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Ford Flex New Owner Reports



  • We finally bought a Flex and the decision was in no small part due to the great long term review provided by Ours is a Red, AWD Limited with a white roof (Tow Pkg, Vista, Family DVD, 40/40 2nd row). I admit that we discussed the looks quite a bit, but once we bought it, all the concern went away. Not only that, but it has become a magnet. Friends, lots of friends, come by just to check it out. When they climb inside, they get this big grin and talk about how much they like it.

    Favorite Elements - The looks (especially with the white roof), the space, Sync, split-fold seats in every row, the pass through to the third row is a good size, great visibility, the recess behind the 3rd row is just the right size and height for groceries.

    Least Favorite - The mileage is great on the highway, but in the teens around town, the often noted gap in the ceiling liner, the 2nd row seats don't lock as easily as they should, the white roof is marginally executed. You see feathering when you look through the sunroof.

    Final thoughts - We are absolutely loving the car and its looks (You get a lot of looks). However, if you buy one be sure to check the roof liner in the front. You may find that it is not securely fastened and is hanging more than an inch lower than it should. If you have a sunroof, open it and look at the gap between the liner and the roof.
  • I had an opportunity to rent a Ford Flex sel for 10 days. Enterprise Rental offered it for $5 a day over the cost of a compact.

    My vacation was in Maui. My speeds averaged 40 mph since the highest posted speed limit on the island is 55 mph. The flex had 4000 miles on the odmeter.

    Overall I was very impressed with the Flex. The ride was smooth. Very good steering response. Easy to drive. The seat comfort was good. Lots of space, especially with the rear seats down. Liked the backup warning beep.

    Minor gripes was the base Sony stereo, which was just average. I loved the blue instrument panel at night for its looks but found them hard to quickly identify which button to push while driving. I wished the headlights were brighter at night. And I averaged 20 mpg (I thought it would be better with the speeds I drove).

    Definitely still on my list to purchase. But I will wait to see what the Ford C-Max offers when it comes out next year.
  • Does this vehicle have a quiet ride or at interstate speeds is there a lot of road noise?
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,210
    Very quiet on the highway and virtually no road noise is heard at all. I have an '09 Limited which has laminated front side and windshield glass but the SE and SEL trims, sans the laminated glass, are nearly as quiet from what I've read.
  • Hey everyone or anyone:

    We've had our 2010 Cinnamon Flex for about 90 days now and with me the jury's still out. The wife loved it the moment she saw it and was sold the moment her hini hit the front seat. My brother actually builds them and it's unanimous even with the guys on the line " they grow on you" Our mileage is rock steady @ 9lt / 100km indicated digitally on the dash as are many useful & useless stats. It really is a dream to drive and feels absolutely enormous inside. I should point out that we haven't had the finances to purchase new in some time, so anything is a dream at first.
    I still contend that the second row of seats should move or slide back and forward to adjust foot space. It literally feels like your riding in a limo back there but with the ability to slide it forward a tad even the third rowers would feel important. Everything we looked at with third row seating, which aren't that many in this price range unless you include mini-vans lacked any substantial space way way back in the third row. They all do a good job of hiding or stowing the rear seats but none that we could find were much better seating wise than for the grand kiddies.

    In honesty I wanted the Edge, Mama wanted the Flex and the third row was important if only for the grandkids. * Note how she selects a vehicle with the grand kids in mind but makes certain there as far back from her as possible when driving. The headrests are a nuisance at first but you do get used to them. I only just heard on the forums here about a 180 degree adjustment and I'm not quite sold on that just yet. The wifes put 12000 km on in just 3 months which really is high for her but maybe an indication? We also bought a 2008 Dodge Caliber with very low mileage around the same time for our teen-age daughters and for the most part thats what I drive. The wife just cringed both times she had to drive the Caliber and yet she was all " this is the one" when we decided on it. Another indication of her affection for the Flex?

    All in all I have no real issues or even complaints with the wifes, ooops, I mean our Flex. It will always look a little odd or different to me, but when Mama's happy, well then I'm happy.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    New Flex owners, please stop by this discussion and tell us what you think of the head restraints on your Flex.

    New Head Restraints – Safety, Torture, or Both?

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  • ttwebttweb Posts: 17
    Well I bought a new Flex Ecoboost (AWD Limited) and I absolutely love it. Delivered with 209 miles on it and now after 1 week I am at about 1900 miles!!! Much of that was a long drive from Minnesota to Wisconsin and back home to Arkansas.
    The Flex handles great, drives quiet but after that many miles I have discover one unusual problem that I am having difficulty trouble shooting. I was driving the interstate system at average speeds of 75-80mph. Both Saturday and Sunday through Missouri I noticed what can best be described as a rolling vibration. Kind of like the waves washing up on the shore. Every 4-5 seconds there would be this silent, strong vibration that I could feel both through the steering wheel and the seat. Then it would fade for a few seconds and then return.
    I tried the following tests to see if I could control it:
    - I sped up to 100mph twice to see if it would intensify greatly with higher speed (tire related). It did not. But it was more noticeable at 80 than at 75.
    - I turned off the climate system to see if it was related to the A/C compression. It did not go away.
    - I turned off the cruise control. No change.

