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2008 Honda Pilot Air Conditioning Problems



  • 94acura, did you ever resolve this issue? I have the same situation on my 2008 Pilot where the passenger side (sounds like its coming from under the dash) has a hissing or leaking air type sound just when the heating/air is on. Just wondered what you found out.
  • 2006 Honda Pilot 45000 Mile

    Hi every one

    I think I'm having similar problem with mine too even thought it is little different.

    When I turn on my Heat the front vent are blowing on air no heat while the rear vent are blowing normal heat as wanted.

    I hope someone can give idea where to start.


    willwaal :confuse:
  • I have had my '08 Pilot for only two years and suddenly the air conditioner stopped working. It blows out semi cool air... not cold at all. What are my options, I am just at 34,000 miles. I took the car in to the dealer previously for this problem when it was still under warranty and now I am facing the same problem again. I am really upset that I may have to spend a whole lot of money to fix this problem in a car that I purchased new!
  • rossdrossd Posts: 5
    Yuor post does not have enough info. to come up with some suggestions. Assuming that everything works except the air being not cold enough, you may
    have insufficient amount of Freon in the system. Have you had the dealer checked for leaks in the A/C system yet?
  • willazwillaz Posts: 2
    I'm writing this message to warn others regarding my 2003 Honda Pilot a/c problem.
    My 2003 Pilot (86,000 miles) is at the dealer for service now. Loud fan noise when I start the engine with a/c on and on cold air coming out on all vents. When the suv is running, the noise is substantially lessened and cold air comes out nicely.
    It was diagnosed to have a failing a/c compressor that is spreading metal fragments to the entire a/c system. The service advisor told me that the entire a/c system has to be replaced and it will cost $5,100.00+tax. I was also told that if I had it fix much earlier, the damage would have been much less. I told him that I follow the maintenance schedule religiously and take it for service exclusively at their dealership. They should have noticed the problem and made the appropriate repair. But they did not. He also told me that this is a known problem on the CRV but not on the Pilot. There goes my plan for buying a CRV.
    I called Honda customer service and the guy that I talked was very pleasant but could not offer any assistance. He will not even transfer me to his manager because he said that nobody can help me even if I talk to an executive. I think I have no choice but to have the repair done at a Honda dealership otherwise we cannot use the car or sell it in it's current condition.
    With this experience, I don't think I'll buy another Honda ever again. I won't even recommend it to anybody. I'm very very very disappointed with Honda for using cheap parts.
    Do any of you know someone or a number that I can call at Honda to try to get financial assistance like a discount on parts, etc.?
    Good luck to all of us.
  • Did you get any where on this issue. I am facing the exact same thing. I had the AC fixed under warranty ten months ago and now that it is out of JUST warranty the AC has suddenly stopped working again.
  • lhammlhamm Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    compressor went bad so replaced that now ac lines are freezing up compressor is not turning off.please help
  • Everything is working except air has progressively gotten less cool until it does not cool at all.
  • My A/C went out so i look on the internet and found this forums it help a lot ..So Thanks the symptoms where console was working.turns on for only a second then cut off back blower works but not getting cold ....So before i change it i unplugged the small wire harness off and tried it before i even unscrewed the old resistor and the ac came on so i change the resistor it looks like fins the old one had two fins the replacement had four didn't need to take the clove box apart don't know if its different for other Pilots hope this helps Thanks again.... Ohh yeah it works Great Now
  • samzsamz Posts: 4
    Recently, I've noticed my 2010 Pilot's fans having these 2 strange behaviors:

    1. When I start the vehicle, the fans will sound working but no air from the vents. If I press the mode button to what I want, the air will come out quickly. For sure I never change the mode manually before I turn off the engine.

