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Audi Q5

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
We think it's normal to feel some trepidation when driving an SUV outside the United States, even a compact crossover like the 2009 Audi Q5. Utility vehicles don't get any kind of special treatment here in Valencia, Spain, and once you stray from the main motorways, the roads get narrow and drivers in subcompacts get fearless. Yet even as we're squeezing the Q5 between medieval buildings with tiny Renaults underfoot, we're relaxed, because Audi's new SUV is the right size.

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Transforming the A4 Into an SUV

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager



  • bszetobszeto Posts: 24
    You forgot to mention the Acura RDX as a possible competitor!
  • cx7lovercx7lover Posts: 50
    The RDX doesn't even touch Audi's level of interior refinement, or powertrain refinement with the V6, not to mention the RDX is fugly.
  • I think this vehicle is at the top of my list for my next vehicle purchase. I wish we could get the 2.0t direct injection gasoline engine. I know that people assume Americans want at least a v6, but the 2.0t is such a sweet engine and would be plenty powerful for me while likely saving a few $ on purchase price and giving a few more MPG. With gas prices where they are, the 2.0t seems to make sense to me if we can't get the diesels. That said, I love the combo of luxury, sport, and practicality this vehicle offers. Bravo Audi.
  • ajwhite72ajwhite72 Posts: 2
    The RDX is direct competition for the Q5, not to mention it is the TOP rated compact luxury suv! (Check comparisions by Edmunds and other car mags, the RDX has won them ALL) This is just an over-priced Tiguan, which is an over priced VW. Buy it for the interior, if you don't mind service department waiting rooms...
  • Too bad the 2.0t direct injection engine and the S-tronic is not making it's way over here, I would have considered it. Oh well, maybe they will offer the S-tronic on the A4 wagon with the 2.0t DI. One can only hope.
  • vta3vta3 Posts: 1
    Whoever said that the Q5 is an overpriced tiguan is an ignorant guy thinking he knows it all. The Q5 is based on the B8 A4 platform not the same platform that tiguan uses. The engine is longitudinally mounted vs. transversely in the tiguan. The RDX won ALL of the comparisons @ edmunds because its not rated on how fugly and poorly built it is. Acura's level of refinement = Honda, and an Acura forever and always will be a Honda.
  • cx7lovercx7lover Posts: 50
    HA! You want to talk about overpriced? Try the RDX, a fugly Honda with a cheap interior and laggy turbocharged engine. They can't even give away RDX's. The Q5 will knock the unrefined RDX out of the park.
  • letsbrealletsbreal Posts: 1
    yeah....the Q5 would MC Hammer all over the RDX, sorry....
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Although this vehicle is not on sale yet, I have seen it on the road in my hometown, actually the same stretch of road when I'm on this road. Let me tell you, the pictures don't do this car justice. It has caught my I the three times I've seen it on the road. Nice looking vehicle!!!
  • Is the Q5 based on the same or similar platform as the VW Tiguan?

    VW and Audi have shared platforms for many of their vehicles, with nicer interiors, different handling characteristics, cachet and pricing separating Audi from VW.
  • So i got a new Q5 and I just want to keep it clean as possible. I decided to purchase a car cover from I got it couple days ago and it looks real okay. But now im worry that what if it damages my paint job? I wish i can just put it on and not care but im still worried and my cover is still in the garage. Should I put it on?
  • Are the Q5's on sale yet? The website and other mags said it wouldn't be out until early 2009 :confuse:
  • how did you get q 5 that is not released in usa? either you'r lying or have an imported euro model.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Sorry, but the Q5 is NOT based on anything VW. It is based off the B8. The TT and the A3 are based somewhat of the Golf platform, but as everyone knows the TT has extensive changes to the platform including use of aluminum. So it is not the same. I thought this type of misinformation had died out in the 90s.
  • Well, I'm still seeing a few Q5's on the road near where I live. They're obviously being driven by people from the Audi dealership as the car has no nomenclature identifying it other than the Audi rings. I must say it is one sweet-looking vehicle! Now, if I could just find a way to get whoever is driving one to pull over so I can have a better look!!
  • Quote: "So i got a new Q5 and I just want to keep it clean as possible. I decided to purchase a car cover from I got it couple days ago and it looks real okay. But now im worry that what if it damages my paint job? I wish i can just put it on and not care but im still worried and my cover is still in the garage. Should I put it on?"

    Ignore this guy. It's a ploy to promote the website. Better yet - tell people never to buy anything from anyone using this kind of deceptive advertising tactic. Basically he wants you to get curious how they get Q5 cover so early and check out his website.

    BTW: I'd tried out the RDX. It drives well but I can't really distinguish the interior from a Honda. Even the current-gen Nissans (not Infiniti) have nicer interior than RDX.

    Another Q5 competitor I haven't seen mentioned yet is the soon-to-release Mercedes GLK site here . I'd also tried X3 and it's too cramped. Also considering 2010 RX350 which should come out soon as well. Things will be interesting in this segment in 2009.
  • Has anyone heard any price ranges for the Audi Q5? If its based on the B8 A4 platform like stated above, then it has to be more than the Audi A4 Pricing for 2009 which is: $40,750 - $48,800. Right??
  • Anyone know its release date and price?
  • My dealer had a couple of (fully loaded) Q5's for staff training today only; I was able to get a decent (30min) test drive.
    What a gorgeous vehicle!! Looks far better than the pics (which are already great) and drives like a dream.

    It's actually pretty roomy inside (loads more than the Tiguan) - plenty of shoulder room and the trunk's pretty good too.

    I'm now working through brochure (also picked up today) and waiting for pricing. Apparently pricing was set but then Mercedes released pricing for the GLK which prompted an Audi rethink (downwards, I assume).
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