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Toyota Highland Hybrid Steering and Suspension Questions



  • Interesting...thanks for the info.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I'd always go to the free dealer first to see if they solve the problem. If its a simple alignment then any shop should be able to do that.

    If that doesn't solve it I might want to have the Toyota dealer see what else might be wrong. I'm guessing it's just alignment which should probably be performed annually anyway.

    Oh, get it done soon as a bad alignment won't take long to ruin a set of tires and that cost would be yours.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The regular HL uses hydraulics for power stearing whereas the HH uses electric. The electrics are not as "positive"/firm as is the hydraulics.
  • maartenmaarten Posts: 5
    Hello Chuck,

    Thank you for this posting on the recall. Im from the Netherlands and in my stock I have a USA bought Highlander wich is from 2006 and it has now 600 miles on it. I bought this vehicle because we went thru a tax reform here in the Netherlands that made it more interesting to run hybride vehicles. At that time we only had 2 brands / types hybrides on the market overhere ( Toy Prius and Honda Civic ). The experiment only partly worked out, we were to busy etc so the Highland went into the warehouse and now the powersteering is not working anymore. Im happy you posted about the recall and I looked into the partssystem to find that Toyota changed the partnumber on the steeringrack assy twice. Going from my more than 30 years Toyota expirience this usually means an upgrade on the existing part or a change of supplier. Lexus RX400H has the same partnumber and changes.

    If anybody has the original recall info available I would be grateful because I have to get that highlander back on the road again.

    With best regards, Maarten
  • Maarten: It's actually not a recall in that it's not been ordered by the U.S. govt agency that controls those. It's a Toyota Special Service Campaign, #90A. You may try searching on that through the Toyota website. I think you can also register at the My Toyota section and enter your VIN and it may come up. It says it is directed at "certain 2006-1007 Highlander HV and 2007 Camry HV electric power steering link (EPS) assembly replacement." It goes on to say, "On certain Toyota vehicles, you may experience a noticeable gradual increase in the steering effort necessary at low speeds when turning the steering wheel to the complete left or right position. This condition may be most perceptible when parking your vehicle. This condition is caused by an insufficient adhesion between the permanent magnets and the rotor of the Electric Power Steering Link Assembly, causing the motor to gradually lose torque when the wheel is turned to the complete left or right position." It then says, "Any Toyota dealer will replace the Electric Power Steering Link Assembly at no charge." I'm not sure what you do if you don't have access to a Toyota dealership. I paid for the repair last summer and have now submitted that repair paperwork for reimbursement.
    Hope this helps.
  • This thread has been VERY enlightening. Let me start off by saying that this has been a very good car for us. It does everything it is suppose to when it is suppose too. We also have a fully loaded 4x4 limited with every bell and whistle.

    We noticed what appeared to be a slight pull to the right a little over a year ago. Toyota said "It's normal" but we had an alignment performed anyway (Jan '09). We also had the original Integrity tires on it and when they wore down prematurely, Goodyear was kind enough to provide us a "wear credit" of 60% the value of the original tires so we got a new set of 60K mile Fortera Triple Tread tires.

    We may have been more fortunate that others here as we were notified by Toyota April of this year ('09) of this TSB and at the time we had only 44K miles on the car. The service was performed and they even provided us a rental car as we arranged everything in advance. Not another thought was put into it UNTIL this past weekend when my wife mentioned that the car had been getting a "shimmy" between 30MPH and 45MPH but now it was staring to occur even at regular highway speeds now.

    So, I took a look at the car and I'll be darned if the right front tire isn't starting to show excessive signs of wear. I checked service records and verified that we have rotated these twice now since the TSB was performed so I was wondering if the dealership performed the alignment that was (apparently) REQUIRED as a portion of the TSB. A quick check of the service report from than work verified that no alignment was executed at that time so it is entirely possible that this is simply an alignment issue post-TSB service. At least that is what we are hoping it is.
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