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Toyota Highlander Navigation Issues

gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
edited December 2014 in Toyota
Hi Everyone,

Was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a navigation tutorial for the 2008 Highlander, preferably online.



  • gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
    Really, thank you so very much.
  • Does anyone know how to set up the navigator screen to watch video from the rear entertainment syste. I did not know what I did but I be able to see the video on the navigator screen onetime and could not figure out how to do it again. Also, can I install the vip3200 plus system by myself. I have a 2008 sport model and almost fully loaded. It has a keyless entry. Thank in advance for all your help.
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    must be in Park, foot brake on. select DVD and the video will play on the front nav screen
  • Thank nimrod99. It worked well.
  • Okay, does anybody have anything new to report.

    I remember seeing that there is a pre-start workaround that must be done each and every time. The post directed to a google search, I have not been able to find it. Was I not understanding?

    I really don't want to do the hardware work around.

    Thanks for the info.
  • I am having difficulty entering a numbered street (ie 330 - 27th Street). What came up was a choice of highways and the like. What did I do wrong?
  • silveraysilveray Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2010 Highlander Limited with the added (& very expensive) Navigation System Package and I am totally disappointed in it. Not the vehicle, the sound system and the navigation system. The Nav is very awkward, not user friendly at all and antiquated in design. Also not demonstrated by salesman (for good reason apparently) The bluetooth/handsfree phone system connects with my phone OK but will not download my phonebook from my iphone. The sound system has poor radio reception and for having 9 speakers you would expect some richness to the sound but it is quite flat. The whole package, as I assumed it would work, is quite poorly coordinated and designed. When I expressed my disappointment to the Dealer's Customer Service gentleman & the salesman the response was basically "Oh Well" and "I'm sorry". I am so tired of the "gotchas" and the reversal of caring on the part of car dealerships once they have your money! What started out as a good experience has become a very big disappointment. Let the buyer beware
  • beachfish2beachfish2 Posts: 177
    I bought one in January with NAV and XM. The thing is, the XM wasn't installed the day I picked it up, so I got to listen to FM for a couple of days until the XM part came in. FM sound was not great. I'd been driving an '06 Avalon with JBL 12-speaker system and expected about the same sound, or maybe a little less given the volume of the HL interior.

    Guess what, after the XM receiver was installed it all sounded great. Once I tweaked the settings (bass/midrange/treble, fade and balance) it sounded even better and all is well.

    I still need to read the manuals. :)

  • backsterbackster Posts: 12
    edited December 2012
    Has anyone experienced their navigation/ audio system-shutting off (by itself) while in use and then rebooting? Just picked up my 2013 Highlander limited yesterday. Have driven about 400 miles since pick up and have had the navigation/audio system shut down and then reboot at least 5 times. It has done this both when there is a destination set and when there is no destination set. In all situations the system was connected to my iphone 4S via bluetooth and music was playing via bluetooth

    any and all help will be appreciated!
  • The 2013 Nav is awful. Arrival time at destination fluctuates wildly. System gets lost. Right turns instead of left, etc. I may have to get a Garmin and just leave the screen on audio.
  • lildukelilduke Posts: 16
    I've had mine get lost a few times - I will be driving and look down to see the map is in some random place and the car appears to be driving on non-road surfaces. It doesn't resolve if I park and turn the car off, sometimes it lasts for a day or so then magicially is back to normal.

    I live in Chicago, but this has happened both downtown and way out in the suburbs.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    2014 Accord Touring

  • pheaton23pheaton23 Posts: 2
    I see it has been a while since this was posted, but my wife is having this exact same issue. The service department at the dealership has had the car for six hours and says they can't reproduce it. Funny because it happens when she drives for about thirty minutes or so. They tried saying it was because of the iPhone (wonder if they read this), but we informed them that we only own Android phones and it has happened a couple of times with the satellite radio playing. It is very annoying, and makes me think this may be the last toyota I get (at least with navigation). Did you ever find out what the problem was?
  • backsterbackster Posts: 12
    pheaton---good and bad news! After many attempts I was able to get the service advisor to see the problem for himself. They contacted toyota tech support and replaced the extension module which seems to have corrected the problem. My iphone and navigation ...seem to be working correctly.
    Once the extension module was replaced i was able to notice a sirius radio problem (it may have existed previously but never had the opportunity to experience it because unit kept rebooting). I loose the sirius signal for no reason-- I drove the car on saturday the first couple fo hours no problem--parked for 6 or so hours and then drove the same route and I must have lost the sirius signal 20 times in a matter for 2 hours--also periodically get a message on the screen that says to check antenna. this problem has been going on since early January when they replaced the extension module--meeting with the techinal field rep from toyota next week, Good look--- my understanding is there a bullentin on the extension module (my dealer spoke to toytoa to get advice relative to that fix)--- keep us posted

    a question for all of you---when listening to the radio and using navigation does your radio's volume decrease so you can hear the navigation insturction---mine does not but it did on my 08 Sequoia
  • pheaton23pheaton23 Posts: 2

    Whatever happened with the Sirius issue? Sounds like the antenna was somehow unplugged when they fixed the first issue. However, I have dropped the signal in the past with Sirius/XM when between large buildings or out in the middle of nowhere. The volume on our radio does decrease slightly when the navigation is giving voice commands. It doesn't drop too much and does not bother me.

    On my front I just got off the phone with the general manager of the dealership. Seems like a good guy and got in touch with the regional folks. Around here they have not heard of the issue, but they seem willing to give it an honest try. I did pass on the information you gave me to see if it may help them. Thanks and I'll keep you posted.
  • backsterbackster Posts: 12

    Spent about 2 hours yesterday with Toyota's field technical expert--what was determined was the PROBLEM with my sirius is "CHARACTERISTIC" of the highlander. We drove another highlander and it it did the same exact thing--toyota considers this normal. Currently have two other non toyota vehicles with sirius and neither vehicle does this. Also the 08 sequoia that I sold in December didn't do it either. Another loyal toyota owner no more--this will be my last toyota (have had 5 others prior to this one) and last Saturday I bought my son a mazda.

    No for you--I had the opportunity to talk to the field technical expert about your current issue and my previous issue and he stated he has seen it before and that the extension module replacement is the fix.--good luck

    ANYONE interested in a 2013 highlander limited less than $6500 miles--very seriously thinking of getting rid of this vehicle

    good luck Pheaton
  • I wish I had seen this before. About 6 months ago bought a highlander limited 2014. Having the same issue, the navigation reboots out of the blue. Took it to dealer today. Did not find anything wrong. I don't understand how if the 2013 had same issue wouldn't they investigate.
    Another issue I am having and would appreciate feed back is that the navigation screen when you have it on DVD setting has a play and pause button but the DVD when loaded will not operate from the touch screen I have to use the remote to get the movie to start. Anyone have that problem. Dealer said that system was designed to work only from remote. 
    Appreciate any help or feed back from anyone on any of the issues. 
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