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Jaguar - Denso Navigation System Problems



  • I actually had the same thing happen to me that many people have talked about. Checked every fuse, every connection, would wait a month, check them again, etc. Could not believe something went out on my car. So I took it to the jag dealership, DVD unit in the back went out.

    I checked for them on ebay religiously. Never found one that I could afford to get, just to get it back to where it was, when I wanted something better anyway. When I found this thread, I thought, no way that could work. Did some more research, and finally bit the bullet and ordred this off of ebay. tem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT

    I do have an 02, but it works, and works great. As the original author posted, you have to disconnect the plugs from the passenger footwell and pull those up to where the climate control mounts.

    The installation was easy, then again I have done numerous car stereo installations, and honestly, it was along the same lines, but easier.

    The bad part, I HAVE to get an aftermarker stereo. The touch screen is seperate, you will still have the same functionality from your stereo as you did with the dead touch screen, but now there is a hole in my dash.

    At this point, I don't care, it works and I can drive around today in 97 degree heat and use my A/C.

    I will now open up the floor to questions...
  • Hello Bob,

    I realize this reply is almost a year after your post, but I am hoping you will find it and be able to help. I live near the Cleveland area and have been experiencing the same issues with my Navigation screen going blank and the climate control being unavailable. I tried doing a hard reset by disconnecting the battery but that did not work. I have an appointment with the dealer in about a week and am anticipating them telling me I need to replace the module at an astronomical cost.

    please send me an email at Jag02X(at)yahoo(dot)com if you are willing to offer some assistance. Thanks in advance.
  • its the set up in the trunk that holds the nav cd trust me thats what it is and there is no getting around it you have to get a new one anywhere from 1000 to 2000 good luck man cause its the only way!.....just hope somebody dosnt see you when backing out and runs into the back left of your jag... ; )
  • Hi, I have bought the DVD rom and the touch screen for my Jaguar 2006 model, can you please tell me what else I need, is it a Air conditioning module or a remote climate control module?
    Many thanks
  • For those of you still struggling with the "screen of death" my story may give you some hope. As an acknowledgment, Bob (who has posted several times to this thread) was very helpful in fixing my problem.

    First off, I have a 2002 x-type that was experiencing all the same issues being mentioned - touch screen went black, climate control did not work, just blowing full air through the defrost, etc. As several people have mentioned, the repair for this issue is to replace the Navigation module (which is basically the DVD-ROM drive in the trunk sitting on top of your CD changer). The dealer wants several thousand dollars for a new one. I was able to find a handful of used ones available on eBay (in Dec 09) through the seller "lkqonline" by searching for "x type navigation". The listings are very detailed and give you part numbers and VIN #'s that the part should work with. The jaguar part # listed for my drive was 2R83-10E887-AA, but I think jaguar may have renumbered this same part in newer models (as I said, I have a 2002). The unit cost me about $350, which is significantly cheaper than the dealer option.

    Installing the new DVD drive was simple. I had to first pull back the felt liner around the inside of the trunk that goes around the DVD/CD drives to gain access to the harness holding the drives. There are a handful of screws that need to be removed (I think I also needed a small wrench for a couple of bolts) so that you can loosen the DVD drive and access the wiring behind it. There were about five wires total that had to be unplugged (one is the GPS cable). There wasn't a lot of slack to pull the drive out and get behind it, but it wasn't too difficult. After the old drive was removed, I just plugged the wires into the new drive, reconnected it to the harness and started the car and magic, the screen came back to life and the climate control system was fully functional! The unit off of eBay did not come with a maps DVD, so it did prompt me to load the disk, which I had already removed from my original drive, so I just inserted that one into the new drive and the GPS booted up and my navigation was up and functioning.

    I am not very technical when it comes to working with cars and I was shocked at how easy it was to fix. Hopefully this same solution will work for the majority of people who are experiencing the same issues. I don't know if the newer models of the x-type would require any different parts, but like I said mine is a 2002 and the part on eBay stated which VIN #'s the part would work with.

    If you have any non-technical questions about my experience I can try to offer some answers.

    Good luck!

  • Claire,

    You post is too vague.

    If your replacing you faulty nav computer, just replace the nav module located in the trunk, you don't need anything else. If that doesn't work you can try the touchscreen although I doubt that is the problem.

    If your talking about outfitting an X-Type that did not come with a navigation system from the factory then, in my opinion, you are HEADING DOWN THE WRONG PATH! Search the threads as there are people who have done this, but in order to oufit a non-nav X-Type with factory navigation equipment you need:

    The touchscreen console.
    The navigation computer.
    The remote climate control module
    A Wiring harness from the console to the trunk.
    The GPS antenna

    My guess is installing the harness will be difficult to obtain and difficult to install. The remote climate control is a little difficult to install. The GPS antenna might be difficult to install.

    If you're thinking of a installing a GPS in a non nav Jag just get a double DIN radio with GPS capability, wire it into the stereo harness and be done with it. I've mentioned this in my solution for transitioning a nav-equipped jaguar to standard climate controls.

