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Ford Flex Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • idmdidmd Posts: 23
    Thanks for the reply. The other assorted fees are tag, title, etc and add up to maybe a few hundred. The biggy being the tax @ ~$2400. To me the 40K seems fair. It is essentially the USAA quote +$2500 to cover tax, tag, etc. If they said it was going to be $40100.00 that's not a deal breaker. I just want to be in the ball park.

    Also, I'd imagine in today's economic climate the concept of getting all your money upfront may play a bigger part than in the past especially as 2010 are getting to ready to roll out and these car companies need cash now to stay afloat. They may make more on dealer financing but they still have to wait for that money to come in.
  • mchappellmchappell Posts: 52
    Agree with the previous poster - paying cash is not going to motivate them to make a better deal. When you finance, the bank will pay the dealer in relatively short order, say 30 days. Plus, they get a commission/portion of the APR. You say the 'car companies need cash' - you're not dealing with the car company, you're dealing with the dealer. They/their bank have already paid the 'car company' for the car you're purchasing.

    I always line up my own financing before purchase, but I always give the dealer a chance to meet/beat the rate, as I know that financing is a profit center for them.

  • dano72dano72 Posts: 5
    I just purchased my 09 Flex Lmtd AWD last week. My financing experience reflects the comments of madlock. The size of my cash down payment (over 30%)had almost no effect on the dealership. In fact when I told them I was planning on financing thru my credit union they practically threw what I would call a 'hissy fit'. In fact I nearly walked away from the deal. In the end cooler heads prevailed and the deal was saved. I'm not writing this to scare you away from Ford or the Flex. I did a lot of research before I purchased this vehicle and I think this is a great product. However I am writing this so you and others can use my experience to your benefit. I would leave the financing discussions until the very end of your deal making if possible. They may ask how you intend to finance but you should provide a more generalized statement, in my opinion.

    In the end my Flex had an MSRP of $41K, less $4500 in rebates and approx. $2K redux due to Xplan pricing. I ended up with an OTD price of $36K for a Limited AWD, Panoramic, Two tone roof, rubber mats, and DVD.

    So far I am loving this car. Good luck ...dano
  • kirkmomkirkmom Posts: 2
    Hey Dano and whomever else wants to reply...

    Quick questions (as you've bought what we want almost to a "T")
    1. Why did you finance through your credit union if Ford offers 0% financing?
    2. How did you get the x-plan pricing? Are you a share holder or Ford employee (or friend/family member is?) I'm trying to get my hands on a PIN # so we qualify for that. Don't know if just buying a share of stock will qualify me - and if so - how long do I have to wait to get my PIN # from Ford if that's protocol? (And is one share enough to qualify me? And if so - why doesn't everyone go out and buy one before buying a Ford?) Sorry - went off on a tangent of questions...

  • dano72dano72 Posts: 5
    Hello Kirkmom,

    I decided to take the cash rebates of $4500 instead of taking the 0%, it's an either or decision. I ended up financing thru the dealer and not thru my credit union after we renogtiated my trade-in.

    I was eligible for x-plan pricing thru my employer. I was able to get a PIN and I took that to the dealer. However, they still requested my W-2 to prove employment.

    Unfortunately, I am not sure if owning shares of Ford stock makes you eligible. I think I did read that either here or in another forum. However I don't recall the details. Hopefully someone else chimes in for you and provides some info on getting X plan.

    Good luck and I hope you get a great deal on the Flex! Dano
  • madlockmadlock Posts: 39
    Yes, buying a single share of Ford stock qualifies you for X-Plan pricing. While most dealers will just as quickly negotiate down to that point (invariably invoice less ~100), but you cannot qualify for any further incentives which are often paired with X-Plan purchases without a PIN.

    Ford has a shareholder relations number you can call especially for issuing X-Plan PINs. The contact number is widely available via Google.

    WRT financing, one might as well finance where the best rate is offered, but even with recent "loosening", the credit market isn't what it once was; and walking into a dealer "locked and loaded" wise counsel for anyone. As most sales regions allow either/or in terms of cash or 0%, there's certainly no incentive to put-off arranging for financing in advance, especially if someone is going to be financing a substantial portion of an expensive vehicle.

