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Jaguar - Denso Navigation System Problems

bdimondbdimond Posts: 7

I have a 2002 Jaguar X-TYPE with the Denso Navigation System. Earlier in the year the system stopped reading the Navigation disc that came with the car giving the Error "This is not a MAP DVD"

In an effort to get the Navigation portion working for a business trip, I performed a disc copy of the original to a DVD+RW disc. The system still didn't work. That's when I did a stupid thing...

I inputted the diagnostic code into the head unit and tried to do a software update from the original disc. It attempted the update but erred saying it couldn't find the firmware file.

Since then the screed is completely dead. The air climate control is in some sort of default mode defogging the windshield. The LCD status window below the screen flashes "C" the "50" then "51".

I have tried swapping out the Nav/Audio/Climate screen assembly in the cabin AND left the positive lead off the car overnight. To my surprise neither action worked.

Here are my questions:

1. Where is the physical location of the firmware for this system is it in the display unit or in the trunk?

2. Is there a diagnostic sequence to turn on or unlock the navigation system.

3. What are the tried solutions (and their associated costs) to this

My thanks to you in advance.



  • redarmyredarmy Posts: 1
    Hello Bob

    I have the same problem as you, did you manage to resolve this issue.
  • kmw70kmw70 Posts: 2
    Did you ever figure this one out? I am having the same problem however, my DVD will not eject. And the defroster are on full blast with no way to adjust.
  • Hello, while I didn't get too much of the disc read error message, out of the blue my nav stopped working, blasts defrost, and displays same error codes.. Wondering if any advancements were made to fixing the issue. Mine has been broken for over a year now, just don't drive it when it's too hot or too cold! :confuse:
    I've been told to replace the NAV control module head unit located in the trunk compartment on the left above the disc changer... haven't found any after party manufacturer to sell this piece other then dealership for $4000. The car is hardly worth that. I wouldn't care if I could figure out a way to control the cliamate controls with out the nav unit... Please let me know if any developments made!
  • Well so far not much happening with this. Sorry I haven't responded to the forum inquiries.

    So far, I can tell that the climate control unit goes into a default mode (air on when hot outside heater on when cold outside) vented out the defrost ports, so it has been usable. From a system standpoint I an relatively certain my trunk unit problem lies in the DVD-ROM drive. But I am not sure how to address the issue.

    I am opting to throw away this system, and replace it with a double din 7" navigation stereo that has AM/FM/DVD/SD/MP3 capabilities coupled with a dedicated digital climate control panel (you have to use a digital one).

    I have installed the panel this past weekend, by mounting it in the navigation system frame and connecting the two cables from the ACU, located in the passenger's footwell area. I get heartbeat it displays outside and thrermostat setting temperatures. The blower unit can be controlled, and I can turn from all heat to all air. Unfortunately I cannot change the heat output (its either hottest or coldest depending on temperature setting), nor can I enable the rear defroster, or change where the air blows (although the LCD indicates what I select). I will continue to work the problem in my spare time then post with a resolution.

    In the interim if anyone has questions, please put an email address in the post so when it is forwarded I may contact you directly.

    Bob Dimond
  • kmw70kmw70 Posts: 2
    Hi, I took mine to the dealer and they said they plugged in a Navigation Module and it worked fine. The cost - $4400. I can't pay that, not worth it. So I have been online searching salvage yards for the last 3 months or so. I found one (that was the right one) and they wanted $895 for it. So I said OK. Well, after a week and a half, no Module. I called them up and they said the one they have has a broken screen. I had other yards say they have it for $650, however I would ask for a picture to insure I am getting the right part and they come back and tell me it isn't the Module with the Nav in it.

    Did the Dealer tell you that it is the unit in the truck? The Dealer didn't say (Navigation Control Module) but I assumed it was the unit in the dash. However, I have no power at the unit in the truck. Now I am second guessing.

