermcgyver Posts: 13
    Sorry but I can't recall the exact dimensions and have sold the '99 and bought a newer 2003 model. Maybe someone else will chime in and have the dimensions to share with you......maybe when they drop their tank for a pump replacement.
  • ltlriki64ltlriki64 Posts: 2
    Update 99 Suburban (142K miles) V-8, 7.4 liter, 454 fuel pump failures: I installed the Airtex brand fuel pump as my previous (2) AC Delco pumps failed. Both AC Delco pumps were noisy but this new Airtex pump barely hums on an empty tank! I will keep you updated on the longevity of this pump. Also when I purchased the pump it came with the updated wiring harness and wiring diagram so it was a snap to install and I saved $800 by doing it myself minus the cost of the pump and fuel filter. Now if I can only figure out why the needle on my fuel gauge vibrates constantly...New pump had fuel sending unit so I can eliminate that as a problem, any ideas?
  • samsam4samsam4 Posts: 1
    Im in the process of replacing my fuel pump for the second time within 6 months but when we install you can hear it turn off then it stops checked the relay fuse can anyone help me please
  • mcgyvermcgyver Posts: 13
    Check to be sure you have a good ground, especially if you're up in the snow belt
    which causes lots of havoc with electrical systems. Then check all your plug connections for a firm positive feel. When there is no operation, check the hot side of the fuel pump relay for voltage going to the pump. If there is none there you may have a bad ECU which sends a signal to send voltage to the pump.
    Good luck.....
  • mcgyver, ia ECU differnt from a ECM? I am having some difficulties with a new pump and read about a bad ECM. I have a few things to look at tonight before I post my issues. Thanks!

  • I need to replace my fuel pump and don't want to buy the Autozone $250 complete pump set up for my 2002 Suburban. Does anyone know of the brand and part number to buy just the pump? I have the numbers for the two pumps in my 91 ZR1 at Autozone and I guess one could buy just the pump for the Suburban. Thanks
  • Did you replace just the pump and not the whole assembly? If so, where did you get the pump and what is the brand and part number? I have a 2002 suburban.

    Many thanks
  • eman916eman916 Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    I recently had the fuel pump replaced in my '02 Tahoe - 5.3, (not a cheap fix), and 3 hours after I got it back it the "Service Engine" light came back on. I also noticed that the fuel mileage had gone way down, I was around 16-18 mpg, but now am getting less than 10 mpg.

    Took it back to the shop that replaced the pump and they checked the error code, which was a 420 code - Catalytic Efficiency incorrect.

    I am now told that I need to replace the driver side catalytic converter.

    Seems to me that we are fixing the problem, but not addressing the cause. If the engine is runnig too rich, it would cause the catalytic converter / 02 sensors to be reading a bad catalytic converter. They can't tell me what caused the mileage to go from 16 to less than 10.

    Has anyone run into this problem? Talked to the dealer and they thought there could be a couple of injectors stuck open. I am also reading online that one sign of a fuel pressure regulator being bad is dramatic drop in fuel mileage.

    The old fuel pump was only putting out about 25 lbs in pressure, and I'm wondering if that could have caused the fuel pressure regulator to go bad.

    Any ideas before I let the repair shop go on a fishing expedition?

  • I bought one on ebay for 21.99 item number 200642455435. Drives good with no probelms. For anybody looking for this fuel pumps. THEY Are all the same from the inside. OF COURSE DEPEND ON THE YEARS. This is the way to do it, If you see a pump with a listing name like a yukon tahoe gmc and so on. Go in a web sight like autozone. Put in your car information then the same information as the listing you will see there the same part. This is a 3hr job even for a rookie like myself. GOOD LUCK
  • Cowboy92

    Thanks for the update. I had to replace the pump in August and had to buy it at Autozone $300+ as it was the flex fuel pump. My Suburban is not flex, however, that is the pump it uses.

    I will check on Amazon and see how much less it would have been. I know I will need a new one in 100K miles!!

    Thanks again

  • carol00carol00 Posts: 2
    Is the replacement similar to the 1999 Suburban or the 2003 Suburban. 230 K miles and never replaced the fuel pump. Please help
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