    Though we could have paid cash for the car, there were several reasons why we chose to not do so. Firstly, with such low interest rates and generally low availability of credit in the marketplace, to not use it when offered may lead to a future scenario when it's wanted and not available. Even at the additional cost, guaranteed access to funding and capital preservation certainly makes financing worthwhile, even at nominal interest rates,

    Second, as Ford Advantage was the only reason why we chose to buy a vehicle at this time contrary to the general economic environment, partaking requires financing. We simply structured the loan term to create payments equal to the maximum coverage. Given the uncertainty of the times, I have absolutely no qualms about both securing funds and insuring against loss on a fee-for-service basis as I would have during a "normal" economic climate.

    The matter of dealer attitude toward financing shouldn't be any mystery. With the exception of establishing that a buyer is capable of and qualified to purchase the vehicle in question, there is absolutely no positive connotation to the amount of "cash down" a buyer is prepared to place as there was once upon a time when individual dealers and banks worked more closely together and their customers' creditworthiness actually impacted that dealer's access to future financing, and the dealer played a meaningful part in assessing creditworthiness beyond just submitting computerized applications as they do today.

    Nowadays, finaning has become such a "blind" process with all of the credit-making decisions made between the lending institutions and the credit reporting agencies, it is has become no more integral to they buying process than a "yes" or "no" to people who haven't arranged for it in advance. What has changed most, however, is that financing has become like every other part of the car buying process, a potential profit center; and many dealers place great pressure upon their sales associates to generate profits from every area including the vehicle, warranty, and financing. Such is the reason why denying the dealer an opportunity to lend is denying them the chance at additional profit.

    And so much more the reason why each aspect of the transaction should be negotiated independently, without the presumption of any other. It should begin with determining the purchase price of the vehicle itself, and only then should any discussion of any extended warranty or service plan. Once that total is established, the discussion can then turn to trade-in value, and the buyer can be confident that each part of the transaction is determined fairly, and without any one being permitted to obscure another. Then, and only then, should financing be discussed, if necessary. And it doesn't always make sense to let the dealer make a "pitch", unless he can guarantee you a better rate in advance as it could create another inquiry upon your credit report which can have a negative impact upon your credit score.

    In these days of no secrets, when customers are armed with every conceivable fact and figure, the era of high-margin sales are largely over. Dealers are having to depend upon much narrower margins from broader sources, which is why matters like warranties and financing can be so important to some dealers. From a banking perspective, a third-party financed deal is no different to the dealer than a cash transaction. Of course, no dealer should behave negatively if a customer doesn't require financing; unless he expects you to finance solely for his benefit. And if that's the case, the dealer should be just as eager to pay your interest too. :)
  • I chose the Ford Flex mainly because the dealer was the most reasonable, freindly, and not at all bullish or pushy. I was close to getting a Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander, but since they were either pushy, bullish, or simply unrealistic, I walked back to Ford.

    I bought the 09 Flex AWD with DVD, Convienience and LIghting Package, Tow Package, two-tone roof, roof rails. We paid $31700 after $4500 in rebates (took financing over 0% because the APR was low due to excellent credit and they offered more rebates). I guess the dealer will make up some profit in the APR because there didn't seem to be much left in the Flex.

    I have to say Ford was great in every respect. From the very beginning they gave us very fair numbers and did negotiate to a price we wanted. This sold us more than the Flex (and the Flex is just a fun car anyway). Never once did they push us around, and the Finance guy was also reasonable.

    Reading these posts helped me emmensely. Go in armed with information (print outs even better) and you will have a positive experience. I studied this site for every positive angle for me and it helped greatly. I am not saying this dealer would have taken advantage of me, but the game certainly changed when they knew I did all my homework.

    Now if this Flex holds up and Ford does well with service I might just switch completely back (was a Toyota guy). Too bad they aren't not made in the USA as that would be the icing on the cake, but Canada is close enough.
  • madlockmadlock Posts: 39
    Congratulations, and I'm glad to know you found so much if the information provided to be useful.

    I presume, by your options, that you chose an SEL. Which DVD system did your Flex include? Was it the Overhead or Headrest system? Presuming it was the Overhead system and depending on which manufacturing run it happened to be part of, it looks like you managed to get them to cede a few hundred below invoice, a deal that's a winner in anyone's book as it left enough on the table for the dealership to earn a living too.

