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Toyota Highlander Bluetooth



  • hawrehawre Posts: 4
    We bought a 2010 Highlander Limited with nav to replace my wife's RAV4. It has only been 4 days since we've had the vehicle and I am already disappointed in the navigation unit. My $250 Garmin nav is more capable than this unit. The voice command is terrible. By the time we enter a destination or do a POI search we are far from where we need to be. The whole point of getting a navigation unit like this is for convenience. It is not convenient and it is far from safe. As another post mentioned, if you have to pull over on the freeway to enter data into the system, it is far more dangerous than operating the unit while driving. The safety concern argument is very weak. I see at least 50 people a day driving while texting, shaving, putting on make up, eating, reading or worst; dozing off. Give us a break toyota.

    I read instruction in another post on how to adjust the bluetooth microphone volume. That did not work for me. I will contact my toyota dealer and keep you posted.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    I guess the logical thing to do would be to enter data for your destination BEFORE beginning your trip, so that entering it while driving doesn't become necessary. Just sayin'...
    While I'm a big believer in "stupid is as stupid does," you know some knucklehead is going to sue (and win) when he/she is injured in an accident casued, in part, because they were distracted by entering data into the system while driving. The safety argument is far from weak. If you don't feel the same way, just have Toyota change the functionality to allow data entry while driving and leave your bank account # from which they'll pay claims...
  • hawrehawre Posts: 4
    Of course I always enter the destination before leaving. The issue is when I am driving and I need to find a POI. The system takes so long to recognize what I am looking for. For example, last night we were out of town and wanted to stop at a walmart. The voice command could not understand walmart, it was giving me golf courses and many other unwanted location. If we had access to the system while we were driving, my wife who was a passenger, would have been the one using it. Also, last night when we were driving, we saw a teenager tailgating everyone and came close to hitting many cars while she was passing everyone in a hurry. When she finally passed us, she was texting on her cell phone. Is that logical? When you turn on garmin or any other gps navigation system, there is a disclaimer and you have to agree to it, which leaves the manufacturer protected. I don't see too many people suing garmin or tomtom.
  • backpakbackpak Posts: 3
    I can't answer your question but I have one for you..
    I have a 2009 Highlander and have got the BT to receive incoming calls if I want to call out I have to initiate the call with with my Blackberry curve then the BT takes over. I have read the BOOK on installing the phone book but no luck!! Can you help?
  • any ideas about how to delete old bluetooth phones from the 2008 highlander? is there a way to reset bluetooth connections back to factory defaults? i'm having trouble connecting a new blackberry torch and i think the old phones might be the problem. thanks!
  • Have you heard of Coastaltech's Lockpick?? It instals by plugging in between the original wiring and the Nav dvd player and allows you to enter destinations while the car is moving. Don't think twice, get it, it works. I had it on my 2005 Lexus RX330, and just bought a 2011 Highlander Hybrid LTD and plan to put one in.
    No more blockage and hassles from the "lawyers" at Toyota who don't want you to enter destinations while moving for fear of getting sued. Preposterous when other mfg's have it. Good luck.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I was wondering if anyone was able to pair their iPhone 4 with the bluetooth. I noticed that only the 3g version was listed on the Toyota website.

    I'm, in fact, planing to get a Verizon iPhone 4 and thinking of getting the Highlander. I have hearing issues and need to use the car's bluetooth. I'm assuming (maybe wrongly) that the At&T version might be similar enough to the Verizon that I can get some idea about compatibility.
  • slh54slh54 Posts: 6
    I have an 08 Highlander and got an iPhone 4 in August. Had absolutely no problem with pairing. iPhone just seems to do everything right:-)
  • anthony921anthony921 Posts: 40
    edited May 2011
    Hello anyone else having this similar problem ? While driving I attempt to make a phone call via the Bluetooth voice system. As soon as I hit 'send' the screen shows that a call is already in progress and that I can't place the call I'm attempting. The duration of the call is the same as the time of the trip I'm on. When I look at my LG Dare cell, it doesn't show a call is in progress.

    I'm unable to disconnect the call in progress. I have to either use the cell to call another number or I have to shut the phone off. There's no record of any call in the call history of my cell or in the Bluetooth. I would say this happens 9 out of ten times after I pull out of the garage and start a trip somewhere.

    There's only one cell, the LG Dare, assigned to the Bluetooth system. Is this weird or what ?
  • I own a 2008 Totota Highlander (without Navigation system). I currently pair a cell phone with the bluetooth system but now I want to buy an Iphone 3GS and pair it also? Is the Iphone 3GS compatible?

    Also how can I adjust the volume on calls I receive using the bluetooth system. I can barely hear the person I'm talking to. The manual only tells you how to adjust the volume for the sytem set-up lady.
  • Toyota has just set up a new site that will help people hook there phone up and it will tell you what your phone will do.
    I am finding that some of the new phones are not working well with the Toyota Bluetooth system.
    Go to :
  • iPhone's work great with Toyota.
    To change the volume use the plus and minus button on the steering wheel.
  • Did you experience any problems going over your songs in your iPhone?

    Pls see this video:

  • I am now having the same problem with my Iphone. Were you ever able to solve this problem?
  • kblgykblgy Posts: 2

    I have an issue with my Bluetooth in my 2012 Toyota Highlander. it started when I got the jelly bean update on my Motorola razr maxx. before the update everything worked fine, after the update I could use the phone fine, but could only play mp3s using the play music app, I could no longer stream using slacker radio , pandore , or songza just to name a few, thought it maybe the phone at first so I had it replaced with a razr maxx hd and the same problem occurs, now I figured out a way to fake it by pausing the play music rebooting the phone and it seems to work , but it's stuck saying the last song from play music on the display..

    I really just want to fix this if possible.
  • kblgykblgy Posts: 2
    not yet, but i'll try to keep you updated.
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