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"Warranty Gold" Claims

Warranty Gold" continues the discussion begun by
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  • Reply to deparsons
    All claims on a Warranty Gold contract are dealt with by Warranty Gold's administrator and paid directly to the repair facility,which you selected, by VISA or MasterCard. You therefore do not have to wait to be re-imbursed and neither does the repair facility.
    annem Warranty Gold
  • 27612761 Posts: 3
    Hai Bonnie rick, I would like to buy warranty gold also, they seems realible but I called so many dealer which they would not accept the warranty? Have you bought the warranty since you placed the question? Please let me know ! Thank you.
  • bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Posts: 115
    I'm just the Administrative Host who helped move this topic from the Smart Shopper Conference to this new Conference. I see however, that you've already found your way to Talk to the Warranty Gold Team (Topic #19) where they answered one of your questions...
  • bpmeupbpmeup Posts: 1
    I am considering buying an extended warranty for my 98 Pontiac. Has anyone out there had experiences either good or bad with the Warranty Gold services? The description sounds good, but I would like to hear from someone who has experienced dealer/repair facility response to repairs using this service,\.
  • ejoejo Posts: 2
    On my Consumer Advocate Car Buying website at, I talk about extended warranties extensively in Chapter 6. I have a list of items there that you should look for in an extended warranty, as well as caveats, and scams pulled by many extended warranties. Just a few things to look out for are warranties that have weasel clauses saying rental is not reimbursed during standard warranties, and overheating not being covered. There's tons more in my article.

  • fredmefredme Posts: 1
    I have just learned than my Warranty Gold policy will not cover a failed idle speed control motor. It's not like this is a tire or hose or belt that you would expect to replace with normal use. Even the dealership, which sells extended warranties, was surprised that this was not a covered part. There goes $600 out of my pocket. My advice to anybody considering purchasing an extended warranty from Warranty Gold, or another company, is to be very aware of what is and what is not covered.
  • The Warranty Gold Diamond Plan would cover Idle Control Modules. In the Warranty Gold contract book, what is and is not covered by each plan is plainly listed, and we certainly recommend that our customers read their books carefully during their review period. It would be a rare person who knows the names of ALL the parts their vehicle consists of, and sometimes our customers choose to go with the Diamond Plan, which covers everything except certain excluded items (mainly maintenance items).

    Cindy M., Internet Marketing Mgr.
    Warranty Gold
  • petempetem Posts: 1
    I recall asking Warranty Gold for details of
    what was covered, _before_ signing up, and
    the would not provide it.
  • tomkktomkk Posts: 4
    I received all the detail I asked for without any problems before. I had phone and email information as well as information here. No problems as far as I'm concerned.
  • sylky6sylky6 Posts: 1
    I'm looking to get a 98 Jimmy SLT. I have many questions since in the past I have always bought my vehicles. #1 I'd like to know, since the Jimmy has a $1,500 rebate right now... can that be applied on a lease or only when buying? #2 What is the difference between the smart buy, smart lease and just buying? I'm looking for a lower monthly payment and I normally get tired of my vehicles after 3 years. The minute they need repairs they are a hassle and are up for sale!! :)
  • I just bought a 199 Chrysler Cirrus which has LOTS of electrical and mechanical functions. I cannot decide whether I should purchase an extended warranty. Any suggestions from happy as well as unhappy buyers?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Sylky6, as long as you don't put more than 12 - 15 thousand miles on your car per year, it sounds like you should probably lease your next truck. Leasing will enable you to get a new vehicle every couple of years and to avoid any unnecessary repairs that aren't covered by the warranty. Unfortunately, I do not believe that the current $1,500 rebate on the GMC Jimmy is available on leases.

    Your Co-Host
  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    Sylky6 -

    Usually getting a new vehicle at the end of the model year there are several options.

    #1 You can get a rebate ($1,500 in your case). If you're purchasing, you simply get $1,500 off the purchase price. For leasing, your monthly payments will be lower because of the lower sale price.

    #2 You can get 0% (interest) financing, or something close to 0%. This only applies to purchasing, and is usually for a term of 36 months. The longer the finance term, the higher the interest rate. Financing is sort of similar to leasing, except at the end of the term the vehicle is yours. It's basically like getting a loan from the bank to help you purhcase your next vehicle.