    I thought it might be related to wind hitting the car and just the right frequency or something but I experienced it both in a crosswind (Driving West with a wind from the North) and a tail wind (driving south with a wind from the North.).
    There seemed to be some relief from it when turning along a shallow corner in the freeway.

    My guess would be that it has something to do with the drive train or the the anti-sway feature applying the engine management and/or brakes at a certain frequency.

    Any guesses, thoughts, additional trouble shooting recommendations before I take it to the dealer. I just know this is going to be one of those difficult to diagnose problems by a dealer, especially in a small town with very few Flex's around. Just trying to increase my odds of finding the problem quickly.

    Thanks in advance for any and all input on this. Otherwise the vehicle is an absolute dream to drive and ride in.
  • jonerobjonerob Posts: 8
    your tires that is? :confuse: , return to your selling dealer if :mad: possible have them balanced or replaced if they are hankooks, get the goodyear RSA.
  • csherrencsherren Posts: 14
    I am having the same issues. The car rattles and shakes when driving, the back and back passenger hits the bumps hard. My flex has been in 5 times and i am very frustrated :mad:
  • csherrencsherren Posts: 14
    I am experiencing the same vibration while driving and going over bumps my car feels like an army hmmvee. The car has been in the service over 5 times.I am so frustated. I cannot drive with both back windows down without it feeling like the car is going to fall apart. ; :cry:
  • csherrencsherren Posts: 14
    I have taken my car/flex in over 5 times for the rough ride/rattling and shaking. i do not think the dealer is taking me serious. I called ford and they told me the service director at sheehy ford springfield va said it is supposed to ride rough. I am scared that there is something wrong they are not addressing and the saftey of my child
  • csherrencsherren Posts: 14
    did some research, i would take it to the dealer and have them look at it and repair it. If the problem still persists keep taking it back and document everything. I live in VA and the Lemon Law states you have to have it in at least 3 times for the same issue and then you have to give teh dealer a letter of notice (go to lemon for sample letter) you have 18 months from the time you purchase, 3 times, letter and they have one more chance to fix it.
  • jonerobjonerob Posts: 8
    If you have a bad taste :sick: in your mouth from this vehicle, try the lemon law :lemon: . I like my car and would not have bought it if I did not. I'll fix what's wrong and have them fix it at their expense if it's related to something they did. I bought a LINCOLN MKt, it's the brother to the FLEX with rounded edges and a few more options and less third row head room but I'm not complaining because I don't sit back there :shades: . I would only go with the lemon law if the defect was terminal to the motor/transmission or a safety related electrical gremlin. Make them replace your rims and tires if you really like the FLEX.
  • csherrencsherren Posts: 14
    Hey there,
    Love the Flex, but really its been in there 5 times and they still cannot get it fixed. Does not seem like they are really intersted in finding the issue especailly when they are stuffing cushion on the roof interior as a solution. As a single mom i am always running around (only one car) so it gets kind of hectic if the car is always in the shop.
  • ttwebttweb Posts: 17
    Got it to the Ford Dealer on Monday. The front two tires were a little out of balance. No issue when they road force tested them however. But after the balance, all seems to be working as it should. I haven't had the opportunity to take it on an extended freeway drive but the short segments have been fine.

    Other than that the vehicle has been flawless. Now have 2300 miles on in just over two weeks.

    Again thank you all for the ideas.

  • csherrencsherren Posts: 14
    Great to hear!!
    Mine still shakes, rattles down the road and a little swaying from left to right. Still waiting to hear from Ford. I sent a formal letter for the issue to be repaired. I do not think it is normal and the dealer wrote me off saying it is supposed to ride rough!!
  • ttwebttweb Posts: 17
    I actually think the ride of the Flex is just fine. Mine has the 20inch rims so you notice bumps but I have a far firmer ride in my PT Cruiser.
    And yes if you put the back two windows down only you will get some wild turbulence that sounds like a rumble because the air as no escape out the rear of the car. If you open all four, it is not likely to happen.
    The vibration I had was only at freeway speeds and proved to be from the tires being slightly out of balance.
  • csherrencsherren Posts: 14
    Yes I uderstand, and happy yours rides right. I have RATTLING,SHAKING and CLA CLUNK in the back of the car. I understand the NORMAL ride. But the car should NOT RATTLE OR SHAKE. SORRY
    MINE does NOT ride RIGHT. I have NUMEROUS people ride in the car so NO I am not a CRAZY WOMAN!!
  • ttwebttweb Posts: 17
    Agreed. Did not mean to indicate that your car issues are not real. My apologies.
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