  • skatskat Posts: 1
    "2009 Ford Flex SEL w/ AWD. Silver with two tone white top, convienience package, lighting package, tow package, Sync, Roof rails, Rear DVD system. $36200 minus $4500 in rebates.$31700. Not bad! "

    --Where are you getting a $4500 rebate? We have only found $1500 + $1500 + $500, totaling $3500. On the SEL with no DVD, the best price we are getting is $29,800 before TTL.
  • madlockmadlock Posts: 39
    The total incentive amounts vary from state to state.
  • JTOJTO Posts: 28
    I've been out of the country for awhile (since Jan), but I've been watching the prices, and rebates on the Flex. By July I should be home, and will pick up where I left off at the dealers. Where's the best place to find out current rebates and incentives? Edmunds seems pretty good, but are there other areas I should look? Being this close to the new model year I'm guess Ford will start adding decent rebates on the 2009's. Other then the Ecoboost there seems little new to the 2010's.

    BTW.. I've checked for used, and have found little other then 'demo' models. The prices aren't any better then new. Are the Flex's selling that well?
  • madlockmadlock Posts: 39
    Yes, the proverbial "horse's mouth", the Ford website.
  • Hello all, I am looking for a 2009 FWD SEL FORD FLEX with vista roof and white two-tone roof. I live nearby Atlanta, GA and there are very few vehicles meeting my criteria.
    I do get several offers from different dealerships, and I know they are all talking about the same vehicle.
    It is a 2009 FWD Ford Flex SEL model with vista roof and white two-tone roof, redfire color for the bottom. It also has the other optional equipments:
    such as

    The drive out price that they provide is 29635.40 , which is averagely about 3000 dollars lower than the prices that other dealership provide. This price is definitely very attractive for me and I want to go down there and have a try, but will there be any hidden risk here that I don't see? Can anyone tell me what I should pay attention to?
    Thank you very much for any inputs.
    Have a great weekend! :lemon: :)
  • madlockmadlock Posts: 39
    What is the sticker price of the vehicle in question? What incentives are you eligible to receive or do you qualify for?

    It's impossible to know what is being proposed without this information.
  • jaxwittjaxwitt Posts: 2
    We were given a quote last night on a '09 FLEX SEL. After reading what the MSRP is vs the Dealer Invoice Price, I want to find out if what I want to actually go back to the dealer with is reasonable.

    $38,880 MSRP
    +499.00 Appearance Protection (added by dealer)
    +99.00 Nitro (added by dealer)
    +249.00 Theft Protection (added by dealer)
    -2,596.02 X Plan
    -2,000.00 Rebates
    $35.030.98 SELLING PRICE
    - $2,500.00 trade-in value (which is nothing near what research says it to be)
    $32,530.98 ADJUSTED PRICE
    $35,543.35 BALANCE Due with tax, tag, tire/battery fee, and Dealer Svc. Fee

    I'm wanting the starting price to be $36,500 instead of $38,880. And maybe add a little more to the trade-in. Is that totally out of line? The salesman said "Ford" wouldn't allow them to negotiate the price any differently since we were given the X Plan and rebates. Is that true?

    Any advice is much appreciate!
  • madlockmadlock Posts: 39
    X-Plan isn't a "dollar off" amount; it's a fixed price calculated for each vehicle. Like dealer invoice, It is a sum-total amount. And yes, if a vehicle is sold under the auspices of X-Plan, the dealer cannot discount further. X-Plan is a flat-price buying scheme and therefore non-negotiable by definition.

    If, what you mean is that vehicle's X-Plan price is $36,283.98, you're already below your desired starting point for negotiation and, I'd wager, dealer invoice. However, with respect to your math (which nets-out at $35,130.98 BTW), it's rather impossible to know given everything else you've rolled-in to further obscure the actual figures (and also doing a fair share of the salesperson's work for him/her), As for trade-in value, tax, title, other compulsory fees, and rebates, they have no business as part of your negotiations as they have absolutely nothing to do with the purchase price.

    Your trade-in is something you're going to have to simply weigh on your own whether the dealer is offering you enough to make it worth your while to accept their offer rather than selling it outright, keeping in mind that any trade allowance will also likely reduce the total sales tax you eventually pay. Taxes and other legislated fees are universally applicable costs that everyone pays and cannot be negotiated. (Though if this "Dealer Service Fee" you mention is any more than a nominal amount or a term the dealer uses instead of "additional profit", you should add your own line-item deduction for "Consumer Time and Attention" for precisely twice that amount.

    The rebate does NOT reduce the vehicle's purchase price. It is monies rebated to you after the purchase, toward your downpayment. In addition to the myriad obvious reasons why rebates are not appropriate elements in the negotiated purchase price, unless you live in a small handful of states where things are done differently, you will pay sales tax on any rebates you receive.

