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Ford Flex New Owner Reports



  • Ford needs to get its act together with vent doors. After having to do the online blend door fix on my 97 Explorer (still holding), now my 2009 Flex makes a clicking noise whenever the air system is not on recirculation. I dropped the glove box door and the noise is definitely coming from the motor or actuator behind the glove box on the recirc vent. Has anyone else had this problem and can recommend a fix?
  • clickrs2clickrs2 Posts: 3
    To tell you the truth we brought the Flex for all the options inside that we wanted but couldn't afford in another car. We weren't impressed with the style. But after owning it just a week we are in love with it. We even like the looks of it now. The roof rails, add to it and we are having the FLEX lettering added to the front like in the Titanium model. We just cannot believe the luxury and all the options in this car for the cost. Great value, hopefully we feel this way after a year or two. We needed the room for our extended family road trips and vacations, and now have it plus some.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Congrats. We love the flex too. I wish I could have kept it and get a new truck too, but one took priority over the other, so someone will be getting a nice Flex EB. Kids are mad at me though, I got rid of both their favorite cars.
  • gkaminskygkaminsky Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Flex SEL with the same problem. I called the dealer and they told me it is the actuator for the recirculating door. I am in the process of taking apart the dash/radio bezel to access the part but am struggling with the bezel removal. I have already removed the bezel over the shift lever and removed the 2 bolts from the radio bezel but can't get it to move. I am afraid to pull on it too hard for fear of breaking the bezel. Any thoughts?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    No longer under warranty? I would let the dealer fix it, before you break something that can cost more than the actual repairs. Been there done that.
  • I agree 100% about the golf clubs!! How dumb is right!! We almost did not buy our Flex based just on that. Other than that (and it's a biggie) we really do love the vehicle. Rides like a dream.
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