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2009 Mini v. 2009 Honda Fit Sport



  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    With the Fit, you are stuck on Economy mode. You don't choose.

    With the Fit Sport with paddle shifters, you can quickly downshift to kick in the you do have a choice.
  • With the Fit Sport, drop the gearshift into S, and she winds out every gear for all she's worth. Hit the Paddles in S mode, and you're in Manual mode. Gear shifts happen only when you hit the paddles. An indicator on the dash tells you the gear you're in along with an "m"... m1, m2 etc.

    Lots of fun. I'm looking forward to the end of the break in period so I can really let 'er rip. She's kinda weak, but she's willing and that makes her fun.
  • ltqltq Posts: 28
    Hi bobw3,

    That's not what I meant. I meant 170hp/177 lb-ft of torque on the Clubman S (automatic or not) gives you the dual character. The engine on the Fit gets you stuck in the economy mode, as with the regular Clubman. It has nothing to do with the transmission. :)
  • cmobicmobi Posts: 2
    I bought a new 2008 Fit (Sport MT) after comparing it to the Mini Cooper S and Mazda Speed3. Mini S and Speed3 were a blast to test drive (highly, highly, recommended) but I did not want run-flat tires (heavy, expensive to replace, and you get no spare tire) or have to use premium gas. The standard Mini and Mazda 3 seemed rather boring after driving their high performance versions. To me, the Fit MT seemed to be the "S" or "Speed3" version compared to the Fit AT (turbo-like surge when you hit 4000+ rpm), plus I get a spare tire, it uses regular gas, easily swallows mom's wheelchair (upright, folded narrow in front of the rear seats up), and has a flat cargo area with the rear seats down. Plus no humongous center dash speedo, no potentially troublesome turbo, and much cheaper. But you gotta test drive a Mini Cooper S or Mazda Speed3 too.
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    Think you might be comparing vehicles that really are not comparable.

    If I was interested in a Mini Cooper, I would also consider the Mazda 3, Volvo C30 and VW Golf/GTI.

    If I was interested in a Honda Fit, then I would also consider the Scion xD and Toyota Yaris.
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    Very well written comment. The Cooper S is a sports car with all the pitfalls of the genre. The Fit is a minivan downsized. Both are great, but they have a completely different purpose in life.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I like to think of the Fit as a modern-day Civic Wagon. Remember these?


  • Ahhh, yes, I remember those. My first Honda was the Civic Hatchback (was an interior designer at the time and needed room for samples, etc.). However, that was decades ago. I have since had an Accord, a Volvo 240, and now my MINI. Not having to deal w/kids anymore, having a MINI would be no contest w/the Fit. Anything w/Ford attached to it is an automatic NO for me, so you see where I am on that matter.

    For those of u trying to decide which is more practical, costs less to own, etc., go w/the Ford Fit. I think u'd be happier, and u can breathe a bit easier knowing your kids will have somethin' left over 4 their college funds.
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