    With respect to the dealer-installed items, they are part of the vehicle; and unless the dealer can and is willing to remove them from the vehicle, you are going to have to pay something for them which should be determined as an additional amount separate and distinct from the negotiated cost of the vehicle itself. Unless they are OEM Ford accessories, as some remote start and security systems can be, they are also likely to be most profitable items for the dealer. I have no idea whatever the hell "Appearance Protection" could be and why it would cost $499.00 when the warranty covers the paint and body against corrosion and your insurance protects you against damage, but it sure smacks of Jerry Lundergaard hawking "Tru-Coat". Even so, they're part of the purchase that you're going to have to contend with accordingly if you want to buy that particular vehicle.

    While X-Plan is a fixed-price, nothing prevents the dealer from selling it conventionally as a freely-negotiated sale for any amount they choose. They may say they "can't", which means they "don't want to", as any further reduction will simply come from the dealer's post-sale profit margin. The dealer is also free to pay you any amount it chooses for your trade-in. However he chooses to do his bookkeeping beyond that point is of no nevermind to you, provided the dealer doesn't use it as an opportunity to hide other expenses or use it as a pretense for resisting further concessions which, as I've described, is precisely why nothing could put you at a greater disadvantage than negotiating a "final price" without first resolving each of its constituent elements.
  • jaxwittjaxwitt Posts: 2
    WOW - lots of good information.
    The numbers I previously input came directly from the dealers "work sheet" and was incorrectly typed $499.00 instead of $399.00 for the Appearance Protection so the math did appear screwy. We were told Appearance Protection was a polymer wax/sealant on the outside and industrial Scotchguard on the inside seats and carpet - but the seats are leather (go figure!).

    Regarding your Rebate information - still a bit unclear. The dealer listed the rebates we qualified for prior to the quoted "Selling Price" (as indicated in our first posting). Are you saying the rebates should not be included at that point? And if not, when do they get included. And then the rebates change depending on finance options...very confusing...

    Again - appreciate your assistance MADLOCK!
  • madlockmadlock Posts: 39
    Dealer "worksheets" are formatted as they are for very specific reasons, one of which is the manner by which they deliberately present the information in ways that make determining their constituent elements more difficult. Work from your own worksheet that doesn't; the dealer can write-up the purchase any way it likes after-the-fact.

    I would ask the dealer how many customers whose vehicle did not include the dealer-applied "Protection Package" independently chose to have it applied after-the-fact. While ScotchGard is a great idea, it's also about $7 a can and ideally should be reapplied periodically and after major cleanings to ensure its efficacy. You may want to invest in a couple of cans to set on the dealer's desk to go with your "no thank you".

    You should also ask what super-secret formula they use to protect the exterior by specific name, calling them to account for either why it doesn't seem to be among those used by the most reputable of detailers and refinishers, or why, when applied by a detailer, typically costs 50% less. You may not be able to eliminate the entire expense, but you can certainly try to compel them to reduce the amount they charge to a "reasonable" one (though how choosing to detail a new vehicle would be "reasonable" is a mystery and another question to which I'm sure they'd offer an amusing, if not plausible, answer).
  • Hey there - Just purchased today. MSRP 41,715. Sales price with 0% for 60 - 38K (no rebates b/c here in GA you can't have 0% for 60 with rebate cash). 250 dealer doc fee which I knew about before negotiating. Very nice experience with the folks I dealt with - very happy. Love the car! Very pleased with the whole experience!
  • duece248duece248 Posts: 4
    Picked one up at Royal Oak Ford, Royal Oak MI. There were they found and extra $2250 of incentives without my asking. Thank you Royal Oak Ford. Awesome, no pressure shopping. If you live in the Royal Oak area see John Agnello, he was very knowledgeable and courteous. Here's the breakdown:

    $34,900 MSRP for a 2009 Ford Flex SEL, Cinnamon metallic w/ white roof, medium light stone leather, SYNC, 2nd row captains/console w/ push button seat flip, roof rails, rubber mats.
    -$1950 X-Plan discount
    -$3500 Cash back
    -$1500 First 3 payments incentive
    -$1500 GM owner cash incentive
    -$750 Potential buyer certificate
    Total - $25,700 +tax/title/fees

    This is a sweet ride but it feels even sweeter when you get a great deal!
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