    While the display screen will be slightly smaller, the maps will be more recent and easier to update. The unit will have have at least MP3 capability, and possibly a host of other features such as DVD, rear view camera, aux audio/video input, USB, SD card, or even bluetooth.

    These units sell on ebay for under $500 and will be MUCH easier to install and are
    more futureproof that what the luddites at Jaguar and Denso would sell you.

    Hope this helps,

  • I have a 2003 Jag X Type with a touch screen.
    I am using the correct 'Whereis' nav disc for my region which is New Zealand.
    My problem is street names do not show up plus the intended destination address cannot be entered.

    I have been told by a dealer here in NZ that I have to replace the
    DVD Rom unit in the boot of the car with a modified one and the disc will then work perfectly.

    He wants $3400.00 for a unit which is away out of my league.
    Can some kind person tell me what the modifcation would be or perhaps it's an after market unit.
  • u102768u102768 Posts: 1
    Hi Rex

    Is your X Type a Japanese import by any chance? I am also in NZ and have just bought a 2004 XJ and have a similar issue with my sat nav although I have been playing with a DVD from a US Ford so wondered if it just wasn't compatible. I have got a copy of a genuine Jaguar UK DVD being sent to me to try out but it sounds like that won't work either.

    Is your DVD a genuine Jaguar one? If so where did you get it from?


  • jrochjroch Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    Hello everyone,
    Like a few of you guys here, the DVD-Nav player in the trunk died a few months ago but it's becoming a problem now that summer in Texas is in full swing. The model number for my part is 2R83 10E887 AB. I was wondering if the AA on the 2002 Jag or even later models like the AF of the same part would work in my car. I've been checking ebay almost daily for the past few weeks and going around to salvage yards and nobody seems to have this one part. Like Bob mentioned, LKQOnline on ebay seems to be a solid source of parts for this increasingly troublesome car so thanks for that! I'd appreciate any advice or experiences anyone could share on this topic.

    Many thanks,
  • jag_abudhabijag_abudhabi Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    thanks bdimond for the advice to claire that also gave me some insights on installing a GPS in a non nav Jag

    1. what about if i get an entire working Nav unit removed from a Dead jag xj X308 (1997–2003) or X350 (2003-2007) they all seem to have a Nav unit. do you think the dimension of the xj Nav console can fit into a Xtpye dash board panel. are the radio a/c console etc..dimensions of the XJ and the x-type similar? they look similarand a like
    2. kindly recommend the model number of the double DIN radio with GPS capability that will fit exactly into the xType dash boards.
    Expound below. - tereo-controls/
  • I just purchased a 2006 Jaguar X-Type Sport Wagon. It is a rare "Special Edition" unit - the only one I have ever found. Although is loaded with features, it does not have navigation. I'm told that if your Jaguar does not have either an original unit installed at the factory OR the navigation pre-wiring - also supposedly done only at the factory - you cannot do an upgrade.
    The result I want is to have a professionally installed, reliable, "integrated" type of system. Does anyone have the specialized knowledge needed to do that kind of an upgrade, or tell me what the alternatives might be?
    Michael St.James
  • my van is turning on with a fully charged battery but then turns off and drains the battery and i have changed the alternator and taken it to auto parts to check altinator and it says its fine please helppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,811
    Hi - you're in a discussion about Jaguar navigation system problems. I'd suggested heading to this Chevy Venture Problems discussion instead.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.
    Share your vehicle reviews

  • cboyettecboyette Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Jaguar xf with a cracked nav screen the dealer said it would cost $3100.00 for new display head. do you know where I get just the screen or who can repair it.
  • stype2000stype2000 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anyone can help me. i have had my w reg 2000 s type for just over a year. the built in sat nav has never worked. i managed to get a cd disc from a friend out of a 99 t reg s type, but when i put the disc in i get a message on the screen saying caution reading disc, and thats it.
    Is it the wrong disc bearing in mind that mine is a cd and not a dvd. or is it that my cd unit is knackered?
    i also think its a Denso but i maybe wrong.
    Any help would be great. many thanks.
  • See this thread. If yours is a [non-permissible content removed] import marmlom's instructions in post 6 really work
  • gcj1gcj1 Posts: 1
    Even though this is old information it was quite helpful (thanks to Andy #26) to me with the similar failure on my 2005 Jaguar s-type. My controller part number ended in -AA. I do not know if it was the original or a replacement (Jaguar dealers were of no help). I could not find an AA for sale, but found many AB, AC, ADs that were for sale. I did find a salvage yard that would let me return an AB off of a 2003 if it did not work with no restocking fee!! I ordered the AB for $200.00 (great price if you been looking you know this was a good price). I got access by pulling the cover away, then removed 4 screws that held it in place, pulled the 4 wire plugs, wired up the AB unit, screwed into place and it worked fine. It had a disc in it and I used it.
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