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Honda CR-V vs. Subaru Outback



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think the dealer was full of it. There's no way that's normal.

    Half the vehicles in the ski mountain parking lot are Subarus, are they kidding? There would be hundreds of them stranded if that were normal.
  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    The IIHS just rated the Forester and CR-V in the new rollover test. Forester scored well (good) and will remain a "top safety pick" but the CR-V did not score as well (marginal) and will be dropped as a "top safety pick" next year.
    I like the cargo space in the Outback, it has a long floor area so I have less need to stack items vertically, and the back seat folds flat, and I like the ability to tow my pop-up camper while carrying 2 kayaks on top. The Outback is rated to pull 2700 lbs.

  • denver5357denver5357 Posts: 319
    I think that''s the issue ... if all you need is cargo space, the Outback may work for you. If you want space for rear seat passengers and even the driver and front-seat passenger, the CR-V is far more comfortable and also provides cargo space.
  • nornetnornet Posts: 24
    The legroom in the 2010 Subaru is supposed to be 5" more than last years. I bought a 2007 Outback and it's tight back there on anything other than city drives. With the extra room, the Subaru will be the clear winner. There's no comparison between the 2 when it comes to driveability.
  • denver5357denver5357 Posts: 319
    Well, I think that's a matter of opinion. We owned a 2007 Outback and traded it in (see earlier post), and driveability (which can mean different things to different people) was IMO a big part of that.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I saw that (in another thread). That's very disappointing given all the hype over Honda's ACE body protection.

    I've noticed a trend with crash tests in the small SUV segment.

    Subaru does well right off the bat. For instance the 99 Forester earned a "Good" in the frontal offset test, the first in class to do so. The new roof crush test appears and again Subaru does well right away, the first time it's tested.

    Honda and Toyota tend to learn their lessons, i.e. they get it right on the 2nd attempt. Note how they tend to have middling scores at first, but then improve with redesigns and catch up to Subaru. I bet the next generations of the CR-V and RAV4 will match the Forester's roof crush resistance, in fact I'd bet on it.

    Finally, the Koreans always seem to be 2 steps behind. Very disappointing that they finally were improving on their frontal scores and then we see dismal scores for the roof structure.

    Kudos to Subaru, though, for getting it right from the get-go.
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