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Jeep Liberty SkySlider Roof



  • My wife just bought a 2008 with the "Sky Slider" roof and found that not only is it noisy, at 65 mph, but it bulges a little on the sides and allows air to blow in. After checking with the dealership where she bought it and being told that it was a design problem, I contacted Jeep and Chrysler directly to see if they had a solution. Still waiting for the solution.
  • I have been dealing with this problem since we bought it. First they fix it so you think and then it gets bad again. For what i have heard is that most but not all 2008's have problems. the newer years are much better. I'm talking to chyrsler now and they said..."we sill do any thing to fix it no matter how many time". which mean you screw and deal with it bring it back and will put a band aid on it. Yesterday i got it back AGAIN but this time they put ugly double sided foam tape under the weather seal. To lift it up to make a tighter seal...... still noise a little better. But is a jerry rig the fix for my 29000 dollar no way. i just filed out the paper work for lemon law. Good Luck with yours.
  • cmar531cmar531 Posts: 1
    Has any one came to any resolution with the wind noise on the Sky Slider? I just bought a Liberty and I was not aware of these issues. I like the truck, but I would like to hear when the roof is closed.
  • cp331cp331 Posts: 3
    Jeep dealer had to order a new air deflector along with a new liner as water stains inside have shown that after 4 repairs, my skyslider roof still has leaks! Both service manager and the general manager suggested I finally call Chrysler regarding a possible buyback. As much as I like this vehicle, I cannot tolerate another repair to only see it fail. 100 miles shy of 30k is unacceptable!!!!!

    I followed up by reporting to Chrysler a formal complaint only to be told that a "file" would be created? I refuse to allow my warranty in 1/12 expire and I am left with a LEMON.....