    #3 You get a special lease (interest) rate, depending on the length of your lease term (2, 3, 4, 5 yrs.). Once again, the longer the lease term, the higher the interest rate.

    If you are thinking of leasing, which obviously sounds right for you, it would be better to lease a '99 instead of a '98. The payments would be about the same due to the now lower residual value of a '98, so you might as well get some newer features on a '99.

    Smitty615 -

    Check out the Cars Conference. You will find at least one "cloud-car" topic, most likely to be listed under Plymouth Breeze or Dodge Stratus. There are still several bugs that need to be worked out in these "cloud-cars", so I would suggest getting the extended warranty.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I am pondering purchasing a warranty gold Platinum or Diamond plan for a 1994 Q45. I am concerned that this really is a dependable and reasonable warranty program.. Is the Diamond plan worth the extra money?
  • bhumishbhumish Posts: 1
    Thinking of getting the warranty from the company. Do not know much about them. Can some one give more information about them. Like some one else mentioned that some dealers do not accept the warranty.
    I presently have a dimension warrant coverage. Is it advisable to shift to warranty gold.
    Could please email the answer to
  • Regarding whether dealers will take Warranty
    Gold or any 3rd party warranties, we just had
    a Ford dealer who refused to honor 3rd party
    warranties. WE WALKED AWAY FROM THE DEAL and
    drove to another dealer who WOULD accept our
    warranty. The dealers wanted $1700 for 100,000
    mile policy whereas Warranty Gold will only
    cost us $1400 (if we buy this week) for a 150,000
    mile plan. We also asked the new dealer we are buying from to give us something in writing that they will honor our warranty in case ownership of dealership changes down the road.

    The main reason that dealers don't want to deal with 3rd party warranties is that they had to wait to get reimbursed. Warranty Gold pays them
    immediately via credit card so that is no longer an issue. I told this to dealer # 1 and for the life of me, cannot understand why they refused to do business with us.

    BTW, the first dealer lost a $22,000 sale on a Windstar GL because of this. They did call us back to try to work things out that day but it was too late, they left a bad taste in our mouth on the deal.

    As far as I am concerned the extended warranty is a necessary purchase in the cost of vehicle and it is an integral part of the deal.

    What was the worst of this is that the dealer who
    lost this sale lied to us and told us that NO
    Ford dealer would take 3rd party warranties.
    I guess they figured we were so starry eyed in
    love in their vehicle that we wouldn't check around to see if another Ford dealer would play
    ball with us. They miscalculated and it cost them.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    GOOD for you! I would have done the SAME thing! There are TOO many dealers like that! They need another dose of foreign competition to knock them down a few pegs-AGAIN!

    Good luck with your Windstar.

  • DaveJDaveJ Posts: 1
    Warranty Gold....NOT!

    Just traded in for a new vehicle, and wanted to transfer my WG "Diamond" coverage to the new vehicle. Now I expected to pay a little additional, but..., you have to cancel first and re-buy.

    Do you get the 85% back they state if you've never used the service?, that only applies if you hang on to the warranty for it's full length. Odd, since they are certainly at less risk if you don't keep the warranty on what would be an aging vehicle. After one year of policy in effect, you only get about 74% back. ("You should have read your contract more carefully.")

    Do they try to work with you to keep your business?...NO.
  • depmandepman Posts: 2
    I recall that I had previously purchased an extended service contract on a Mercury Tracer. The car was totaled when someone ran a stop sign after owning it for only 6 months. Of the $1120 I paid for the 5 yr. 100,000 mile contract, I only received $580 back as a refund. So I agree, 74% back souds pretty good.
  • rmayrmay Posts: 1
    I just purchased a new Honda Odyssey ex to be delivered in two to three weeks and want an extended service contract. with all the electronics in this vehicle i feel this is necessary. what has the experience been with warranty gold??? anyone know anything about Honda's warranty? what i see the warranty gold package is better and costs less. i want a 7 year 100,000 mile or is there a better option that i should consider.
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