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Jeep Liberty SkySlider Roof



  • catfcatf Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    Thanks for trying to help but I did the lemon law and they sent me a letter back saying that the slider roof was not covered. I have spent months contacting Chrysler, lawyers etc with no help. I spent $ having it looked at for them to tell me it's $2000 just for the top. Chrysler denied me after they said they could help me saying my warranty was up. I was even willing to pay some of the charges even though I did nothing to damage the sunroof. I did call Chrysler again and the lady I spoke with stated my case was closed and I couldn't reopen or talk to anyone else.

    This was my first newer vehicle and I loved it when I first saw it and didn't even realize it had the slider until I was test driving it. I didn't have any options left open to get it fixed but turn it in to my insurance company. Have water damage now and was tired of people staring at the tape and plastic I had to put around it to keep the water out. Very disappointed that my first newer vehicle was such a poor thought out plan.
  • Well I am glad your experience went well. I had the same issue owned a 2008 Jeep Liberty for 7 months no problems with the roof. One day last week while closing it the passenger side stopped moving and the roof wouldn't close. Called Chrsyler OOPS SORRRY NOTHING WE CAN DO!!!! Took it to a dealer today and I was told I need a 1600 dollar this and 1315 dollar that like a total of 4000 dollars. The guy was like we only "seen" 2 of these before and really arent sure what it will be. Nice! Why would Chrysler install such an expensive system on a vehicle? I only paid 18000 for the truck and now I need to pay over four thousand to fix the roof? Pitiful, absolutely pitiful.
  • catfcatf Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    I'm so sorry u are having the same problem. Chrysler knows there's a problem but it seems they pick and choose who they help. The restoration place I am having fix it is very good don't get me wrong but he has also never seen one before and I did take it to 2 actual Jeep dealers and one said they couldn't repair it there and the other one had to go online to find diagrams because they weren't sure either. The repair guy has been working with with my insurance and they went from giving me $229 to giving me $1950 more plus my deductible and they don't think they are done yet because just the canvas roof covering was $1300 and I need the whole thing replaced as the tracks are broken and there is no repair just replace. It's already been a week without it and he said hopefully by Sunday but no promises because its a big job. I also contacted the DOT about the safety issues but as I've stated before was just out of options and couldn't come up with the money to fix something that shouldn't have broke in the first place.

    Seriously if enough of us get together maybe someone will take interest and help us out!!!
  • lashayslashays Posts: 1
    I purchase a 2008 Jeep Liberty and I had my vehicle for 3 years and 4 months. I never had any problems with my vehicle until now. My slider roof came off track in the back and it flaps when i drive, I finally got it looked at when it started to leak inside. I took it to the Jeep dealership. They charged me $54 for looking at it then said that the whole frame is broken and the part will cost me $2800 - $3000 with tax. I am like are you serious!!I looked at it before I took it and I dont see where the frame is broken, I just see where it needs to placed back inside the frame. I need some advice??? What do you guys think??? :cry: :cry: :confuse:
  • catfcatf Posts: 6
    Good luck with your slider. I finally got my slider fixed. It took a month and was $6500 when all was said and done. The only way I got my fixed was turning it in to the insurance company. Chrysler only helps a select few apparently and its hard to find any one to fix them, even the jeep dealers, because they say they haven't seen them. I know alot of times it doesn't look like its all broken but when one thing goes then the whole thing has to be replaced. Mine originally flew backwards while driving and even though its fixed now I still worry it may break again. It was a poor design concept and the repair shop that I had fix it was great but he said that because it has plastic pieces on it and they sit in the sun thats what happens. You could try to contact Chrysler some of the people on here got theirs fixed I just didnt have any luck with them. Hope it works out for you.
  • ladymtneerladymtneer Posts: 8
    edited August 2012
    I'm sorry you are having these problems. I guess I was one of the lucky ones that got mine looked at and fixed at a great dealership, then was reimbursed by Jeep for the whole amount. BUT, last week, my husband read that they are thinking about discontinuing the Jeep Liberty, so, last Saturday, I signed the papers on a new car (not Jeep or Chrysler). They gave me $12,000 for my 2008 Jeep as trade in because it only had 37,000 miles on it and I told them it had a new top. Get on the Jeep website and send them an e-mail. Hopefully, you will get a great caseworker like I did (Colleen) and she will work with you. I didn't get angry with them, and I let them know I loved my jeep. When you talk to a caseworker, just be cool and try not to place blame on anyone, but let them know there should be a recall on the skyslider. One thing I didn't do with the skyslider, is, I rarely used it and I was told with the new one, to slide it back once or twice a month so the mechanism didn't get stiff. Good luck & I hope everything works out okay.
  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    I am glad that Chrysler is monitoring this blog but doesn't everyone, including Chrysler see the giant elephant in the room here? I was a very loyal Chrysler owner. This was my 4th Jeep.

    (The Skyslider is a faulty, defective design, and anyone who ever paid any money or continues to pay % to get any fault fixed with this roof deserves to be reimbursed and compensated for their time and trouble).

    What about all of the customers who are ignorant to this forum, think theirs is an isolated incident, and simply get it fixed? Chrysler is benefitting from their own faulty roof design in way too many cases.
  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    I am sorry for your troubles. You are absolutely right. Everyone needs to stop accepting this problem as ok. It is not OK. The Skyslider roof Jeeps require a total recall. To not be able to drive a vehicle in the rain, on the highway due to the noise, etc. I can't believe this is still going on. Good Luck, hang tough.
  • Hi!