    Chris in Delaware
  • samf76samf76 Posts: 2
    Same problem here ... took to shop 3 or 4 times and they said it was just bad glue and would have ot live with it...
    then roof track broke.... $2900 repair... can you say "Class Action"!
  • samf76samf76 Posts: 2
    Is there still a way to get a copy of the TSB?
  • jlorjlor Posts: 2
    My Jeep has been at the dealer since July 1st (and today is July 24th) because the sky slider would not close. Finally, this past Friday they called and said they didn't know how to fix it. I filed a complaint with Chrysler to investigate because i feel that 24 days is an unreasonable amount of time. I am just going to trade it in as soon as it is done (if ever). I am just wondering if anyone else has been told that the problem is "not fixable". And I am not referring to the noise issue...I am referring to having a functional top on my Liberty. At this point they cannot even accomplish that.
  • jlorjlor Posts: 2
    What was Chrysler's response? Were they willing to buy it back?
  • cp331cp331 Posts: 3
    Chrysler was not willing to buy my '09 back as the best they offered was an "incentive" to trade in for another vehicle. This turned out to be merely a "friends" discount which amounted to a small value. Fortunately the dealership made me an offer for a new '11 Liberty with a solid top (well, moonroof) and I quickly without a nickel from my pocket traded away my problems. As much as I loved the skyslider feature, there was no way I was going to continue dealing with leaks. Best advice I can give is to register a case file with Chrysler and continue to be a thorn in their side until they make an offer to make yourself happy. Thanks to all who replied to my original posting and good luck!
  • My jeep went in July 5th cause it "jumped the track". Was told the entire frame needed to be replaced. Got it back on the 15th. They had to send it to another dealership cause they were not familiar enought with the skyslider to fix it. It worked at the dealership when I tested. Didn't touch it for a week, tried to open the other day, back opened fine, front opened and then died. Had to keep hitting the close button to get it to close all the way. Just took it to the dealership today, am told they replaced the passenger side, now the driver side needs to be replaced. Not sure how they can replace the whole frame, but now have to replace something on either side. Will get more details later. I also had to have the motor replaced a year ago last year. Since I live in Vegas, I don't use it that much, but the few times I have - bam! at the dealership. There is something seriously wrong with this thing. I have the 2008 model.
  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    I have a 2009 Liberty with skyslider roof. I test drove a sport without one then they orderd one in. Excessive wind noise, gapping, and sounds like it's going to come apart at highway speeds on a rainy nday. I have had it into the dealership 9 times, and 25 days without my vehicle to dsrive. It started to come apart on me on the highwway a few weeks ago so here I go with envoking my rights under Lemon Law. Evertime they "fix" it with the updates etc. It is different for a few days, weeks, sometime gapes in different places, then in a few weeks right back to the way it was before the "fix". I love my Jeep but this roof has been a nightmare. I receommend to anyone with one of these roofs to go with Lemon Law before you run out of time. FYI: Dealerships said "there's good reasons why they are no longer making this roof" only available in 08-09. 2010-11, 12 No skyslider roof. That alone tells the story. Good luck everyone.
  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    Did you have to go to arbitration for Lemon Law first? I have had numerous problems with my roof, in and out of dealership. Did they swap out your vehicle with no more money owed or was the new vehicle 8-10k more than you owed on previou svehicle and you had to come up with additional $? Did you have to pay them for your milege use? I have requested arbitration and don't know what's next for me.
  • flowergirl1357flowergirl1357 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    Hi I wanted to know if you can sell me your wind deflector? My jeep has that same problem with the slider roof noise. Can your wind deflector be installed easily, I was hoping my husband could do it with your instructions. Please HELP me.... :(
  • Hi would you be able to send me TSB numbers so I can get my service orders for my jeep liberty slider roof, so I can get it fixed. Thanks :(
  • I also have a claim into Chrysler and I am getting the run around after taking my 2008 Liberty, that I bought new off the showroom floor, to be fixed several times. They took the sunroof apart and first said it was the motor, then only a part, now it is the truth, a manufacturing defect that Chrysler does not want to repair. The motor has eaten up the rails.
    My case worker will not return my calls, so now I have put in a call to a supervisor, and we will see where that gets me. Next are letters to the company, maybe one a week. I have been buying Jeep Liberty's for well over 7 years, I think my next SUV will be something else. I even traded in an older Liberty for this Liberty only because of the Slider roof. I am not very happy at this point. :mad: :mad:
  • I tried to also use the extended warranty that was pushed on us, it is worthless for the roof, it only covers the motor. And trying to trade the car in, NOPE, the value of the Jeep just dropped, because of the roof that does not work, or you can fix it first and then come back and we will talk about trade then.. WT????? I am so :mad: :mad: at Chrysler....
    I hate having to go over 45 miles the air wind tunnel in the car and the noise is crazy, it won't seal properly. I feel I am paying on half a car and I am just not happy with the product.
  • 5K out of warranty the passenger side breaks. It is obvious we have a snapped cable and take the car into a Dealership for a quote. It costs us $109 to just "look" at the item which needs to be sent out for a day to a special "trim" expert. They call us back to tell us that the cables are all bunched up and that we need to replace the entire roof.... for $2100. Now the motor works, the entire driver's side works, nothing is crack - yet we need to replace the whole roof! I declined the repair which shocked the lady - we live in Miami where it rains constantly. I called Jeep directly and am onto my second case management specialist.

    Now I understand it is out of warranty but what doesn't work is the fact this is a known defect yet a recall has not been made, and they charge a ridiculous price for the repair. If you have a problem at least reduce the cost of the fix. What middle income family can afford a 2K repair? Which isn't something that you would expect on a relatively new car.

    Has anyone been successful on recourse for this issue? I see some have gone with the Lemon Law, but I am really just looking for the price of the replacement item at no cost at minimum. I am hoping to find out what other out of warranty people have done and what they have been offered?

  • Our jeep is just out of warranty and we are left with a $2100 bill to get it fixed. Because it rains all the time we need to do something or else the whole car is going to be a write off in a few months with water damage. I am working with their case management now and wouldn't mind knowing when they traded your vehicle in did they pay the sales tax / transfer fees / dealer fees etc? Refinancing a loan is going to hit us with extra interest already.
  • I just called Chrysler and put a case in. I have to wait a few days before my case manager gets back to me. Any luck on yours?
  • Onto my third case manager and it has been a week later.
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