    I agree, if I only could get the climate control to work I would be happy. I will keep you posted on any new development.
  • Yes, the controle module is in the trunk- the part that holds the DVD drive is what controls. This was told to me by a service tech- reliable, unsure?- I did not have them look at it, I just called in and tried to get information.
    I too researched salvage parts, I have found Ebay sometimes works- right now (which sparked my most recent searches) there is a nav module and screen set up for $1400 on Ebay for the x type... It may be an option. $1400 is a lot of cash though when the car values are plummitting.
    How much was the third party system in previous post? That seems like an alternative.
    It's hard to put money in. We hardly ever drive the it, we have another primary vehicle (a nissan- I highly recommend =)) and myhusband has a company car. I'd like to unload, but no one will buy for reasonable price. I'm not sure what to do...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Actually, we recommend that people not post their email addresses to avoid exposing themselves to those with malicious intent (see note above the post box). Email addresses may be made public in profiles so that registered, logged-in users may see them, though.

    Or better yet, further conversation could be had right here where lots of people will benefit now and in the future. :)
  • I'm only asking so only so I can answer questions more expediently as I don't always log onto this group. The choice to do so (and risk associated with the choice) is theirs.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Understood - some don't realize the risk, so that's why I suggested a couple of better alternatives.

    My Navigation Control Unit was trashed. A new replacement was at a ridiculous price, with used units on Ebay very hard to find and still expensive. After reviewing wiring diagrams, I had replaced the all in one control screed with a dedicated digital climate control panel and hooked the two wiring harnesses from the remote Air Conditioning Control Module) (A/CCM), which is located in the front passengers (US) foot well, and connected then to the climate control panel which has a built in A/CCM.

    I was able to get the blower output working but not the rear defrost, air temperature output, or air location output to change. I called the a Jaguar dealer in Columbus Ohio and told them what I had done, and asked for help and all they said is you can't retrofit a standard digital climate control panel in a car that has factory navigation, the wiring is different.


    The solution to this problem was a different digital Climate control panel. The Climate control panel I had was for the electrically heated windscreen and was not compatible with my car. With the other unit (Used $50.00 US) I now have all climate functions!!!

    In addition I did find a cheap Navigation Control Unit so I have the factory system working right now. But still looking to replace it when the weather improves.

    So to recap: If you're looking to replace your factory all-in-one system, don't seek the advice of some ill informed dealer crony who doesn't know crap.

    You CAN replace the all-in-one unit with just an after-market radio, wiring harness (for the radio), bezel and of course the RIGHT climate control unit which simply utilizes the two wiring harnesses that go into that go into the remote A/CCM located down by the passengers (US) foot well.

    So instead of paying $4400 for a new unit, you can buy a NEW 7" double-din (GPS, Radio, DVD, MP3) player, a wiring harness from the jag to the radio (or you can just cut the jag plug off and wire in the radio harness directly) an x-type double-din bezel plate (to make it look like a factory install), and a used DIGITAL climate control panel.

    The cost:

    About $500 and you INCREASE the functionality over the factory GPS with DVD, MP3, and possible inputs for a backup camera. In addition the maps are more recent and more readily upgradeable.

    And if you live need help, I'm an email away. And if you live in the Cleveland Ohio area drive to Lakewood and I'll even help you in person.

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Bob Dimond
  • I will have to try doing it this way... Thank you for posting this information. I am in Columbus, OH, so I may take you up on that!
  • ray699ray699 Posts: 1
    Any chance you can give some info on what you specifically purchased and source? I have a 2004 x-type 3.0 with factory nav that I would like to upgrade. I do have an electronics background but am concerned about messing up the dash.

  • I'd like to know the specifics also! We can't get through the winter with a baby and no reliable heat source! We also can't afford to unload the car either... If we could have more information about the climate controls, and then the after market nav system and the factory install "type" panels I think we know enough people to get the job done.
    Thanks again to all the bloggers who post their problems to help everyone out.
  • ladyd1ladyd1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone found out where we can get a reasonably priced digital climate control panel? I have searched everywhere to no avail.

    Much appreciation.
  • Just curious if there is anyone out there who's contacted Jaguar manufacturing to file a complaint, or discuss a recall? I've seen many others on message boards. It seems like a pretty big deal- that all give the same error message. It seems convenient to happen without reason to so many systems. I haven't done this, but was wondering if any had information on doing so.
  • eBay is your best bet, just like I had indicated in my final update.
  • I am not sure what on Ebay I should be searching for. Is it the Nav Control? Or a digital climate control- are both specific for Jaguar and year/ model? What I was curious about was the specific control module for the cliamate and the after market nav/cd etc system that you installed. If it isn't to much to ask, could I get the information on the specific pieces you used?
  • First of all if you read my final update carefully you will note that I DID NOT replace my factory navigation system with a dedicated climate control unit and aftermarket radio/gps system. As stated, I had found a naviation control unit on e-bay (search on Jaguar Navigation in ebay motors) and got my factory system working. Obviously if your not willing to tear into your car and experiment, this is clearly the way to go. They pop up on e-bay at a good price (under $500) from time to time so be patient.


