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Saturn ION Maintenance and Repair

sneaky141sneaky141 Posts: 3
July 19th 2008 my daughter drover her new 2007 Saturn Ion through a street that had three inches of water on the road. The water spashed as she went through the water and the car died. After several attempts to start the vehicle it was towed to Saturn of Cedar Rapids. The starter would not turn the engine over and we were told that the engine had water in it and needed to be replaced at $6200.00 dollars. Her bumper to bumper 36000 3 year warrant would not be honored as the saturn dealership said it was her fault that she drove through the water. (Actuall milege 11400 bought in Novemner of 2007) Saturn Dealership would not help kept saying that it was not covered the engine had to be replaced. Saturn the company support echoed that it had to be the owners fault as quoted to them by the dealer. Questioned on why the engine could not be rebuilt and always told had to be replaced with new engine. Took my own mechanic to the dealership, vehicle was hydrolocked and after 15 minutes of work my mechanic had the vehicle running and there was not any damage to engine. So check the fine print Bumper to bumper does not help if they will not honor it. I have to question the ability of the service department to diagnose the correct problem. Saturn Ion has the air intake hose right behind the passenger headlight, nothing covering the opening so water can go into the intake any time water is splashed into the engine compartment in my opinion.


  • helpmycarhelpmycar Posts: 8
    I bought a used 2004 Saturn Ion 2 about two months ago. The dealer gave me the Maryland required "inspection" certificate and 30 day warranty. Nothing much seemed out of sorts during the 30 days but of course now that the warranty is over I am noticing all kinds of scary things that could be danger signals. My fears are augmented by the fact that I think the inspection was not really done.

    The following is my biggest worry: on two occasions, the air vents emitted a tar-burning kind of smell. The first time, I was climbing a hill with the a/c on full and the smell lingered for about 2 minutes or 2 miles then dissappeared. The second time I was on the flat but still with the a/c on; this time it was only a wiff for a few seconds but very distinctively the same smell as the first time.

    I'm also suspicious of a clicking noise when I turn at low speeds...dont know if its from the wheels or the steering system...could this be related to the smell problem, or am I just being new buyer paranoid...?
  • yea man I've noticed both those problems with my car. i've had the smell when the ac wasn't ojn. I think that its coming from the fan. I'm in canada and sometimes when I drive with the heat blasting i get the same smell. i wouldn't wory though I've owned the car for over two years and have put almost 100000k onto the car with no issues
  • I am curious, were you in the car when this happened? the only other time I have seen this happen is when a friend's two daughters made an effort to run through standing water at a great speed. You are lucky it didn't lift the head or bend rods. The dealership possibly could have tried to pull the plugs and see what happened next but--there was no way they could guarantee that there were no broken rings, pistons, bent rods etc when the car rolled out.
    As a part time mechanic, it is stories like this that make me think twice about being a full time mechanic.
    sorry, but, it was your daughter's fault and I hope she learned a lesson from it.
  • No I was not there, but I can tell you what other mechanics tell me. You are correct in the dealership had no idea what was wrong. Could not know untill they tore the engine apart to see what was wrong. So why did they insist the engine was broke and could only insist that it had to be replaced not repaired. All the mechanics I have talked to say they should have pulled the plugs and dropped the oil at the very first. The insurance believes that it was low speed that may have caused the problem as it allowed water to ride up into the engine compartment. Being that she was turning into a parking lot I really don't believe speed is the issue. Maybe the intake location is in a bad spot.
  • I am going to go take a look at my car now! Sheesh! Is all I can say. I can see their position but, they didn't handle it well at all. And to say that a new engine is the ONLY way to go, well, that just showed their ignorance. Glad that your car is not showing any signs of damage.
  • Look behind the passenger side headlight, this is where the air intake is located and appears to me that water would be likely to enter here. Just appears to be in a bad location to me. I agree they jumped the gun, they pushed very hard to replace the engine. Both the adjuster and I wanted to tear apart and fix the damage and they kept repeating no had to replace. Thankfully I knew enough mechanics that knew that was not right. You are right as she was lucky that the rods did not get bent. My mechanic said because the car died right away probably was a blessing
  • my wife's ion has been sending the power steering warning as the power quits. It can be reactivated by turning off and restarting the car. Any help out there?
  • Any one out there have a step by step resource for removing and installing a power window motor on a 2006 Ion?
  • tutzotutzo Posts: 1
    My 2003 Saturn ION starts when it wants to and leaves me stranded often, does any one have a fix for this problem?
  • go to the starting problem thread. you have to cut the white wire in in your steering column. It's very easy, I did it to mine, and one guy posted a video of how to do it on youtube. Our problom was that the car would not start when the temp dropped below 32. it only happened to me in the winter. I would try to start the car and it would try and then not go. The car then send "service vehicle" I would wait 10 minutes and try again, and sometimes it would start and sometimes not.
  • Does everyone have an aftermarket alarm? My car never wouldn't start, but now I have a wireless start and some times I have the same problem as you guys, but not since i have reset the alarm. I know it has something to do with the key because it has its own chip inside I was told, dont know if its true or not. only real problem I have is when I make left or right turns sometimes the car will skip or jump up in the back. only have 60K miles and its been like that the whole time. I am going to get tein springs and kyb shocks
  • ya i forgot to type that I was also told to let the car sit 10-15 min with key on first switch so it can reset. dont know if not having key in will work, been to busy with key in and time wasting to not have key in and more time wasted
  • I"ve had the same problem! Bought the car last Wednesday, a 2004, with <49K miles on it; Thursday it would not start (very cold info in other forum). Both TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY this week, my PWR STR message came on and the power steering failed. After restarting the car, it worked fine. Pain in the'd think Saturn would have a solution......I'll visit them today. Oh, had the diagnostic computer hook-up done yesterday which showed "NO CODES" therefore everything must be "fine"?????? :( :(
  • I just did this on my daughter's car last week and and it was astonishingly simple. I'm reconstructing this from memory: from nside the car there is a triangular plastic plate that you have to work off -- this will reveal a piece of foam insulation. Remove and save the insulation. Then you will see two 10mm nuts (there is a third protruding from the door frame which is not concealed behind the plastic cover) when you have removed these three 10mm nuts the mirror assembly pulls out from outside the car. Unclip the wiring harness and you can work on the mirror assembly on a bench.

