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Chevrolet Prizm Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks for your message. Will check with the Chevy customer service and see what happens, thanks again
  • sharkymozsharkymoz Posts: 3
    1995 Geo Prizm Lsi [1.8L + OD + Cruise] -ABS light comes on and stays on when driven. The system worked fine this past winter... But now I notice that while it still tests itself when the ignition is turned to ACC, the (clicking valves) sound is shorter now... And it doesn't test again when the vehicle is driven off, then ABS light comes on after a short time.
    Also, there is a strange problem with the power steering: the steering wheel shakes at low speeds. (about 0-40 MPH) And suspiciously, both of these problems happened about a month after having the tires rotated.
    I called the place that did the balance and rotation... And they said that the ABS sensors are in the calipers, and that no special steps are required when rotating.
    i dont have enough money to goto a dealer,anything i can do by changing simpe parts,
    provide me wats the problem and solution
    waiting for your reply.
  • When you bring the car to a stop sign and then proceed to accelerate it stalls. It will start back up, but every time you take off from a stop it stalls. Mostly happens after the car warms up. Getting spark, gas and air. The car has a brand new cap, rotor, plugs, wires, battery, terminals, throttle position sensor, and idle air control valve. Need help because other than that it runs really good. Would like to keep it if possible.
  • sharkymozsharkymoz Posts: 3
    guys kindly provide me a solution.m waiting with my problem..cannot proceed further.
  • hdelislehdelisle Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Prizm and I have the same ABS light issue. It comes on after the car has been running for a minute or so, and then doesn't go off. About a year ago, when this first appeared, I was worried and took it to my local mechanic to check it with the diagnostic.

    The actual problem was not with the ABS or brakes at all, but rather with the diagnostic system and the sensor to the light. He told me that it would be a more expensive fix than it was worth, because the sensors would need to be replaced, just to get the light to go out. I elected to just leave the light on, because I knew I had brake fluid and he told me the brakes and ABS were fine. I'd have them check it, because if you've already checked the brakes and such, it might just be a problem with the light itself.
  • dutchbartdutchbart Posts: 2

    I own a 2001 Chevy Prizm (Toyota Corolla) and found that there's a fuse missing from the fuse box, it's the 50A fuse for ABS, I don't know if there are known issues/problems with ABS on Prizm's, and if so I'd like to know, if there aren't any issues/problems with ABS on Prizm's, then I'd like to know if simply installing that fuse will turn ABS on.

    Waiting for a reply.
  • sounds like the motor is almost burnt up
  • Where is the fuel filter on the 95 geo prism? The Ignition sensor? My car now does not turn over, but clunks and clutters in the engine? at first it just died after it started.
    Help me
    Woolychick :sick:
  • there are 2 EFI fuses under the hood in the fuse box next to th battery
  • When i strart my 2001 prism up in the morning it has a fast idle , what could cause that?
  • i can tell you that any tires you put on a prism will not help in the snow our cars are so light it's pathetic.but if you can look for some 14" rims you can run a slightly wider tire for more traction you can go from a P175/70R13 to a P185/65R14 and it will not affect your speedometer.
  • Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • it idles fast to warm up does it kick down after a bit?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Many of us, me included, disable the ABS except during the winter months.

    I have been involved in 2 rear-enders, me as the "offender", in the past 10 year dues to ABS activation during "panic" braking when short stopping distance was more important than directional control. First was in a 92 Jeep in ~'01 and the second was just weeks ago.

    IMMHO ABS should NEVER activate when the vehicle has VSC, Stability Control, and VSC doesn't activate.
  • jp407jp407 Posts: 1
    Just wondering if you ever fixed the problem with your acceleration issue as I am having the same problem with a 94 prizm
  • hamster65hamster65 Posts: 6
    There is no fuse for the fuel pump that I'm aware of. There is however, a fuel pump relay which should be in the fuse block under the hood on the drivers side.
  • jlash1987jlash1987 Posts: 2
    I am having an issue with my 2002 Chevy Prizm. After driving home from work the other day my wife went to start the car and it wouldnt turn over. There is one click and then nothin else. Originally I thought it was probably the starter, but after replacin it I get the same thing...

    The battery is brand new and the alternator is good. The crank shaft pully isnt locked up either.... I am at a loss here. The only other thing I can think of is the ignition switch, but if it may be something else I dont want to waste the money on the ignition switch when I can put it twords the problem. Any ideas?
  • jlrittenjlritten Posts: 2

    Have a 2001 Chevy Prizm... Starting yesterday it would not shift out of park and the brake lights stopped working. I thought it was the Stop Light Sensor so I replaced that, still not working. I was able to use the saftey override next to the shifter to get it out of Park and drive it home but now I need to fix it. Any ideas of what to check next?

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