    I just purchased a 2012 Jeep Liberty with the skyslider roof. I have been scouring the internet to see how to care for it with no luck!

    Anyone know?

  • Burn it, trade in now (or refuse delivery) or rip it out & have a sheet metal roof made in it's place... You should have checked out this forum BEFORE you purchased the skyslider
  • Hello lynchbro,

    Protection for the Skyslider Roof
    For appearance purposes, you may wish to protect the acrylic (cloth) top periodically. A fabric protectant such as Scotchguard® is suggested. The top should be clean and dry before application of the protectant.

    Avoid getting Scotchguard® on the surrounding weather strips, moldings, paint, or glass. Damage to these items might occur.

    There is other information about properly maintaining the Skyrider Roof in the Owner's Manual starting on page 196.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • phillkphillk Posts: 4
    I m finding so difficult to understand why Chrysler keeps leaving this problem unfixed for so many years. Its just a wind deflector.... Im an owner of a Jeep KK with the sky slider roof and also have this terrible wind noise after 60-65 m/h. I've contact jeepgear,, my home dealer, jeep on facebook=> NOTHING! So, i'll ask the question once more:
    Is there or Is there going to be a wind deflector for the sky slider roof in order to minimize the wind noise?
    Please, answer. There are lots of jeep owners with this problem.
  • usafcrewchiefusafcrewchief Posts: 3
    edited September 2012
    Hi, I am currently US Military stationed overseas and have run into a problem with my Skyrider sunroof. The aft part of the roof has become disconnected from the mechanism in the tracks that actually moves the roof. I messed with it briefly, but I don't see a quick fix to this. I have the two pins to that go from the bracket into the mechanism, but can't find a way to easily get tham back together. I am nervous because I guarentee that any of the Jeep/Chrsyler dealerships here in Spain have not seen this and would have no idea how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated, please and thank you!!!
  • I would highly suggest that you contact Chrysler. The dealerships in Spain probably know as much about the roof as many in the US - it seems to be a foreign mechanism period. Chrysler is known for having great customer service, so I would just save some time and call them.
  • The same thing just happened to mine. I am trying to go through insurance, and they are giving me a hard time. What insurance do you have, and how did you approch it with them?
  • I haven't thought about going through my auto insurance, though I do have USAA. I have been waiting to try and contact Chrysler during the work week, but the time change is making it difficult.
  • catfcatf Posts: 6
    I have liberty mutual and they were great. Told them how it had flew off as i was driving. I have contacted chrysler and even though there are some people on here that said they received help I did not. I know they also say it was a couple thousand to fix but with all the parts and the month it took to fix it was 6500 and 1000 for the rental car. I wish you the best of luck I went with a broken roof for almost a year before I got it fixed because I was jerked around a lot. I really wish chrysler would just admit a problem and step up and help people.
  • I believe customer satisfaction relies heavily on the dealership. I had issues with a Chevy dealership's service department that caused me to not ever want to enter a dealership service department again (and my dad even manages a service department - different dealership). When I had problems with the Jeep, I tried a dealership service department again. I had a terrible experience again and even with Chrysler involved, they were not putting much effort into customer satisfaction. I took the Jeep to a different Jeep dealership and was absolutely amazed - they had the top replaced in 2 days. The difference could be that the second dealership is lower volume and knows many of their customers by name. They need their customers to keep coming back to sustain their service department. They even washed and detailed my vehicle!!! All the dog hair was gone and the tires were shined :) The first dealership is high volume and obviously just does not care at all. It would be nice if all dealership service departments were monitored better by the parent companies.
  • I went through my insurance company as well, which is Geico, and thank God they took care of mine when it also flew off in traffic. It was over $3,500 to repair, and I contacted Chrysler who "escalated my claim" and assigned a case manager to me who was to call me within 24 hours to discuss. I never once heard from her regarding my claim with them. Never. I did get a survey from Chrysler, but when I tried to fill it out, it was "unavailable." I wrote the guy that sent me the survey a letter and sent it certified. No response. This is my third Jeep and every single one of them had their own issues, and you would think I'd have learned my lesson by now. Chrysler makes crappy vehicles and just walks away smiling. They could care less about you or your problems with their products. The Sky Slider was such a cool feature though, I was hooked. My dealership was the one who suggested I go through insurance and thank God they did because I wouldn't have thought of doing that. I contacted a lawyer who is itching to sue Chrysler in a class action, and I'm not sure that's not a bad idea. It's ridiculous to have our insurance premiums go up because Chrysler won't fix an obviously very dangerous design defect. Because they were unwilling to contact me to even discuss the matter or try to, at a minimum, reimburse the deductible I was out of pocket, this WILL be my last Jeep. I will tell everyone I know about how awful they are and their lack of quality service, and I may end up jumping on board with a nice fat lawsuit. I hate Chrysler. If they were really decent they'd also reimburse the insurance companys that have had to fork out thousands of dollars because of their irresponsibility. I don't know how they sleep at night.
  • Good luck! Dad has dealt with customer service for all major auto companies, due to his work, and told me Chrysler has the best customer service of all. He told me this at the very beginning of my Skyslider issues and I found him to be correct - once again.
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