    If I recall, there is more foam insulation that you now have to remove. Then you will need a torx wrench -- t15 or t20, I can't recall which-- to remove the several torx screws that secure the power assembly to the mirror housing. Then reinstall

    That is essentially all there is to it -- I had a damaged mirror exterior but working power element, so I had to remove my power mirror, disassembled it to remove the power component and re-install the power component in a used manual mirror housing (the housings are the same). Entire job took about 40 minutes.
  • buckeye79buckeye79 Posts: 2
    my car alarm keeps going off every 5-10 mins..i dunno what the problem is and its very annoying but now the car is unlocked and its quiet but i dont wanna keep it unlocked..any suggestions? thanks.
  • blackion2blackion2 Posts: 4
  • I have a2004 and had to replace the ignition switch 2 years ago seemed to solve the problem.I also have the power steering problem no solution yet. Any suggestions? :confuse:
  • I need the best advice I can get for this supposed problem. 2004 Satun ION owners and honest mechanics please help!

    I took my car in for just an oil change at one of those multi do it chain shops. So, without my knowledge, they did a 20 something point inspection and tallied $1800 in repairs and maintenance.

    They said I had 5% life on my breaks, and I still had 30% when I got them measured somewhere else. Moreover, they said 3 out of the four struts were leaking, and they needed to be replaced--very expensive, and I can't afford it right now.

    The car has no obvious symptoms of failing struts--no bouncing, corners fine, good on bumps, and passes the push down test with flying colors.

    Is this place just trying to exploit me and scare me to make money fast, or is this just a slow leak that Saturn owners have experienced that can take a considerable amount of time to actually start to show symptoms?

    He showed them to me. I don't know if that was just superficial grease, a very slow leak, or what.

    How long did other Saturn owners wait if this really is a problem?

    Leaking at 54,400 miles?? I want to wait till I start to notice symptoms before even thinking about getting them replaced because the leak must be superficial or slow, because I notice no symptoms compared to the car's entire life.

    I think this guy is trying to promote business in this slugish economy. He gave me all kinds of witty answers to my doubts of not noticing, like, "It's like a father not noticing much change in his kids because he with them all the time, but an uncle who would if he only sees them once in a while."

    Is this a real problem that is known to progress fast in a 2004 Saturn ION 1?

    Is this guy just trying to make money and change something too soon?

    Can some leakage be superficial and normal?

    Your help is highly appreciated! Please help stop cusomer exploitation.

  • uzzybuzzyb Posts: 1
    Help!!! I have gas leaking from the back driver's side in front of the tire. Good 5-6 inch circle in 4 hours....down to nothing or a splotch on an near-empty tank. I've seen regional recall for 2006 Ions (CA, NM area) about a problem fuel...specifically "PLASTIC SUPPLY OR RETURN PORT ON THE MODULAR RESERVOIR ASSEMBLY". I don't know where that is or if its on a 2004 Ion. Anyone know where I can get a blueprint\diagram of my 2004 Ion 2?
  • din1din1 Posts: 1
    2006 Saturn Ion engine died as I approached stop light. This problem happened last year as well. The dealership cannot duplicate the problem and I am afraid to drive the car now until they find a problem. Any suggestions I can give the mechanics?
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