    2. With A/C off, the fans will blow hot or cool air if I change the temperature on either the diver or passenger side. Is this normal?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions/comments.
  • I have seen post very similar to my problem but just want to clarify. My A/C Heat controls look to be working properly but I do not hear the compressor kick on nor do I get any air out of the front vents on any setting. I do get air out of the rear vent. I can hear the controls moving under the dash when I select Head/Feet or Dash. using the "Mode" control but no air or compressor. My biggest question is, would the power resistor on the blower prevent the compressor from coming on?
  • jhnydrmrjhnydrmr Posts: 1
    I'm thinking this might be the same problem. The AC was working fine and I was about 10hrs into a trip when the control panel blanked out (nothing on the LCD and buttons do nothing) When this happened the rear blowers came on full and appeared to be cold. It came back on a few minutes later and stayed on for a bit before repeating the same symptoms. Now its sort of hit and miss. I also noticed that the outside temp was not reading anything either. Not sure if that is related.

    I'm a long way from home and its hot down here in South Carolina.
  • jim475jim475 Posts: 1
    2004 Pilot, 176k miles - Same symptoms, i.e, going down the road, the front blower stopped, no AC air from front vents, although blower for back still worked. Did the self-check as described in this thread via the post by piealot (Jul 11, 2008) and confirmed air conditioner/heater front blower motor and fan transistor (Honda P/N 79330s3va01) was at fault. Purchased a replacement from ebay store for 69.00 (inc. shipping). While at it, replaced the front cabin air filter (24.00 from local auto parts store) located in vertical slot hold behind glove box. Filter was matted thick w/dirt/dust. Note that if you replace filter, you may have to cut metal crosspiece after removing the glove-box (easily done). For the metal crosspiece, I used aviation shears. Dremmel tool would have worked as well. Too difficult to use hacksaw blade, not enough push/pull space.
    The transistor assembly change-out was straightforward. Disconnect plug to transistor assembly, remove three phillips screws, drop out old and insert new one, return screws and reconnect. Heads up, its an on-your-back, under the dashboard, pretzel twisting position you'll find yourself in doing this...however, its a money saver if you elect to do it yourself.
  • I have a 2004 honda pilot that the front blower quit. I replaced the blower motor resistor and it worked for about 10 minutes and quit again. What could the problem be? Could the new resistor have been bad? Or is something else wrong?
  • Hi, my a/c seems to working correctly however, at times (usually when stopping) I hear a loud humming/thumping noise. It makes me think there's someone next to me w/a lot of bass! It stops if I turn the a/c off. Want to address it before it gets worse. Any suggestions?
  • I have an 2004 Pilot and that same thing has happened to me. it does not happen all the time, but comes and goes. When I took it to be serviced and aked them to check it out, they told me everything was normal.
  • I know that some of the posts here are pretty old, but man did you all help me out. My A/C just quit blowing out of the front vents and after checking all of the fuses that I thought might be the problem I called the shop where I usually get my vehicle serviced, and they told me that it would be six days befor they could even look at it. Well, i got on the internet and found this forum. I followed all of your suggestions and now today Saturday 8/06/2011 the day after my A/C shut down, it is running again! O'Reilly's had me the part and the filter the next morning and it went in pretty easy. I did look on youtube for a video and was able to find this one on how to change the cabin air filter. I helped me to see someone taking the glove box out and removing the metal brace without cutting it off.
    Thanks again for all of your help!
  • fny139fny139 Posts: 1
    Can this be normal? When the climate control is set to AUTO the AC control on the passenger's side does not work.

    Specifically, if the passenger lowers the AC to a temp. below the driver's temp. the air comes out colder on the passenger's side but it will just trickle out - the fan will not kick up until the driver's side temp is lowered. Even if the passenger's side is lowered to Low, the coldest it can be set at, the air just barely comes out.

    The dealer tested the temperature and said it is coming out colder and that this is normal. He said he tested it on two other identical Pilots and they did the same thing.

    If you are on the driver's side then the fan will kick on right away when you lower the temp.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks you.
  • imjajaimjaja Posts: 1
    Mine is a 2003 honda pilot that the front blower quit. I read throught this forum and replaced the blower motor resistor and it worked for about 10 minutes and quit again. Is the Resistor bad again. It cost me $95. What is my problem? Please help!!!
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