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Jeep Liberty SkySlider Roof

gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
Here is the transcript of a conversation between myself and another member taking place on another string of posts. I think the issue warrants its own discussion topic.

If anyone is experiencing this issue, please make note of it here so that we can work toward a solution.




His Question:

How do you deal with the skyslider noise? Anytime I drive at around 65+ MPH, the noise disrupts conversation in the cab. It is so distracting and loud. Have you done or tried anything to minimize this problem? Thanks

My Response:

This is a very good question. Our noise fluctuates in terms of speed and it seems to also be linked to the weather (ie - expanding and contract[ing] of rubber seal with hot or cold). That is, sometimes it happens at 50MPH, and sometimes not until 80MPH.

When we first heard it, particularly how loud it was, we were startled. The next day we took it to the dealer and they said it's a fact of life at 70MPH and above. Very frustrating, especially when they advertise it as being so well-tested.

However, the vehicle we had prior to the Liberty (in addition to our IS250) was a Camry Solara Convertible which wasn't quiet either. We also listen to our music at a higher-than-average volume level. In other words, we really don't notice it too much.

That said, I'm still looking at solutions. In my own informal evaluation of the issue I think that I have isolated the cause of the issue. As you know, bordering the SkySlider roof there is a thick rubber seal that protrudes approximately an inch above the roof itself. If you manipulate the seal you'll note that it is not actually attached to the car. That is to say that the part that of the rubber seal that makes contact with the metal roof of the car is not "glued" down.

I think that at certain speeds (according to the dealer, 70MPH) wind gets under the seal, producing the wind noise. To test this theory, simply wedge something small like a folded business card under the seal (AT YOUR OWN RISK!) and you should hear the noise at significantly lower speeds.

So, I'm toying with the idea of actually gluing the seal down, preventing the noise altogether. Then again, I probably won't because I'm too afraid of voiding the warranty by doing so.

If enough people complain about the issue and the fact that it was not advertised as such, I think that Jeep will be forced to come up with a solution and release it via TSB.

Write Jeep corporate!


His Response:

Thank you Gilbert for your reply!

I feel like the only one complaining about this. Please let me know if your investigations go well. If you find a solution or at least a temporary quick fix, I would really appreciate that.

Thanks Again!


My Response:

I don't think you're the only one complaining about it at all, since Jeep has a TSB concerning the issue. The only problem is the TSB doesn't give a useful solution, only suggesting that it's a fact of life with the roof.

But again, let's stay vigilant about this to help promote a fix.

I will copy and paste our messages to another post specific to the issue.



  • cmoa84cmoa84 Posts: 8
    I actually don't drive over 65 mph, but since last week I noticed that the front lateral part of the SkySlider was lifting when I start reaching 40 mph, and it continues lifting even more while I increase the speed. When it do that, then it get very noisy because the noise is coming from that opening.

    When I go to the dealer to tell them about this concern (because when I bought it 2 months ago it didn't do that) they said that it was NORMAL!!!! :mad: ....... And I said that it is not normal because that problem started just a few days ago (I can't believe they didn't try to find a solution for the problem)

    I think I did everything I could. They told me that they can not do anything right now because the car is brand new and there are no specifications about that kind of problems.

    I would like to know if someone is experiencing this or experienced it already and got it fixed and how.

    Thank you very much !!!!

  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    Well, if sounds ANYTHING like how the old and some of the new wranglers do/did, then crank up the air/heat. That's what we did in my old one. And it blew it up like a balloon. If that doesn't work then always make sure that it is completely closed.
  • cmoa84cmoa84 Posts: 8
    Thank you for your solution advice ... but Iam not sure I understand what you are trying to explain... I would really appreciate if you can explain it better to me to see if I can go to the dealer and ask them if they can check better my SkySlider having the backup of your advice.

    Thank you!!!

  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    Okay! When you are riding on the highway, and your SkySlider makes large amounts of noise, it is because the fabric is loose. Very loose. To solve this problem (maybe), you can roll up all the windows and turn the air on full blast, or the heat. Whichever you prefer. In doing this, it essentially inflates the car like a balloon, making the SkySlider fabric very tight. When the fabric is tight, it will not make noise, or at least not as much noise.

    Do you see what I am saying?
  • I have been discussing this issue with Jeep. They told me to get another opinion on the wind noise. I discussed the issue with another service manager who stated that he had a convertible LeBarron with a convertible roof top that was noisey. He said he installed an air deflector on the roof which eliminated the problem. I thought of the same solution however, Mopar only has air deflectors for sun roofs. If Jeep engineers an air defector that should resolve the problem.
  • I tried that with limited success. I do not believe the issue is with the frabic. I think it the issue is aerodynamics complicated with faulty weather seals and flaw of wind deflection. Roof is too flat.
  • We have been working very closely with our Jeep dealership on this matter and I can attest to the fact, having seen evidence with my own eyes, that there is an official technical service bulletin on this matter.

    Jeep has created a solution to the issue that involves a new part and a complete re-install of the slider roof. Currently, the part is on backorder and we are on the waiting list.

    As soon as we have it installed, I will update this message board.

    That said, if ANY Jeep dealer tries to tell you there isn't any data on this, know that they are either lying or misinformed, as there is supporting documentation available.

    I will scan and post the TSB, a copy of which I have retained, soon.
  • Thank you so much for your reply message. I really appreciate it because right now I was like with crossed hands because people in the dealership were treating me like if I was crazy, so I decided to leave the Sky Slider like that, even though it was driving me crazy. They were telling me that it was normal, even though when I bought it, I didn't have that problem.

    Now I can call the dealer and tell them that I was right!!!! :D THANKS TO YOU!!!
  • Hello again ... do you that you will be able to send me a copy of the TSB, to have an evidence also.

    Thank you very much :D
  • Ya, if you could post a link maybe to the TSB or give us a contact info for Jeep, that would be really nice. Thank You
  • Thanks for the info... after 2 body computer re-programs and a number of adjustments by my dealer on my '08 Liberty I'm happy to hear they've finally got a fix that may work... I would also appreciate a copy of the TSB so my dealer can get the parts on order.... Thanks - Jim
  • Thanks for your information. I have recently purchased a Liberty and am having the same problem with wind noise. You don't have to scan and Post the whole TSB. If you could post the number and the date on the TSB we can all go ahead and investigate with the Dealer?
  • gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
    Sorry it took so long to put this up. We're still waiting on parts from our dealer.

    The TSB itself is seven or eight pages in length, but I've posted the first page to get you up and running, so to speak.


    FYI, the TSB number is 23-013-08

    Good luck!
  • gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
    I know the TSB is posted several times, but I wanted to make sure everyone in the thread got a reply in case they're not watching via email.
  • Thanks for posting, but hate to disappoint you... That is an OLD fix... also came out with a similar TSB dated (I think) August 15th 2008 since the one you posted didn't work... The August 15th TSB doesn't fix the problem either (have had them both done)... seems your dealer is WAAYYYY behind times and jerking you in circles... and we're still left without a fix for our noisy skysliders... looks like it's lawyer & lemon law time :lemon:
  • gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
    Both the dealer and I are aware of the so-called archaic nature of the fix. The reason we are waiting so long for parts is they have since been updated to reflect the most recent adjustments. They are under the same TSB number.

    Like I mentioned in previous posts, I'll let everyone know what the outcome is when I receive the new parts and have them installed.

    But thanks for the vigilance!
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