    The non-Navigation X-types have two units that occupy the same space as the console and radio. The complete assembly has two LCD screens. The top screen, just below your hazzard switch, is the climate control panel.

    If you find the right climate control unit (MUST be digital and must match the windscreen option of your car so I cannot tell anyone specifically what they need) IT WILL WORK IN PLACE OF THE CENTER AND TRUNK NAVIGATION PIECES FOR MY CAR. Once again I have detailed this process in my "UPDATE" and "FINAL UPDATE" posts so I WILL NOT waste my time and reiterate it here.

    As for what parts to obtain to convert from the factory navigation system:

    Do a search on ebay category "all of e-bay motors" for the words "x-type" and "climate" then select "car & truck parts and accessories" for the climate control unit. 9 hits (2 auction 7 e-bay store). I reccommend ebay items sold by LKQONLINE as they tend to supply information like VIN number series and option list.

    Do a search on e-bay category "all of ebay motors" for the words "double din" , "GPS" "SD" and "DVD" The select "Car Audio & Electronics" This should return dozens of hits for a 6-7" screen unit that will fit in the jag. Select the location and featres you want. READ THE FINE PRINT to make sure the unit has a GPS included versus things like "GPS ready" which means a separate GPS unit (usually not included) can be added on. One unit that could serve as a factry GPS replacement (if you want to Narrow it down to a name brand you can see at best buy) woud be a Pioneer AVIC-900BT.

    Lok here for the fascia plate so it looks like a factory installation:

    Then you need to the x-type plug off and wire in your new radio wiring harness or purchase an adapter: 84.html

    NOTE: This is as specific as I can get. The radio harness should be standard accross all models, but the climate control wiring harness *MAY* differ between year to year and vehicle feature set. For example, I purchased a dedicated climate control unit that did not work (excet for the blower controls, this was mentioned in my update). The reason? The unit and wiring harness were not compatible. The unit I purchased was for a x-type with a heated windshield (windscreen). When I purchased a non-heated windsheild unit, EVERYTHING WORKED. So you see, I can't answer the specifics BECAUSE I DON'T OWN YOUR CAR. Check with your dealer for your car's options, and read the ebay descriptions for VIN series and options the climate control unit supports. Check wiring diagrams. I was able figure out how to fit a dedicated climate control unit into my naviagion equiped x-type because I was willing to invest A LOT of my time scouring the internet and LOOSE a little money to succeed. There are no surefire easy "cookbok" instructions. Even the Cleveland or Columbus Jaguar dealership "experts" did not think what I accomplished could be done.

    If my Nav system bites the dust again, I will replace it with an aftermarket unit and I will photograph a detailed procedure and post.

    Short of another nav system failure, what I can do get your email address. From there I will email my number and we can discuss your options over the phone. If anyone lives in my area (Lakewood, Ohio) they can make arrangements to come to me, and I will show them the components and how to migrate from the NAV system climate control to a dedicated unit. Weather permitting I will even see if one of the two climate control units I have purchased will work with your car.

    This is all I can do, so please don't ask for more "details".

  • Thanks for your posts. Sorry, I think I misunderstood some of them... It at the very least provides us with hope in our situation. I will follow your advice, as $4000 isn't an option for our family. At this point, we don't have much to lose.

    I am in columbus, my email is
    Thanks again.
  • i have a 2004 xtype-3.0 all was well, untill my 7in NAV touchscreen went blank, im not sure what the problem is. i have basic controls of the radio and thats it. the climate is on some kind of default defrost mode. I am also getting the error code C1 51 50 flashing where the temp normally is. I think it might be the denso dvd head unit in the trunk. The unit wont eject or accept a disc, which makes me think that it's not getting power ,or a fuse is blown. If it is a power supply issue does anyone know where i should look to fix the problem. I also dont want to spend thousands fixing something that seems so simple. Does anyone have this problem or a way to fix it ITS KILLING ME!
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