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Jeep Liberty SkySlider Roof



  • I have yet to return to the states to have it looked at. My vehicle and I have been overseas for the past four years and this has been an issue for the past year. I got the roof to. A point where there is no water leakage and little wind issues, but it will not lock in to place. I am curious to see what the dealership response will be.
  • catfcatf Posts: 6
    Just wanted to let all know I haven't had my new roof for even year and guess won't seal shut already and before some of theses "wonderful" people on here start saying I did something I have opened it 3 times before it broke. The guy that fixed it is sending me to another dealer with a guy that knows more about them. I'm kinda stuck with it as I did try the lemon law, chrysler, the attorney name it. I thought after the $6500 for a new one i was good to go but nope. So my advice to all on here...keep looking to see if any lawsuits do come up...even though after chrysler refused to recall all those vehicles they were told to theres not much hope on any of that happening or try to get rid of it other than the slider I love my jeep :( So anyways I wish all of you the best and hope things work out for all
  • phillkphillk Posts: 4
    i ve tried this :
    it was the only deflector i found that big. its cheap & thin plastic but it fits and does the job ( reduces the noise significantly), at least for the last 5.000 km i have it on.
  • Did you choose the 45 inch version?
  • phillkphillk Posts: 4
    Yes, the 45' , the biggest one
  • I have a 2008 Liberty with the sunslider roof, we have had problems with the air leaks since we go the car and brought it in for service several times but it never got any better so we just accepted it. Now 5 years later the cable snapped and we have been told the parts alone will cost over $1000.00 and the dealer and Chrysler have refused to help me! Is there any documentation you have that I can send to Chrysler of your roof being covered by Chrysler? We are very happy with our Jeep it is our third one the only issue has been this roof, our Jeep now has 74,000 miles on it and that is why they will not help us. Any suggestions on how I can get them to help?
  • Hello vin1117, all I can help you with is an email address, and a phone number, 1-877-759-5427. The number tho you will need a case manager to get anywhere with I think. You will need to email and get a case manager, and a case number. You really need to stress the poor design, and flaws in the sky slider, yet that same flawed design was continued to be replicated for 5 years!! Until they finally took the liberty off the market. The consumer should not hold the financial burden of fixing the ill designed sky slider when it breaks. Although my issue happened at 32000 miles, they really should cover it at least once. Mine also was a snapped cable, and apparently the entire assembly track. BUT no matter what you do, if you live in New York, and you happen to get Chrysler to cover it, do not!! Go to Atlantic in Bayshore! I don't even want to get into those scummers. Research and find a place that has actually repaired or replaced the top before. Also see if there are any recalls and the number of complaints regarding the top on so you have some backing to the amount of issues consumers had to shell out for on chryslers mistake.
  • Thank you sayray,

    I am in NY but up in Dutchess County, I have already contacted customer assistance and have a case # but have not received any satisfaction yet. I am still waiting for a supervisor to get back to me but so far the dealer or Chryster have been of no help because of the milage I have on my car. My next step is to post a negative comment on the Jeep facebook page to see if that will help at all.
  • Just hold tight. It took almost 2 weeks for me to get any sort of help. Constant battle. The dealer will def not help you in anyway no matter what. The dealership itself is separate from Chrysler corp. In a repair, if it is free of charge as per Chrysler corp the dealer actually makes no money, and does not get reimbursed for parts or labor. The parts are a write off at years end, but not labor. Don't let the dealer try fooling you into paying a "deductible" either. That's their way if trying to make something off of the corporations honored job to you. Write an email expressing your concerns to Chrysler corp website (there's a contact section)with your case number if no response in a week or so, regarding their slow attempt at customer satisfaction, that you have always been a loyal customer of theirs, and may be looking to another mfg of vehicle, along with your family and friends. Good luck! Let me know how it goes! Persistence is key!!
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