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Ford Flex Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • redogmaredogma Posts: 2
    2010 Flex SE FWD
    MSRP: $31,195
    Invoice: $29,826
    Trade: 2005 Nissan Quest - $8500 -KBB value is only $7875
    Selling Price: $17,056 - will pay cash. No special APR
    However, it has 1200 miles on it. Told counts as new because it was never registered.

    Deal or no deal?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Not even broken in yet. although the warranty ends at 36k, the time begins on the date of the sale. If you like it, and it is showroom perfect, no dings, or other blemishes, good deal.
  • Just got a 2011 Ford Flex SEL FWD with 3.5 L. Options were white platinum metallic paint ($495) and convenience package (Rapid Spec 202A) ($2500)

    MSRP was $34,645

    There was a $1000 leather discount and $2500 back from Ford and I put down $12,500 downpayment.

    Got 2.9% 60 month loan

    Paid $29,000 plus tax and title, which here in Los Angeles is alot!
  • redogmaredogma Posts: 2
    Thanks, acdii. I bought my 2010 Flex SE (Tux black w/ Silver Ingot roof) w/ remote starter, tow package, roof rails, and SYNCH for $4850 under invoice ($29,826). This doesn't include full KBB value for a beat up Nissan Quest minivan that was on its way out. Negotiated an extra 1,000 miles warranty and 2 free oil changes. Couldn't get them to budge on the doc fee of $295, so I had to get something in return. ;)
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I could not find the exact model SEL Ecoboost I wanted. I wanted one without the Vista, but with the split second row, roof rails and towing package. Well the one I got doesnt have the roof rails or towing package.

    Optioned with the tow package adds $570, I priced out having the dealer install one and its under $500, but a few items are left out, such as the extra cooler and a relay kit. If you want to tow with it, I recommend getting the tow package, installing it later will cost more then the $570 option. I also dont know if sway control is built into the AWD Ecoboost, or if its added with the tow package.

    Oh I also noticed you can no longer get it in Cinnamon and the park assist is no longer part of the Ecoboost package.

    So if you are looking for an SEL Ecoboost with tow in Cinnamon, and find one, get it now, you wont be able to in the 2011 models.
  • I purchased a 2011 Flex SE, med blue w/ silver roof, sync, and floor mats (MSRP $30,715) in PA. I paid $28,784 (about $800 below invoice) plus I got $3250 in cash rebates ($1500 year end event, $1000 customer cash, and $750 brochure coupon) to pay $25534. I also got 3.25% financing for 60 months (PNC bank, set up through the dealer). I'm loving the car so far!
  • Just bought a white 2010 Flex Limited with Ecoboost, Vista roof, park assist and tow package for $32,500. Total out the door was 34,600.
    Car was 'used' - having 6000 miles on it.
    Purchased from The Sharpe Collection in Grand Rapids.
    I arranged the purchase on the phone, and they drove 2 hours to meet me 1/2 way, with all the paperwork ready.
    Overall a good buying experience - Hope to have the same with the car.
  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    I am also looking at a 2011 ford flex limited duratec demo with 5.6k on it. Has tow package navigation and mats. Dealer says he can strike of 5k off the msrp-2.5k current promotion. So 42650-5000-2500 = 35150. How is this price? I didn't had negotiation, what do you think would be a better price on this one?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    That all depends on if it is being sold to you as new or used. That price less than I paid for an SEL Ecoboost. What you may want to do is check on x plan, invoice pricing, etc on a 2011 model with the same features, and look at used with same miles to see how they compare. If you get full incentives and low financing(if needed) then that price isnt bad.
  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    It's being sold as a new car. I don't know much about the x plan Could you please elaborate.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    X-Plan is Dealer Invoice - 0.4% of Invoice + $275 Administration Fee, helps if you want a quick deal, and dont want to hassle. You can qualify for one if you are a member of certain organizations, or hold stock. A quick way to get one is to join the EAA. Membership gives you access to X Plan pricing.

    Go to and search X plan, there is a thread there with more information on the X plan. Review the pricings there to get an idea if you are getting a good deal. If the price is below what the X plan is, decent deal.

    X plan on a 2011 Flex Limited is $34,889, add in options to get the total cost of the package.

    When I bought mine I found a link to the actual invoice pricing current at the time that listed each options cost, so after adding it up I came to the exact cost for the car I wanted, and then negotiated down from there. I never mentioned X plan, just my ball park figure, which was below the actual base line I was looking for. I also dealt via email and found that to be the perfect medium for negotiating. The dealer cant see your face. What I like about X plan, it gives you a good starting point, never go above it, instead use it as a wild card.
  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    Thank you very much for your help and suggestions.
  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    How is this price:

    2011 ford flex demo 5600 miles with vista roof pack, 20" wheels, 2nd & 3rd row autofold. Weather mats for $35800+tax. My offer was 32000.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    what is sticker on it? That is what I paid for an SEL Ecoboost with the second row captains chairs, and park assist.
  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    edited December 2010
    Sticker price is 42650
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    What model and options are on it, hard to say if its a decent price without knowing what it has.
  • The sticker price was $34,345. I got $3500 rebate for last year 2010 model. I got about $1800 off for Z Plan. Out the door price for my Ford Flex SEL was $30, 600. I love it. It has SYNC Voice Command, convenience pkg, towing pkg, and auto fold 2nd row 40/40 seats. Flex is Steel Blue Metallic and I have had 99 compliments on it. Only one jealous person said it looks "like a meat wagon." I would do it all again as it is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Meat wagon? hmmm, people call mine a hearse. I think it looks more like a brick, especially when its in Cinnamon.
  • redline122redline122 Posts: 67
    edited January 2011
    I was reviewing the X Plan pricing on the 2011 flex. This is what the plan price would be for the two trim levels I am considering - it will ultimately be leased:

    1. 2011 Ford Flex Limited FWD, 3.5L V6 Duratec Engine
    MSRP: $37,845
    X-Plan Price: $35,889
    Total Incentives: $1,500
    Net X-Plan Price3: $34,389

    2. 2011 Ford Flex Titanium FWD, 3.5L V6 Duratec Engine
    MSRP: $40,340
    X-Plan Price1: $38,150
    Total Incentives: $1,500
    Net X-Plan Price3: $36,650

    These are the incentives that are being used:
    >> Retail Customer Cash (Program #11366)
    Cash Incentive: $1,000
    Offer Valid: 2011-01-04 - 2011-01-10
    Disclaimer: Program #11366:Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 1/10/2011. See dealer for residency restrictions and complete details.

    >> A/X/Z/D-Plan Dealer Cash (Program #90518)
    Cash Incentive: $500
    Offer Valid: 2011-01-04 - 2011-02-28
    Disclaimer: Program #90518:Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 2/28/2011. See dealer for residency restrictions and complete details.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Good, you have a baseline, now find Invoice price for those two models, and start negotiating from there. Don't mention X plan, and don't mention leasing, or financing. Set a target price in your mind somewhere between invoice and xplan, and shoot for that with the dealer. Once you settle on the price, then work on financing, trade etc. I used this tactic to get my Flex, and did it via email, what that does is it alerts the dealer that you are shopping around, and the first dealer that meets your price gets the sale, so they are more willing to negotiate a decent price to get you in to buy.
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