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Chrysler Pacifica Engine Questions and Problems



  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    We have emissions testing in Illinois. I took my 2008 Pacifica to get tested the day after I received the notice in the mail last November. It wasn't due until the end of March 2012. It passed with flying colors. My advice is to not dilly dally around when you receive the notice and get it done right away. Then you don't have to deal with these issues. You never know what kind of glitch will turn up like this. I feel for this person and hope it never happens to me the next time my emissions is due to be tested in 2014. Good luck!
  • cporcpor Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 PAC that now needs engine work. In November the transmission that was replaced in 2010 ($2000) needed to be rebuilt again. I've repaired motor mounts twice ($400). When I purchased the car in 2007 I had the stall problem that was fixed with the software upgrade. I'm a single middle class
    Person and I can't afford the cost to repair/replace an engine. My AC is not working, they told me the radiator has problems, snd i have the radio static issue. All mechanics have told me to get rid of it and quick. I've been told dealers are not too willing to take them in for trade in. Prior to this I owned a 2000 Durango. At this point I have lost all faith in Chrysler product.
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    Where is your Lifetime Powertrain Warranty?
  • I feel your pain...those cars are a piece of crap....we needed a new engine really when we first got the car they went in and replaced some parts and should have replaced the engine. the engine threw a rod 4 months ago sat at the dealer with us going back and forth with corp.....all in short we are having to replace the engine with a rebuilt engine at our expense. corp wasn't willing to help out at all unless we could prove there was a defect in the engine which we would have to pay for costing $1000. The car is nice and has the space for our family but i won't be driving it too much I am looking to get back into a bmw I will never by another chrysler again they don't stand behind thier cars and not willing to help. and anyone that has had a problem with fuel pumps there is an recall and they have to replace them at thier cost. the car will actually go from full tank to half to empty and car will stall.
  • Bought a used pacifica 2 years ago with 67000 miles on it, have not had any issues with it until now with 123000 miles. Lost the AC this past summer, then 2 weeks ago started having issues with the heat and gas gauge. Lost heat but temp gauge never moved, no overheating. Hubby said low on antifreeze, so we replaced it. Yesterday he had an overflow of fluid, overheated several times, with temp gauge going to the red. Today he replaces the thermostat (mechanic friend recommends) let it run for 30+ minutes with no issues. My daughters took it to gas up, stated the temp never went over halfway but car wouldn't start after. When they turned the key back on, temp gauge was in the red. After it had cooled for a while, hubby tried to turn it over with booster cables hooked up, started to get a burned wire smell and smoke. Going to the mechanic tomorrow. Have reviewed many posts but did not see any related to this. Any suggestions?
  • andie321andie321 Posts: 2
    Same problem. I have the check engine code p1080 and I need a new engine or engine overhaul. I will never buy another Chrysler again. It was purchased new and although it looks good it runs awful. This is the only car I've purchased with so many problems. I'm going back to Nissan or Infiniti. Chrysler lacks reliability and dependability. :mad:
  • mollydedmmollydedm Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out what was wrong my chrysler is doing the same thing~!!
  • rmhutchrmhutch Posts: 2
    Needed new radiator. Drove for a month, started wearing tires. had a tie rod replaced, new tires. A month later, tires were still wearing, had to have the rubber piece (carrier bearing) in the rear drive shaft replaced. Was able to have it repaired for less than $400. New tires again, driving well now for 2+ months. DO really like the car, so I'm hoping this is just normal maintenance issues.
  • jking84jking84 Posts: 1
    I have read several of the above posts dating back to 2012. I started having similar issues. My car is at 85k. I bought the car used at 30K (1 previous owner) no issues till this past year. I had 2 fuel pump sending units that went out and were replaced. then I had issues at the gas pump getting gas to go in the car. Took car to Chrylser 3x and they act clueless. I'm also having issues with oil in the car. Just this morning I noticed my temperature gauge is higher than it normally is. I can't afford maintenance on this car either. Any suggestions from anyone on where to turn to?
  • I just bought mine and now to have to replace engine because they no longer the car the part I need is on back order and has been for over a year so my only option is to replace whole engine!!!! What did you end up doing? Did they help or anything
  • All I can tell you is good luck!!! For the simple fact Chrysler didn't help us out at all. We ended up having a rebuilt engine put in the car through a local shop not the dealer( they will rip you) took the car out of state it ran well..soon after it seems like the transmission was trying to slip alittle..we were told by the shop that because the new engine may not coincide with the original transmission we might have to get a new transmission sometime in the future...long story short we were still financing this nightmare car so we let it go back to the finance company...My opinion would be to get rid of that car as fast as you can ...we will NEVER buy another Chrysler vehicle!!! I am going back to BMW!!! Good luck!!!
  • I have a 2007 Crapcifica!!!! I'm reading what everyone has to say about this and I am absolutely furious. I have one that now needs tie rods replaced. Both motor mounts replaced and that's not to say that its going to fix all my problems!!!! It has less then 50,000 miles on it!!!! You think a car with low milage and garage kept would be a great deal, WRONG! I'm a single mom trying desperately to get on my feet and this is in no way any help. Thanks for the kick back down Chrysler! NEVER EVER WILL I BUY A CHRYLSER PRODUCT AGAIN!!!!
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